Roland Mauz dies of Heart Attack, Owner of African Dive Adventures passed away

Roland Mauz has passed away on November 8, 2023. (Source: Facebook)
Roland Mauz has passed away on November 8, 2023. (Source: Facebook)


Roland Mauz, the owner of African Dive Adventures, passed away on November 8, 2023. He leaves behind a legacy that has touched the hearts of countless divers and nature enthusiasts around the world. As the proprietor of African Dive Adventures, Roland was a pioneer in the exploration of the mesmerizing underwater world of the African coastline.

Keep reading to know more about Roland Mauz and his cause of death in detail.

Roland Mauz passed away

The news of Roland Mauz’s passing has sent shockwaves through the community of African Dive Adventures. This revered Dive Centre, Resort, and Charter on Protea Banks was not just a business for Roland but a labor of love, a place where he cultivated a haven for divers and enthusiasts of the underwater world.

African Dive Adventures was Roland’s vision brought to life. Situated on the stunning Protea Banks, it became a hub for diving enthusiasts from all around the globe. This dive center wasn’t just about business; it was a gateway to the extraordinary marine life of the South African coastline. With Roland at the helm, it was more than just a destination; it was an educational and adventurous journey for everyone who visited.

Roland Mauz Cause of Death

On a fateful day at Shelly Beach, a place he held dear and where he had shared numerous diving adventures with fellow enthusiasts, Roland Mauz tragically lost his life to a sudden heart attack. The heartbreaking news of Roland’s passing was posted on African Dive Adventures’ Facebook page, resonating with profound grief among the staff, loyal customers, and the wider diving community.

African Dive Adventures shared the following message on Facebook:

It is with great sorrow I write that Roland Mauz passed away today.
He unfortunately had a heart attack before launching the boat at Shelly Beach. Condolences to all his family and friends around the world.

It was far more than just a standard social media update; it represented a heartfelt outpouring of sorrow, serving as a tribute to a man whose passion for the ocean was truly contagious. The comments section overflowed with sincere condolences, personal anecdotes of unforgettable dives led by Roland, and testimonials highlighting his unwavering dedication to marine conservation.

In this difficult period of bereavement, African Dive Adventures is confronted with a challenging future. Nevertheless, Roland’s legacy will remain a guiding force in shaping the dive center’s ongoing mission.

Who was Roland Mauz?

Beulah and Roland Mauz, the proprietors of African Dive Adventures, have been exploring the depths of Protea Banks since 1996. Roland, who hails from southern Germany, embarked on a unique journey after serving a two-year term in the German Navy. His global wanderings ultimately led him to Beulah’s native land, South Africa, after he completed his studies in 1989.

The couple’s union took place on the Comores, an event that kindled their shared fascination with scuba diving. While Roland boasts an impressive tally of over 3500 dives at Protea Banks, Beulah reserves her diving experiences purely for enjoyment.

Operating from their base in Shelly Beach, their diving operation offers adventurous souls access to the mesmerizing Protea Banks and Aliwal Shoal dive sites, both of which enjoy Marine Protected Area status. These locales are also prime spots for witnessing the awe-inspiring Sardine Run phenomenon. According to Roland, Aliwal Shoal stands out as another renowned local reef suitable for divers of all skill levels. He describes the reef as a captivating expanse brimming with intricate caves, crevasses, and ridges teeming with marine life in a kaleidoscope of sizes and colors.


Friends, acquaintances, fellow divers, and admirers from around the world shared their sympathies in various forms, from heartfelt messages and condolences to personal anecdotes and stories that showcased Roland’s exceptional qualities.

Rainer Schimpf wrote: “Roland Mauz R.I.P.A dive legend and explorer has past today.Please accept Silke and my heartfelt sympathy for all remaining relatives and your family during this difficult time. It was with a heavy heart that we heard about the todays passing of Roland Mauz.From the beginning of our dive adventures and explorations in South Africa Roland had always a open ear and hart for us and our discussions. Protea Banks was his passion and I had the privilege to scuba with him and Andy Cobb on the same dive.He died as far as I learned the way he lived on the slipway on his way out to sea, the Indian Ocean to dive Protea.My thoughts are with you and your relatives.As a sad not Id like to add that if it is true, that the apparent German dive group which witnessed his death on the pier and the arrival of the ambulance , doctors and the reanimation process which was given up after 30 minutes, if true – that this group still insisted by the dive master and staff remaining to conduct a dive. That this was a softish and uncivilized act, which if it is true, wants me to through up!If you come my way and I find out its you, you will be banned of my vessel!”

Leon Garbade wrote: “Rest in Peace Roland Mauz, I will miss our chats at the base! ☠️🏴‍☠️🙏🏻

The wide array of people who extended their condolences showcased how far-reaching Roland’s impact was, touching individuals from various backgrounds. Whether it was his love for diving, his unwavering commitment to preserving marine environments, or his genuinely friendly and inviting demeanor, Roland possessed a unique ability to connect with people and make an enduring mark on everyone he met.


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