Who is Stuart Rouse? Suspect kills 4 people before killing himself in Vancouver murder-suicide

Stuart Rouse

“Tragic Murder-Suicide Claims Five Lives in Clark County: A devastating incident unfolded as a man, identified as Stuart Rouse, fatally shot his wife, two adult daughters, and his adult brother before taking his own life on Sunday. The heartbreaking event occurred in an Orchard’s house near Vancouver, Washington, leaving the community stunned. Neighbors, taken aback by the shocking news, described the family as amiable but mostly private. Delving deeper, let’s explore the circumstances surrounding Stuart Rouse and the tragic loss of his family.”

“Vancouver Family’s Lives Shattered in Apparent Murder-Suicide Incident”

A startling occurrence unfolded in Vancouver, Washington, on December 3rd, when the lives of a seemingly typical family were tragically disrupted. Stuart Rouse, aged 64, along with his wife Christina, aged 63, their two adult daughters, Kristina and Melissa, and an uncle, were discovered deceased in what appears to be a case of murder-suicide. This devastating event, which has plunged the community into grief and disbelief, was disclosed by Anne Aquino, the daughter-in-law of the Rouse family, through a GoFundMe page.

Who is Stuart Rouse?

Stuart Rouse was the central figure in a tragic murder-suicide that claimed the lives of himself, his wife Christina, aged 63, their two adult daughters, Kristina and Melissa, and Stuart’s brother at their residence in Vancouver, Washington. The devastating incident came to light when authorities discovered the deceased family members on Sunday.

According to reports, Stuart Rouse was identified as the perpetrator in this tragic event, where he allegedly took the lives of his wife, children, and brother before turning the gun on himself in the bathroom. Despite Stuart Rouse not having a criminal background, neighbors described the family as “typical” but were startled by the sounds of screaming followed by gunshots from their home.

The authorities were alerted after a relative received a disturbing text message from Stuart mentioning harm to others, prompting a welfare check by law enforcement. Stuart Rouse, the central figure in this devastating incident, left behind a profound tragedy that has deeply impacted the community and loved ones, leaving many unanswered questions surrounding the shocking events of that day.

Authorities’ Investigations:

While authorities have yet to reveal the identities of the deceased, initial reports indicate that a man fatally shot his wife, two adult daughters, and his adult brother before taking his own life—Clark County Sheriff’s Sgt. Chris Skidmore confirmed the absence of any known criminal history related to the apparent shooter and stated that law enforcement had not previously been summoned to the family’s residence.

Clark County property records identified Stuart and Christina Rouse as the homeowners. The community, described as tranquil by residents, expressed shock as they reflected on the family’s unassuming nature, characterized by brief but amiable interactions.

Disturbing Events Unfold:

The unsettling event came to light when a family member, located in Seattle, received a distressing text message from the apparent perpetrator, detailing harm at the residence. Despite efforts by responding deputies to establish contact with the family, they were unsuccessful.

Deputies arrived at the property following a welfare check call, initiating a lengthy standoff as they tried to establish communication with the residents. Eventually, entry into the house was gained through the use of drones, revealing the tragic fate of the individuals inside.

Neighbor Accounts:

Amidst the shock, neighbors shared their disbelief, emphasizing the unexpected nature of the incident. Some residents recall hearing gunshots, a stark contrast to the usual tranquility of their surroundings.

As the community grapples with this tragedy, voices emerge advocating for increased mental health resources and support, emphasizing the need for proactive measures in the wake of such devastating events.

Ongoing Investigation:

The Clark County Sheriff’s Office Major Crimes Unit continues to investigate this distressing incident while extending support to the responding deputies affected by the traumatic event. The tragedy has left a profound impact on the neighborhood, prompting reflection on mental health resources and the unexpectedness of such tragedies occurring so close to home. 


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