Tof Henry died, What happened to the Chamonix skier? Cause of death explained

 Tof Henry died

Fastest Skier and Mountain Legend in Chamonix passed away:  In a tragic development, the global skiing and mountaineering community has been met with the heartbreaking news of the untimely demise of Tof Henry, an esteemed Chamonix skier, a renowned figure in big mountain sports, and a truly exceptional individual.

This sorrowful incident transpired on the slopes of Chile’s Puntiagudo volcano, resulting in the loss of Tof and the prominent French skier and professional mountain guide, Juan Señoret.  The departure of such an iconic personality has reverberated deeply among his numerous admirers and, most notably, his grieving family.

Tof Henry’s extraordinary journey in the realms of skiing and mountaineering has left an enduring legacy, intensifying the sorrow of his sudden passing. Here is the information available regarding the tragic accident, the circumstances surrounding his demise, and the cause of his tragic death.

“The Tragic Fate of Chamonix Skier Tof Henry”

The skiing community is mourning the tragic loss of Tof Henry, the legendary Chamonix skier, who met his untimely demise while pursuing his passion on the slopes of the Puntiagudo volcano in Chile.

What happened to Tof Henry?

Initial reports have reached us, conveying the heartbreaking news of the passing of Tof Henry, a legendary figure in Chamonix skiing and a big mountain icon. Tof Henry has passed away in Chile on the Puntiagudo volcano. Tof was renowned for his fearless approach to some of the most challenging and colossal ski lines.

His daring descents and high-speed charges on exposed slopes defined the essence of Chamonix’s terrain, leaving an enduring mark that will shape the resort for years to come.

For those who had the privilege of skiing with him, Tof’s prowess on the slopes was nothing short of awe-inspiring, even if they found themselves trailing far behind.

His name was often whispered through the town, accompanied by tales of his remarkable feats, leaving locals in disbelief. What seemed like mere rumors always proved to be true, underscoring the legend that Tof embodied.

The loss of Tof Henry is an immense tragedy for both the town of Chamonix and the broader ski community. Our heartfelt thoughts extend to his friends and family during this difficult time. 

Henry’s Last Facebook Update: Reflecting on the Thrilling Endeavors in El Chalten

Tragic Incident Strikes at Puntiagudo Volcano’s Summit: Explained

According to a local news report, the mentioned French national was indeed Tof.

A fatal accident occurred this Wednesday in the Los Lagos region, where two people died at the summit of the Puntiagudo Volcano. The presidential delegate of the province of Osorno, Claudia Pailalef, confirmed the unfortunate event to Radio Bío Bío, also reporting that there was a third person injured.

Teams from Senapred, Socorro Andino, and Carabineros from the Llanquihue Aeropolice Prefecture are looking for suitable places to transport the people who lost their lives in this accident and transfer the injured to a care center.

So far, it has been reported that the victims are two tourists: one of Chilean nationality and the other French, who arrived in the area to carry out tasks of ascending the massif. For reasons that are being investigated, they fell off a cliff, killing both.

The accident was noticed by a guide, who notified the emergency teams, thus beginning the rescue work. Regarding the condition of the injured person, all details are unknown, so intense efforts continue to carry out the aeromedical evacuation and thus establish his diagnosis at the San José de Osorno Hospital.

Ongoing Investigation

The regional director of Senapred in Los Lagos, Alejandro Vergés, explained that this unfortunate event occurred on the north side of the upper part of the Puntiagudo Volcano.

“These people were in the north face sector skiing and taking photographs. It has not been confirmed to us whether they were going with tour operators or not,” he explained.

Finally, until the closing of this note, the person in charge of the National Disaster Prevention and Response Service (Senapred) in Los Lagos, maintained that the dynamics of the events surrounding this accident are a matter of investigation.

Who was Tof Henry? Defying Limits in the Chamonix Mountains

The Chamonix ski scene, a world unto itself, remains a mystery to many, but to those who have delved into its heart, it’s a unique and treacherous beast. It’s a family of mountain aficionados, dedicated to mastering the craft of navigating the colossal peaks that enshroud the picturesque French town. For them, this lifestyle treads the fine line between existence and peril.

Tof Henry, hailing from Chamonix and deeply rooted in its culture, epitomizes this way of life. He’s been dancing on that perilous edge since his early years, fully aware of the risks he encounters every day. With skill and determination, he’s honed his abilities to minimize those risks as much as possible.

In his relatively young career, Tof has elevated the legacy of extreme skiing, a tradition that runs deep in the Chamonix region. He’s introduced larger skis and faster speeds to even more dangerous lines, pushing boundaries and redefining what’s possible.

Over the years, Tof has garnered numerous accolades, including recognition in the “best line” category for his Mallory descent in Daniel Rönnbäck’s film, “Born in Chamonix,” at the prestigious Powder Awards event in Breckenridge, USA.

Tof is a legend in his own right, a true force of nature. With unmatched power and breathtaking speed, he conquers genuine mountaineering routes where others are merely jump-turning and cautiously side-slipping.

Tof’s influence on steep skiing has been transformative, reshaping the game. Behind the scenes, he’s been instrumental in helping Armada develop skis that adhere to his uncompromising standards, such as his signature Declivity X and the Locator Series.

In the world of Chamonix skiing, Tof Henry stands as a testament to the indomitable spirit of those who dare to challenge the boundaries of what’s possible in the mountains.


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