Susi Newborn death, activist & author passed away after battling cancer

Susi Newborn, "lunatic and activist" passed away
Susi Newborn, author and activist passed away


Susi Newborn, co-founder of Greenpeace International and Greenpeace UK passed away on December 31, 2023. Read on to know more about her cause of death in detail.

Susi Newborn passed away:

Susi Newborn, the woman who was named the Rainbow Warrior passed away suddenly on the New Year’s Eve. Greenpeace Aotearoa announced this sad news on social media post, saying, 

Today, we lost one of the original Rainbow Warriors.

Rest In Peace, Susi Newborn

1950 – 2023

#RIP #RainbowWarrior 

Who was Susi Newborn?

Susi was born in London to Argentinean parents. This longtime Kiwi has dedicated her life to advocating for peace and nuclear disarmament with explosive compassion. She was the author of the memoir, A Bonfire in my Mouth: Life, Passion and the Rainbow Warrior.

Susi was both a published author (her book is currently being adapted into a feature film) and a documentary filmmaker. She co-produced and co-directed Kit & Maynie: Tea, Scones and Nuclear Disarmament, which has been aired on TV multiple times, and was nominated for Best Documentary and Best Director at the New Zealand International Documentary Film Festival.

Susi also worked on the documentary Eighth Colour, which tells the story of William Willoya and co-author of Warriors of the Rainbow, a groundbreaking book of prophecies that gave her the idea to christen an Scottish trawler the Rainbow Warrior.

Susi gave up a successful publishing career as a young woman to devote her life to human rights and environmental advocacy. She graduated with honors in Human Ecology.

Environment activist:

Susi committed her life and work to environmental protection as a young woman, following the death of her beloved father. She got involved in the early Greenpeace Movement shortly after joining Friends of the Earth in London.

Her first direct action was to disrupt the Norwegian commercial seal hunt on the Newfoundland ice fields by painting non-toxic green paint on the snow-white fur of harp seal pups, making their pelts non-commercial.

After that, in 1977, she co-founded Greenpeace UK and assisted in converting an old, reliable, and rusted trawler into the vibrant, fabled Rainbow Warrior. the vessel that would lead them into the North Sea to face the whaling fleet of Iceland.

Being among the few female crew members, Susi had to ride through rough waters in a rubber Zodiac in order to put her body between the harpoon guns and the endangered whales that were trying to escape.

She positioned her body between one of the most infamous nuclear complexes in the world and a massive cargo ship carrying nuclear rods and radioactive waste that was docking, with the intention of crushing the protesters, during a later anti-nuclear campaign. She was the only woman in the crew. Susi remained on the Zodiac until it gave way under her weight.

In the 1970s, the Greenpeace movement became a cult, and its activists were adored by the media and treated like rock stars—sometimes even acting like them. In spite of the ensuing ego trips, internal politics, power struggles, and human weakness within the organization, Susi maintained her composure and directed her heart, mind, and soul. She never forgot the original goal, which was to preserve life on Earth.

These early years and her lifelong dedication to the environment are chronicled in her memoir, A Bonfire in my Mouth: Life, Passion, and the Rainbow Warrior, published in 2003.

Susi Newborn cause of death:

Early Greenpeace Movement Activist & Author, Susi Newborn passed away from breast cancer. Susi will be missed by everyone who knew her. She was a courage and Beacon for hope and Peace on Earth.

She was well known for campaigning and activism. Tributes flooded social media after her demise news broke out.

Tributes to Susi Newborn:

Danielle Mathieson posted,

Susi Newborn. What a beautiful woman, inspirational, life-changing, and a massive friend of the environment. You were decades ahead of everyone in your awareness and activism. Thankyou that even up to a few days ago you were fighting for the insanity in Gaza to stop and for justice to be given back to the Palestinians. 

I will miss you, Susi. My kids will tell your stories to their kids – of harpoons and seals and the high seas and facing off against nuclear powers – of this remarkable woman called Susi.

Jacquelyne Taylor posted,

A bonfire mouth has been extinguished .
Susi Newborn RIP
If losses must come in threes..
not another ..
Let me catch my breath.
He aroha mauroa
wahine toa

No other words for the loss to our Waiheke community for now .
Susi Newborn RIP
Dear friend mentor and respected peer poet raconteur survivor til….

Claudia Quiroga posted,

My last day with Susi Newborn ..We went together to support Palestinian from Waihkee like many other protest in Waiheke…We will miss you susie….I am absolutely devastated…R.I.P amiga….

Pierre Gleizes Nicéphore posted,

WE HAVE LOST A WARRIOR, Susi Newborn, often the only woman on the crew list of the Rainbow Warrior 1… With her, it was go go go everyday and no questions asked if we should do an action or not. The only suspense was : at what time do we launch the inflatables ?

Katy Soljak wrote,

Always strong, always outspoken and passionate about her causes. Still in shock to hear that this Warrior woman has left us My heart goes out to Susi Newborn ‘s whanau


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