Raechelle Chase died, How did the NZ fitness influencer die? Cause of death & Obituary

A famous NZ fitness influencer died: Tragic news has hit the fitness and social media community as Auckland fitness influencer and bodybuilder Raechelle Chase has unexpectedly passed away.

With a following that spans across the internet, the mother of five was known not only for her physical prowess but also for her kind-hearted nature.

As tributes pour in from around the world, the sudden loss of this beloved figure has left many in shock, and the cause of her untimely death remains shrouded in mystery.

In this context, we delve into the life and impact of Raechelle Chase, as well as the heartfelt remembrances shared by those who knew and admired her. Here’s what we know everything about her passing and Cause of death.

Raechelle Chase: Sudden Passing shocks the fitness industry

Raechelle Chase, a former competitive bodybuilder and fitness model based in Auckland, New Zealand, has tragically passed away.

With a following of 1.4 million on Facebook, she was a source of inspiration for countless individuals, particularly single mothers, with her posts on maintaining fitness. Her unexpected death earlier this month has left a void in the lives of many.

Notably, Chase made history in 2011 as the first New Zealand woman to participate in the Figure Olympia bodybuilding event in Las Vegas.

In recent years, she transitioned into a role as a fitness model and influencer, providing online fitness guidance and support. Her legacy as an empowering figure in the fitness world will be cherished and remembered by her numerous admirers.

Raechelle’s Final post on social media

In her final social media post, which she shared on September 30, Raechelle conveyed a poignant message about the transformative journey of pain and growth. She shared with her followers the following words:

“Growth can be painful, change can be painful, but nothing is as painful as remaining in a place where you no longer belong.”

Last month, she also posted images from a magazine photo shoot on Facebook. The New Zealand Coroner is looking into the death of Ms. Chase. No additional information is now available due to the current nature of the fatalities, according to a representative for the New Zealand Ministry of Justice.

Cause of death

Raechelle Chase, a renowned New Zealand influencer and a mother of five, celebrated for her uplifting health content, has sadly passed away. Her demise occurred earlier this month, and as of now, the cause of her passing remains undisclosed.

Although, there have been unconfirmed reports speculating that she may have overdosed on drugs and passed away. Nevertheless, it’s important to exercise patience and await official confirmation. During this difficult time, it’s also crucial to honor her family’s need for privacy.

Anna Chase, the eldest daughter, expressed heartfelt words about her mother, acknowledging the immense sacrifices Raechelle made to provide her children with an exciting life.

Her eldest daughter, Anna Chase, said her mum sacrificed so much to give her children an exciting life and managed to achieve every goal she set for herself.

”She was supportive, kind-hearted and always had the best advice for us. She was a wildly driven woman with ambition and has inspired millions of people around the world. ”I miss her immensely and that love won’t ever fade”.

Keith O’Connell, a close friend of Raechelle Chase, described her passing as both sudden and unexpected.

“Not going to lie, very few things in my life hit me as hard as your passing… You had so much left to live. So much love to give,” he wrote earlier this month. “You were, still are, and always will be one of the kindest beautiful souls I will ever have experienced.”

Raechelle Chase Opened Up About Her Personal Life

Raechelle Chase, the mother of five, had been married to her husband Chris Chase for 14 years before they separated in 2015.

Beyond her role as a widely popular online influencer, she achieved the remarkable feat of becoming the first New Zealander to qualify for an Olympia bodybuilding event and graced the covers of numerous magazines.

In 2016, Raechelle courageously shared her personal journey in an article for Stuff. She spoke about her experience leaving what she described as a “toxic and abusive” relationship following her separation from her husband.

In her poignant words, she reflected, “The relationship I was in taught me many things about what I don’t want, and what I need to steer very clear of. It wasn’t just me that suffered, it was my entire family.”

‘So if you know you are in an abusive relationship and you don’t have the courage to leave, do it for your children. Grab hold of whatever you need long enough to survive crawling out of that hole because I promise you it will be worth it.’

She also described how raising her children alone had left her feeling ‘the most confident and empowered’ she had felt in a long time. At the time she was nine months pregnant with her two youngest children. 

She went on to offer encouragement to others facing similar challenges, particularly those in abusive relationships, emphasizing the importance of finding the strength to leave, not only for one’s sake but for the well-being of their children. 

Raechelle Chase: Igniting a Passion for Fitness

Raechelle Chase with boxing gloves in a photo shoot.
Raechelle Chase IFBB Pro Figure Competitor, Sponsored Athlete, Fitness Model (Image via greatestphysiques.com)


Early Life and Gymnastic Beginnings

Born in 1979 in New Zealand, Raechelle Chase’s journey into fitness started at a young age. She began as a competitive gymnast, and her athletic spirit led her to participate in sports like netball and surfing. Even as a child, she ventured into fashion modeling, taking her first steps down the runway at just five years old.

Inspiration Strikes in the Gym

At the age of 16, while working part-time at a gym, Raechelle discovered her love for weightlifting. Inspired by those around her in the gym, she started to explore weight training in her spare time, paving the way for a remarkable transformation.

The Motherhood Pause

As motherhood beckoned, Raechelle took a step back from her fitness journey after giving birth to three children. Her focus shifted to her family, and her fitness pursuits took a temporary hiatus.

Reigniting the Passion

However, the mirror revealed a new image of herself that she couldn’t ignore. In pursuit of the incredible physique she once had, Raechelle reignited her passion for fitness in 2007.

Becoming a Bikini Competitor

To achieve her dream physique, Raechelle set her sights on becoming a bikini competitor. She took the bold step of entering her first amateur competition in 2007, realizing that the fitness industry was where she truly belonged.

Pro Circuit Success

In 2009, Raechelle’s hard work and dedication paid off when she entered the Pro circuit, securing her place in the fitness world. Her remarkable physique and commitment have not only graced the covers of fitness magazines but also earned her sponsorships with several health companies.

Idols and Influences

Raechelle draws inspiration from established figures in the fitness industry, respecting the hard work and dedication of those who have succeeded.

Lessons from Raechelle Chase

Raechelle’s story reminds us that, no matter how far we stray from our fitness goals, dedication and determination can reignite our passion for a healthier lifestyle. Her journey has not only transformed her life but also served as an inspiration to countless individuals worldwide.

Obituary: Raechelle Chase (1979-2023)

Raechelle Chase, a remarkable individual known for her dedication to fitness and her inspiring journey, passed away in 2023. Born in New Zealand in 1979, Raechelle’s life was a testament to resilience and determination. Motherhood became her priority, and she dedicated herself to raising three children. But the mirror revealed a new image, prompting Raechelle to reignite her fitness journey in 2007.

As a bikini competitor, Raechelle achieved her dream physique, entering the Pro circuit in 2009. Her journey graced fitness magazine covers and secured sponsorships, leaving an indelible mark on the industry. Raechelle Chase’s legacy lives on, serving as a beacon of inspiration for those who strive to transform their lives through dedication and determination.


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