Tyrone Taylor of Dunn found dead after went missing in September

Tyrone Taylor, the man from Dunn
Tyrone Taylor, the man from Dunn was found dead


Regrettably, the Harnett County Sheriff’s office has confirmed the death of Tyrone Taylor II, who had been reported missing since September. The initial hope of locating this person has now given way to a somber acceptance of his passing. The community is grieving the loss, while authorities diligently pursue an investigation into this heartbreaking incident. Read on to know more about this sad incident.

Missing Tyrone Taylor II found dead:

Authorities in Harnett County discovered the body of Tyrone Taylor II, who had been missing since September.

Taylor went to see his father in Sampson County, according to his mother. He then came to see her in Dunn and returned to his apartment, the Amity Place Apartments on Susan Tart Road in Dunn.

His father called her the following day to let her know he was having trouble reaching him. And the next day, Taylor was reported missing and police initiated a search effort to find Taylor.

But, Unfortunately, the 23-year-old Dunn man, Tyrone Taylor Jr.’s body was found in a burnt state on November 30, 2023.

Harnett County Sheriff Wayne Coats also verified his passing. Taylor’s search which involved several agencies, including the Dunn Police Department with its ground, aerial, and K-9 searches finally came to end.

Tyrone Taylor missing: What happened?

The Dunn Police Department reported that Tyrone Antonio Lamonte Taylor II was last seen on September 5 at the Amity Place Apartments on Susan Tart Road in Dunn. His family reported him missing on September 7, according to the police.

Taylor’s 2021 red Toyota Corolla was discovered burned about 6:30 a.m. in the 7500 block of Laura Ray Road in Linden, according to the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office.

The burnt car was found by police on September 14, 2023. The Sheriff’s Office reported about this incident, saying that, the fire is being looked into as possible arson.

Cumberland County authorities along with the Harnett County Sheriff’s Office continued to search for him.

Unfortunately, authorities reported the sad news today saying that Taylor’s body was finally found.

Investigation continues:

The Dunn community only had positive things to say about Taylor. The circumstances surrounding his death was not known.

The grim revelation of Taylor’s untimely demise in Dunn adds a layer of complexity to an already mysterious situation. As the authorities launch an investigation into the circumstances surrounding his death, unanswered questions linger.

The community, grappling with the shock of losing a member, awaits updates on the unfolding investigation. Coats intends to provide details of the case at a press conference on Thursday at 11 a.m.

Community mourns Tyrone’s passing:

Iesha Marie wrote,

We love you Tyrone
Tyrone Taylor Im So Disbelief Rn Like Just Why Man I Love You Forever Cousin Aries Twin

Janice Lane posted,

Lord why they have to take my babe my sonshine from us I love you Tyrone Taylor forever my heart is broken I just don’t have any words right now lord please stop here an see about

Johneisha Wynn wrote,

This world we live in so cruel & evil to the point all we should be doing is loving on our
People , I love all mines

Ariana Jenae posted,

I still can’t believe this I don’t want it to be true. I love you so much best and that will never change. Tyrone Taylor you will forever be my best

Coretta Crumpler Howard wrote,

This is so heartbreaking to me. So heartbreaking… I’m glad Tyrone Taylor was found so some closure can be had. But Tyrone you were failed my friend. I’m so sorry I’m so sorry to the family and friends. Thank you all who have posted and prayed.


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