Rodney Pitts, A Brave Baltimore Firefighter killed in Northwest Baltimore rowhouse fire

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Rodney Pitts, A Brave Baltimore Firefighter killed in Northwest Baltimore rowhouse fire: In the wake of this devastating fire, one firefighter lost their life, and four others sustained injuries. The fallen hero has been identified as Firefighter Rodney Pitts from Baltimore, Maryland, leaving a profound void in the hearts of his family, friends, and the entire community. Here’s what we know about the tragic incident and Rodney Pitts passing.

“Tragic Loss: Baltimore Firefighter Dies, Four Injured”

Tragedy struck in Baltimore as a rapidly spreading fire engulfed three rowhomes in the 5200 block of Linden Heights Avenue. One firefighter tragically lost their life, and four others sustained injuries while bravely battling the blaze.

During a late Thursday night address at the Maryland Shock Trauma Center, Baltimore’s Mayor Brandon Scott paid tribute to a hero among the city’s public servants. The beloved firefighter was none other than Rodney Pitts.

Firefighters responded to the scene around 3:45 p.m., confronting extensive smoke and fire in a two-story brick rowhome. Fire Chief James Wallace explained that firefighters entered the building with virtually zero visibility, only for the flames to intensify rapidly and overwhelm them.

What happened to Rodney Pitts?

The fatal two-alarm fire claimed Rodney’s life, while four others suffered varying degrees of burns. Authorities confirmed that the homes were occupied, and fortunately, none of the residents were harmed in the blaze. The cause of the fire remains under investigation.

A solemn procession of fire personnel and emergency responders saluted in silence as a gurney was wheeled out of the building, marking the fallen firefighter’s departure. An ambulance, bearing the insignia of the Baltimore City Fire Department, was led by a flag processional, with onlookers paying their respects along the way.

Outside the Maryland Shock Trauma Center, a group of relatives and loved ones, joined by neighbors and passersby, formed a circle and prayed, their heads bowed in shared grief.

This tragic loss comes less than two years after a vacant home fire on Stricker Street resulted in the collapse of the building, claiming the lives of three city firefighters.

A subsequent report by regional safety officials highlighted past recommendations regarding close calls and line-of-duty deaths within the city fire department, ultimately leading to the resignation of Fire Chief Niles Ford.

A heartfelt statement from a neighbor about the tragic passing of Firefighter Rodney Pitts:

This is Firefighter Rodney Pitts. Yesterday, he was killed in a fire on Linden Heights Ave in Northwest Baltimore. While I didn’t know Rodney personally, I do know his mother, aunt, grandmother and grandfather. They all used to live next door to me. Rodney had just graduated from the fire department in August. His family was so proud. I don’t know the details of what happened, but he is definitely a hero, my hero, their hero, our hero. Please keep Rodney’s family, mother Monica Gant, aunt, Michele Michele grandmother Mary and grandfather Warren and his kids, and the breastbone of his family in your thoughts and prayers.


  • Firefighters responded to a scene with extensive smoke and flames emanating from a two-story brick rowhome.
  • The firefighters displayed exceptional courage as they entered the building despite facing almost zero visibility.
  • Tragically, one firefighter lost their life during the course of battling the intense blaze.
  • Four other firefighters sustained injuries of varying degrees, necessitating medical attention.
  • Fortunately, the homes were occupied, and none of the residents suffered harm during the fire.
  • The specific cause of the fire remains under investigation as authorities work diligently to determine its origin.
  • The fallen hero, who made the ultimate sacrifice, has been identified as Firefighter Rodney Pitts. His dedication and commitment to public service in Baltimore are remembered and honored.

This heartbreaking incident follows another tragedy that occurred less than two years prior when a vacant home fire resulted in the collapse of a building, leading to the deaths of three city firefighters.

“Community Mourns the Loss of Heroic Firefighter Rodney Pitts Jr.”

The message was shared by Hebron Baptist Church, and it reads:

“Today, we are mourning the heartbreaking loss of a bright light and beautiful soul. Deaconess Monica Gant’s son, Rodney Pitts Jr., has passed away, and our hearts are shattered. In this difficult and unthinkable time, we come together as a community to support our dear Sister Deaconess Gant and uplift her and her family in prayer. May God’s loving hands provide them with strength, grace, and comfort that only He can offer. Rest in peace, Rodney. You will forever be missed.”

Additionally, there are personal tributes from individuals:

Michael J Lyles: “Rod…truly the definition of a good bravo man. From the time I met you until now, nothing but good memories. Marvel couldn’t have made a hero better than you…we’re gonna miss you, Rodney Pitts.”

Michael Foy: “My prayers are with the family and coworkers of firefighter Rodney Pitts, who lost his life in the line of duty while battling a fire in 21215. Baltimore City Fire Department.”


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