Noah Dinger of Kellogg, ID died after mining accident in Stillwater mine, Montana

Noah Dinger
Noah Dinger passed away in an accident


In a somber turn of events, the Idaho community mourns the loss of Noah Dinger, the beloved husband of Kaylei Dinger, who passed away on November 13, 2023. Read on to know more about his passing in detail.

Noah Dinger passed away:

On Monday, November 13, 2023, a mine employee from Idaho, Noah Dinger passed away while doing his mining work. The man’s death is still being investigated.

His beloved wife, Kaylei Dinger posted about this sad news on social media post, saying, 

Oh my sweet Noah…

You are everything a man should be and more.. the absolute best daddy and husband I could’ve asked for… we are more than husband and wife.. Noah, you are my best friend, love of my life, an unbelievable dream come true… our boys will always know their daddy and how truly amazing you are..

I’m so mad.. you weren’t supposed to leave me.. we had so many plans and things we were gonna do.. like grow old together, go on all the silly trips we had planned with our babies, GROW OLD TOGETHER.. 

I’m not mad at you and never will be but I’m mad at the world for taking such an amazing human who DID NOT deserve this.. 

I love you.. Our sweet boys love you.. WE LOVE YOU SO SO MUCH NOAH JON DINGER. 

I hope you are resting so peacefully and can watch these boys of ours make you proud.. everything we do is for you noahbear.. 

My beautiful husband had a bad accident at work and is no longer here with us in the way he’s supposed to be. I appreciate all of the support I’ve gotten but please understand if I don’t respond to every message.., his wife wrote in a statement.

The Stillwater Mine near Nye has been completely shut down following the death of a miner. Noah Dinger, the contracted miner was using bolting machinery to bind the underground mining tunnels’ roofs.

The fatal injury happened on Monday around 1:00 AM, according to Sibanye Stillwater vice president Heather McDowell. The incident happened in a region that was getting ready for more mining.

What happened to Noah Dinger?

When Noah came into contact with rotating machinery, he was using the bolter to prepare an area for future production mining while performing development mining.

Sibanye Stillwater vice president Heather McDowell wrote,

“We are deeply saddened by this event, and our thoughts are prayers are with families, friends, workmates, and all of our and our contractors’ employees and their families”.

“We are so grateful for the outpouring of support from our local communities.”, McDowell stated.

While mine safety regulators are on the scene looking into the incident, the mine has closed for both the day and night shifts.

According to McDowell, their current plan is to start working again tomorrow morning during the day shift and perform safety reviews for all of the employees at the start of the next four shifts, which will cover all four of our work crews.

On its website, the Stillwater Mine near Nye states that it employs 2,335 people, including contractors.

Accident explained:

Noah Dinger who works at Mining company has passed away unexpectedly in an mining accident that happened at a south-central Montana precious metals mine.

Two workers at the Stillwater Mine died in a collision involving an underground locomotive in their side-by-side utility vehicle in June 2021, .

In 2018, twenty-four workers lost their lives in South African gold mines owned by Sibayne.

GoFundme and Meal train:

Laureeann Fee organized a GoFundme and arranged a Meal train and the statement reads,

Noah Dinger was many things. A beloved husband & father. A hardworking man. A wonderful son & dear, dear friend. I’ve seen Kaylei & Noah grow together. When they welcomed their first son. I had the honor of attending the birth of their second baby as a doula. I’ve cried tears of joy for them as they shared vows and officially became husband and wife. I love Kaylei & Noah & their boys. Noah was truly the most dedicated husband and loving father. He was so fun, and funny. The love he had for Kaylei and his boys was beautiful. Beyond words.

Noah passed away on 11/13/2023 in a work related accident leaving behind his beautiful wife and two sons. Please support them with a meal or monetary donation as they grieve and navigate new waters as a family of three. Kaylei has been a stay at home mom focusing on raising their boys Rylan (3) and Maddox (1) so every little bit helps.

Tributes to Noah Dinger:

Sabrina Hyndman posted,

Like I said before, Kaylei and Noah truly were the fairy tail couple everyone longed to be. The love between the two of them will forever go unmatched.
Kaylei and I were the best of friends in high school and I have so much love for her and her sweet little family, and Noah and I were good friends too and graduated HS together. This is absolutely so heart breaking. Please donate, share, pray, etc. This beautiful momma and her babies need all the love and support they can get.

Sam Wagner wrote,

Noah passed away today in a mining accident. He leaves his wife and two kids behind. There is a link to a go fund me and a meal train if you are able to help.

Laureeann Belle Fee wrote,

My dear friend Kaylei Dinger lost her husband Noah Dinger today in a mining accident. The Dinger family is near & dear to my heart. She’s a stay at home mama to two young boys and needs to be supported right now.
Feeding people is my love language.

Vicki Richter wrote,

No words can express how I hurt for you!
I’m so very sorry for your loss…

Trish Dodd wrote,

No words can express the sorrow. Please know that you and your boys are in my prayers.

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