Sticky Vicky dies aged 80, Dancer & illusionist passed away peacefully

Sticky Vicky dies aged 80
Sticky Vicky dies aged 80


With heavy hearts, we are sharing the tragic news of the untimely loss of Victoria María Aragüés Gadea aka Vicky Leyton, who was well known by her stage name as Sticky Vicky. She died suddenly leaving his family and friends in disbelief and grief. Read on to know more about her death in detail.

What happened to Sticky Vicky?

Benidorm legend, Sticky Vicky passed away on November 29, 2023. This sad news was announced by her daughter on her official Facebook page in the following statement,

Maria Gadea Aragüés posted,

Sorry, to write these words, but my mother Sticky Vicky died today at 6 am, I can’t believe it, she’s gone wrapped up by her family, with all our love, I thank God for being able to be by her side always, I stay with the heartbroken.

I regret writing these words, my mother Sticky Vicky passed away today at 6 in the morning, I can’t believe it, she has gone surrounded by her family, with all our love, I thank God for being able to always be by her side, I am left with a broken heart.

We must show her loved ones our utmost respect and compassion during this challenging time.

They are traveling through a terrible and incredibly personal period of loss, looking for consolation and healing when the time is right. We may be sure that they will provide all pertinent information about the obituary, funeral plans, and memorial services when the time is appropriate.

Sticky Vicky cause of death:

Sticky passed away peacefully surrounded by her family on her side. She underwent numerous health issues before passing away. Vicky’s final performance took place in the fall of 2015, just a few days before a reconstruction of her hip. After receiving a uterine cancer diagnosis in February 2016, she declared her retirement at the age of 72.

Vicky was admitted to the hospital in July 2022 after suffering injuries to both of her knees in a fall. During the five days she was in the hospital, she had surgery. A few days after being released from hospital, she had to go back because of an infection in one of her surgery sites.

Let’s show unity by supporting one another while coming from a position of understanding and compassion. Our thoughts and prayers extend to them with the hope that they may find solace in the Cherished Memories they hold of Sticky.

Who was Sticky Vicky?

Born on April 15, 1943, Victoria María Aragüés Gadea, professionally known as Sticky Vicky and as Vicky Leyton, was a vaginal magician and retired dancer. The last time Vicky performed was in the fall of 2019.

Early years:

Leyton was born on April 15, 1943, in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. When her father abandoned the family, she moved to Barcelona with her mother. She spent 15 years studying classical ballet before beginning her career as a dancer.

Vicky participated in a musical dance performance with her sister, a contortionist. She was given the stage name Vicky Leyton by a businessman, and she went by that name for the remainder of her life. Later on, Leyton was the manager of Barcelona’s El Molino theater, located on Avinguda del Paral­lel.

Magic show:

The public demanded more sexually explicit shows, and employers started hiring foreigners willing to perform in their underwear, so Leyton faced challenges following the death of Francisco Franco and the lifting of sexual censorship. She was advised to perform a magic act by taking strange objects out of her vagina by a magician.

Vicky had practiced with everyday objects like handkerchiefs before launching her show in Barcelona cabarets. Due to the success of the show, she went on to perform in numerous variety theaters overseas as well as in cities in northern Spain.

On the recommendation of her sister, Leyton relocated to the Mediterranean town of Benidorm at the start of the 1980s. Her sister persuaded her to perform at a hotel even though she had planned to take a break after her career took a downturn. Leyton’s program was a hit, and she continued to stay in Benidorm.

Unique magic show of Vicky:

Vicky’s show started with her slowly taking off her clothes as background music played. Later on, she pulled several items—including ping-pong balls, eggs, handkerchiefs, sausages, razor blades, and machetes—out of her vagina. After the lights went down, Vicky took out a lit lightbulb. She used her vagina to open a bottle of beer and spill it onto the stage as her final act.

Leyton stated, “To do what I do you must have a lot of delicacy,” without characterizing herself or the show as pornographic. It needs to have a hint of elegance.”

She has one son, Eduardo Romero Aragüés, and one daughter, María Gadea Aragüés. She has never been married. When María saw the show for the first time at the age of 13, she decided to carry on her mother’s legacy.


Vicky has been considered a living legend in Benidorm because of her age and the duration of her show, especially by British tourists and Icelandic students. Leyton posted on her webpage, “I never thought I could be on a stage at my age, and it is all thanks to the English public,” expressing her surprise at her success.

Tributes to Sticky Vicky:

Rachel Milbourn wrote,

A true legend! The one, the only, the original Sticky Vicky you will never be forgotten and your legacy will be talked about for many years to come. It was a privilege to have known you as a friend and as a neighbour. May you rest in peace
Victoria Aragues Gadea qué leyenda! Un gran pérdida. Una mujer maravillosa! Que descanse en paz

Mark Harty wrote,

RIP Sticky Vicky what an absolute legend
Condolences to all her family X

Kym Ginge Basnett posted,

The legend herself sticky vicky D.E.P
Rip lovely lady benidorm wont be the same without u… My heart goes out to your family

Matt Hogg posted,

A sad day in Benidorm today, RIP sticky vicky.
What a legend
Those who saw her will never forget

Teresa Gray wrote,

Such sad news to hear this morning sticky Vicky one of the most best show in Benidorm has passed away at 6am this morning may god be with your family at this sad time you have gained your Angel wings go fly high till you find your forever Resting place RIP sticky Vicky x


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