Stevie Hopkins death, Co-founder of 3E Love passed away suddenly

Stevie Hopkins, Co-founder of 3E Love passed away
Stevie Hopkins, Co-founder of 3E Love passed away


It is with deep sorrow that we announce the passing of Stevie Hopkins, the Director of Awesome for 3E Love. A true icon with a kind spirit and business mentality was no more. As we navigate this challenging time, our hearts reach out with love to Stevie’s friends and loved ones. Read on to know more.

Stevie Hopkins passed away:

Stevie Hopkins, the Director of Awesome for 3E Love passed away on January 25, 2024. This sad news was announced by Leslie and Steve on his Facebook page, and the statement reads,

We were hoping to reach out personally to as many people as we possibly could, but know that the number of people who loved Stevie and who he loved was tremendous. This love is something that he and his family will always be grateful for. It is with utter devastation that we share news of the sudden and unexpected loss of Stevie. There aren’t words to express the amazing person that he was… words were Stevie’s specialty. We will share more as services and celebrations are planned. Love you, love life…

Who was Stevie Hopkins?

Stevie was a serial entrepreneur who loved to create things. He really enjoyed taking an idea and actually doing something with it. He has started close to 10 businesses since he was 15 with varying levels of success.

Stevie finally found something in 3ELove that is in his heart, and he plans on sticking with it for the rest of his life. Stevie Hopkins founded the International Day of Acceptance to pay tribute to his sister, Annie’s life and work. The creator of 3E Love, Annie Hopkins, raised awareness of the value of accepting diversity.

The wheelchair in the shape of a heart serves as the acceptance symbol. Following Annie Hopkins’s untimely death due to complications from a typical medical procedure, Stevie celebrated the 20th of January as the International Day of Acceptance each year.

The “Wheelchair Heart” has become an international symbol of love, strength, and hope.

What happened to Stevie?

Stevie Hopkins, the co-founder of 3E Love, passed away suddenly, leaving his friends, family, and the community in deep sorrow. The abruptness of his departure has created a significant emptiness that will be keenly felt by those who held him dear.

Stevie Hopkins left an indelible mark on the lives of those around him and was an inspiration to many. His impact and the love he shared resonate as a testament to the warmth he brought to countless hearts.

What is 3love?

Annie and Stevie founded 3E Love to share her message of acceptance and love for those who have disabilities. Annie’s ‘Wheelchair Heart’ symbol brought people of all abilities together, sparking daily conversations that helped change attitudes for the better.

Her goal was to establish a disability-owned and -operated social enterprise that would eventually promote empowerment and serve as an example of what can be accomplished by adopting a more optimistic outlook on life and altering one’s perceptions.

Stevie donated hundreds of t-shirts to the international day of acceptance event. Stevie was a very giving and generous. He worked with disability organizations, helping design and print conference and event shirts and swag.

Tributes to Stevie:

Pam Olson wrote,

This is heartbreaking.   Lifting his family and friends in prayer for comfort at such a devastating time.

Michael Gilbert posted,

I’m so sorry for his passing he was inspiring and all around great guy he will be missed

Eric Dahmen wrote,

This is terrible. Stevie was a great person who always went above and beyond to help with whatever he could. I am so sorry to hear this and my condolences go to him, his family and friends.

Kaitlin Jones posted,

The first time meeting Stevie at a conference was one of the most inspiring moments. I was in school to become an educator. I am truly sorry and saddened to hear about this news. I’m so sorry.

Anna Elizabeth wrote,

I am so sorry to hear this! I got to know Stevie through my work with the council for exceptional children in Michigan. He was a light in the world.


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