Dwayne Gordon killed, What happened in Newlands church? Prophet’s shooting death explained

 Prophet Dwayne Gordan Killed

Shocking News: “Renowned Prophet Dwayne Gordon Tragically Slain in Newlands Church Ambush” A harrowing and deeply distressing incident has sent shockwaves across South Africa, as a chilling video has surfaced on social media, capturing the tragic moment when renowned South African prophet Dwayne Gordon lost his life within the sacred confines of a church.

This heart-wrenching episode unfolded during a church conference held on a seemingly ordinary Friday night in Newlands, Johannesburg, transforming a place of worship into the scene of an unimaginable tragedy.

As the news of this dreadful incident continues to reverberate through the community, our collective hearts are heavy with grief for the bereaved family and the extended church community, who now find themselves grappling with the incomprehensible loss of a beloved spiritual leader. Let’s see what happened to Dwayne Gordon and the tragedy in detail.

Dwayne Gordan, Another Injured in Church Shooting

A group of approximately six unidentified individuals confronted a congregation at a church in Newlands. The assailants discharged firearms, resulting in injuries to three individuals. Sadly, one of the victims, identified as the church’s pastor, did not survive his injuries.

The suspects proceeded to steal cell phones and other possessions from the people present before making their escape. Authorities have initiated a murder case and two counts of attempted murder for further inquiry. The Gauteng Provincial Police Commissioner, Lt Gen Elias Mawela, has strongly denounced this brutal incident.

Read the Police Statement below

“A group of about six unknown men accosted a congregation in church at Newlands. The suspects fired shots and three people were injured. One of the victims who succumbed to his injuries was identified as the pastor of the church. The suspects robbed people of their cellphones and other belongings before they fled the scene. A case of murder and two counts of attempted murder have been opened for further investigations. The Provincial Commissioner of the police in Gauteng, Lt Gen Elias Mawela has condemned this babararic incident in the strongest possible terms.

The community is urged to work together with the police in dealing with crime in that area by reporting criminal activities and coming forth with any information that can assist with the investigations on the Crime Stop Line at 08600 10111 or anonymously give tip-offs on MySapsApp which can be downloaded on any smartphone. All information received will be treated with strictest confidence.“

Tragic Incident: What happened in Newlands church?  

Prophet Dwayne Gordon had been a distinguished guest at the Restoration Conference hosted by Pastor Mervyn and Maria Campher. The conference, which had just commenced, was marred by a tragic shooting incident that unfolded on that very day.

Prominent crime reporter Abram Jee brought this shocking news to light through his social media account, vividly recounting the harrowing events.

In his social media posts, Abram Jee not only confirmed the heartbreaking news but also shared a video that chillingly depicted the moments leading up to Prophet Dwayne Gordon’s tragic demise.

The video captured the prophet’s passionate sermon at the pulpit, deeply engrossed in delivering his message to the congregation. However, in an abrupt and shocking turn of events, armed intruders breached the sanctity of the church.

As the intruders entered, a backdrop of panic and fear engulfed the church. Terrified voices of the congregants filled the air, punctuated by desperate pleas invoking the “Blood of Jesus” for protection.

In the video, Prophet Dwayne Gordon could be seen moving away from the pulpit, standing several meters away, visibly shocked by the intrusion. Moments later, the camera abruptly went dark, and the heart-wrenching sound of gunshots echoed through the air.

The tragic outcome of this ordeal was the loss of Prophet Dwayne Gordon’s life, a spiritual leader whose presence had graced the conference.

Additionally, reports indicated that Pastor Enrico Mosavel, also in attendance at the church conference, had been wounded in the attack, further adding to the profound sense of loss and shock that enveloped the community.

Shooting Motive

Pastor Enrico Mosavel, who was also in attendance during the incident, suffered injuries but is currently in stable condition. The traumatic ordeal was captured by the church’s CCTV cameras, and the video has circulated widely on social media, evoking a complex mix of fear, grief, and anger within the community and among the followers of Prophet Dwayne Gordon.

At the time of compiling this report, comprehensive details regarding the incident were still unfolding. However, it is known that unidentified assailants forcibly entered the church premises and initiated gunfire, specifically targeting the religious leaders present.

The motive behind this heinous act remains shrouded in mystery, prompting numerous questions and concerns within both the public and law enforcement agencies.

#Justice for Dwayne Gordan

Following the incident, there was an overwhelming expression of sorrow and demands for justice from various communities and religious groups nationwide.

Gayton McKenzie, the leader of the Patriotic Alliance, issued a statement in which he conveyed his astonishment and skepticism regarding the circumstances of the attack.

In his statement, McKenzie said:

“What will you truly get in a church? What caused them to shoot the men of God who were unarmed and really no danger to the killers. I believe that this was a hit, my only evidence currently is my knowledge of these matters.

“I knew Prophet Dwayne and he would regularly call me; hence I will use everything in my power to make sure that this case will not be brushed under the carpet like so many of the cases happening in our communities.”

He alluded to the notion that this brutal act may have been more than a mere botched robbery. McKenzie emphasized the inexplicable nature of targeting unarmed religious leaders within the sanctity of a church, hinting at a potentially deeper, and perhaps sinister, motive behind the ambush.

Watch the video Below:

“Outrage and Anguish: Community’s Fury Over Church Ambush Incident”

Jonathan Rubain posted, 

I wish someone could tell me it’s only a bad dream 😭 Farewell my brother. You have lived a short life, but you did more in God’s Kingdom than many others did. So young but yet so mature. You’ve impacted so many lives. Today we mourn your death my brother 💔 Farewell Prophet Dwayne Gordon, Farewell 🕊️🕊️🕊️ I am shattered 💔💔💔😭😭😭

Rugene Dees posted,

This is disturbing and devasting to wake up to such sad and horrific news. As Christians, we can not submit to such evil! We have to hit back by all means within our power in defense of our people, our future our freedom, and our safety in the house of the Lord. #Arise! Pray! Live! We pray that justice will be served Rest in power man of God.

Shéz Shéron posted,

I don’t know how a human being wakes up and decides the fate of another human being… Our hearts are heavy…We pray that the perpetrators be brought to justice. One life lost in the hands of criminals is one too many…  My heart is with the Gordon family this is a hard pill to swallow.


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