Scott Nelson aka Murrugun dies aged 59, Sword swallower passed away after battling cancer

 Scott nelson
Legendary sword swallower passed away (Image via CBS)


Farewell to a Sword Swallowing Legend: The vibrant streets of San Diego have lost one of their most iconic and beloved figures. Scott Nelson, widely celebrated as Murrugun The Mystic, a masterful sword swallower, charismatic actor, seasoned busker, and all-encompassing entertainer, has tragically passed away.

Known for his mesmerizing performances that captivated hearts and sparked imaginations, Murrugun’s demise follows a valiant struggle with life-threatening injuries sustained in a grievous incident.

His passing leaves a void in the fabric of the community he so vibrantly colored, saddening a legion of followers who admired not just the performer, but the spirit and passion of the man himself. Here’s what we know everything about his passing and Scott Nelson’s cause of death.

Scott Nelson, AKA Murrugun The Mystic passed away

Scott, known to many as Murrugun The Mystic, was truly one of a kind and an exceptional sword swallower. He embarked on this daring path in 2004, when he was 39 years old, and continued to awe and inspire with his skill for 20 years. His loss is deeply felt by many.

Recently, it was shared that Scott passed away on Wednesday, February 28, 2024, in San Diego. The cause was a combination of lung cancer and brain cancer. In his final weeks, Scott endured a lot of pain and was on morphine to help ease his suffering. Unfortunately, his condition worsened quickly over the last week of his life. Scott was 59 years old at the time of his passing.

The news of his death has been a sudden and heartbreaking shock to all who knew him and were entertained by him. Scott’s daring performances, his vibrant personality, and his dedication to his art will be deeply missed.

Cause of death

Scott Nelson, known to many as Murrugun The Mystic, passed away at 59 years old on Wednesday, February 28, 2024. His fight was against two very tough illnesses, lung cancer and brain cancer. In his last few weeks, Scott faced a lot of pain and was helped by medicine to feel better. Sadly, his health got much worse very quickly in his last week. Despite his brave fight, Scott died because of these illnesses. His passing has left many people feeling very shocked and sad.

A Close Call: The Tale of Murrugun the Mystic

Last fall, an incident that nearly cost the life of a renowned San Diego sword swallower, Murrugun the Mystic, caught international attention. Reflecting on the peril, Scott Nelson acknowledged the gravity of the situation. 

The Man Behind the Mystic

Scott prefers his stage name to his given one, finding “Scott Nelson” too plain. “I go by Murrugun the Mystic because Scott Nelson is just too plain and boring,” said Scott. From a young age, he began mastering the art of sword swallowing alongside other daring feats. “I take metal skewers that are sharpened with a handle bent on one end and I run them through my bicep until they pop out the other side,” he explained, detailing the extent of his performances.

A Dangerous Performance

The dangerous act that led to his near-fatal injury involved a sword attached to a rocket. “It fires off and goes down in me in less than a second, I have to grab it with my teeth before it perforates the bottom of my stomach,” Scott described the stunt that led to his hospitalization. After the incident, Scott faced a dire situation. “All of sudden I couldn’t catch my breath,” he recounted, leading to a coma that lasted for 28 days.

The Financial Aftermath

Faced with overwhelming medical bills, Scott shared, “It’s hundreds of thousands,” highlighting the financial burden of his recovery. He humorously suggested that donations to his GoFundMe Page could help “slash those bills down to size.”

Back to Sword Swallowing?

Despite the risks, Scott expressed his determination to return to his craft. “Yes, I am going to be back at it,” he stated, surprising even those who thought he might never perform again.

A Surprising Demonstration

In a demonstration of his unbroken spirit, Scott showed off his skill, eliciting reactions he’s come to expect. “Don’t worry, I am used to that reaction,” he said, maintaining his humor. “Hey look breakfast, Egg McMuffin!” he joked, after performing a sword-swallowing act, making it clear he’s not done with his art, though he plans to avoid repeating the dangerous act of swallowing five swords at once.

Supporting Murrugun the Mystic

For those inspired by Scott’s story or wishing to assist with his medical expenses, contributions can be made through his GoFundMe page, offering support to this resilient entertainer on his path to recovery.

“Community Mourns the Passing of Scott Nelson”

Christopher Wonder

“Fuck. RIP my friend. Murrugun the Mystic, Scott Nelson. Sad.”

Alaska Lostboy

“Hope you’re resting peacefully, Scott Nelson. You were one tough motherfucker and fought like hell all the way to the end. Thank you for all your wondrous chaos, art, and work.”

Christopher Campbell

“My condolences to you and those close. I have been trying to keep up with his and your fight as I work on my own fight. I agree, #cancersucks.”

Julie Hope

“I’m so sorry that your friend has passed away, Dan! You have been a great support to him throughout your common journey. Keeping you upheld in prayer. 🙏”

Roberta Donlan

“Cancer has come to our house. Way past time for a cure. Sorry for you losing your friend. Prayers for you and his family and friends to find some peace in his passing. It’s a hard time for all.”

Dan Meyer

“Today, four sword swallowers led by Red Stuart did a sword swallow salute to Scott Nelson at Pexcho’s American Dime Museum in Augusta, GA. RIP Scott.”


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  1. Scott was a great friend who did many event with Girls and Corpses Magazine. Scott was a true performer and knew how to gather and keep a crowd gasping. But he was just as entertaining off his concrete sidewalk stage. Murrugun had a brutal sense of humor and was a blast to hang around with at all the cons, events and signing we did. We used to go to bars together in San Diego and he’d said that he would try to pick up a girl with any strange pickup line I could come up with, such as, “Can I smell your eyeballs?” or “You have pretty teeth. Can I pry them out?” Some girls even fell for these outrageous lines, thinking Scott was too funny to ignore. Then, Scott would laugh that deep whiskey and cigarette dirty laugh. I’ll miss your laugh Murrugun. I’ll miss your energy and friendship. You were one of a kind and I hope to see you on the other side, in Hell where all the fun people are, like our pal Hollie Stevens, who I am sure will be clowning around with you in the afterlife. With love, Robert Corpsy Rhine


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