Santa Bud Kline death, real Santa Claus passed away after a brief illness

Santa Bud Kline
Santa Bud Kline passed away at the age of 86


It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of Santa Bud Kline, who brought so much joy to Children of Hagerstown for 57 years. Read on to know more about his passing.

Bud Kline passed away:

Santa Bud Kline passed away suddenly at the age of 86 on December 2, 2023. This sad news was announced by Megan Wolfe, in the following social media statement, that reads,

Unfortunately, Santa Bud Kline passed away this morning. We sincerely ask that everyone respect the family’s privacy at this time. We understand that everyone will grieve this loss of Santa, but he was more than Santa to us. To us, he was most importantly dad, pap, brother, husband, uncle, and more. Please allow us the time we need to grieve and process in private. We will let everyone know when arrangements have been made. Thank you!

Who was Bud Kline?

Bud Kline was a real Santa Claus of Hagerstown. He has been Santa in Hagerstown, Maryland for over five decades. Families have taken holiday pictures with Santa for generations.

It was 1966 when Floyd “Bud” Kline put on his first Santa suit. Kline, a resident of Hagerstown, was the owner of one of the last Phillips 66 gas stations in the city, located off Virginia Avenue. The whole idea of dressing up as Santa Claus back then was essentially a ploy to sell more Christmas trees.

Kline was tall enough to play Santa at six feet two inches. But he was missing his silvery white locks and long white flowing beard, which he had worn for the previous years.

He was only 29 years old at the time and had just begun to gray around the temples, but not enough to play the part. He said in an interview, “I took two women’s wigs.” “I used one for my hair, and then I cut the other one and made my beard with it so it would match. I used that for the first couple of years, but about six or seven years after that, I started using my own beard. I’ve used it ever since.”

“All of the children are surprised to see me,” Kline said about his Santa experience on the mark of his 50th year. “I have a good relationship with all of the children. I just love kids. That’s why I have been into doing this for the last 50 years.”, he added.

Bud Kline cause of death:

Bud passed away from various health issues. He faced some significant health issues in 2018, and he had to visit the hospital in recent years due to a life-threatening cardiac condition.

He also suffered pneumonia in 2021. Kline leaves behind his three children, three Grant children, and four great- Grant Children.

Condolences have poured in from all over the neighborhood. Many people have expressed their sympathies and offered support to Bud’s loved ones on social media during this difficult period.


Jeanetta Jones wrote,

So sad to hear the real Santa Bud Kline has passed away I use to sit on his lap then 2 of my children did too! Wish I would have took my other 2 children to see him too but unfortunately I didn’t. But I know he loved doing what he did & he was great at it! He use to do house visits for us too & we will forever be grateful for him and we are sad to hear about him passing away but he definitely did what he loved to do until the day he passed away! Rip the real Santa Bud Kline

Amy Moore Cullember wrote,

Prayers for The real “Santa” “Bud Kline” family and friends as they deal with the loss of Mr Kline this morning.
I had the honor of meeting this sweet man for the first time, a few days ago.
I’ve followed him for many years on social media and always so amazed with his dedication to all the local kids at Christmastime. A very busy Santa
He was truly the real Santa for so many in our area…for 57 years!!

The Grouchy Green Neighbor posted,

Just heard the news that The original Santa Bud Kline has passed away. RIP Santa you will truly be missed. Thank you so much for all the Christmas memories and all the holiday joy you have brought to everyone over the years. You will always be the best Santa in our eyes.

Kathy Duffey wrote,

So sad prayers for his family. He was our hometown Santa for over 50 years. So many Christmas memories. I still remember one year when I was younger saying I didn’t believe in Santa anymore and Santa Bud Kline came knocking on my door. It made me rethink that thought fast lol. My great grandfather had paid him to come to my house because he wanted me to still believe in Santa.

Sheila Kline Henson posted,

RIP “Santa” Bud Kline. I am so glad Gabriella got to see you and have these memories.


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