Nigel ‘Nige’ Humphreys death, Owner of Heattech racing passed away after a brief illness

Nige Humphreys has passed away. (Source: Facebook/ Nige Humphreys)
Nigel Humphreys has passed away. (Source: Facebook/ Nige Humphreys)


The motorsports community is mourning the loss of a true pioneer and visionary, as Nigel ‘Nige’ Humphreys, the esteemed owner of Heattech Racing based in Douglas, has passed away.

With a heavy heart, we bid farewell to a man whose passion for racing and dedication to pushing the boundaries of automotive technology left an indelible mark on the world of motorsports. Keep reading to know more about his cause of death in detail.

Nigel Humphreys passed away

The motorsports world is grappling with the heartbreaking news of the passing of Nigel Humphreys, the revered owner of Heattech Racing based in Douglas.

The devastating announcement was made by Michael Evans Racing on their official Facebook page, sending shockwaves through the racing community and leaving fans and fellow competitors in disbelief.

Who was Nigel Humphreys?

Nigel Humphreys, the esteemed owner of HeatTech Racing based in Douglas, has become synonymous with pushing the boundaries of road racing on the Isle of Man.

Established in 2019, HeatTech Racing has evolved into a formidable force in international road races across various categories. Humphreys, a seasoned rider turned visionary team owner, steered his passion for bikes into the creation of a powerhouse that continues to captivate the motorsports community.

Sponsoring Michael Evans in 2022:

The year 2022 saw HeatTech Racing take a significant leap forward as Nige Humphreys sponsored the talented Michael Evans. This partnership extended beyond mere financial support, with Humphreys actively participating in the team’s endeavors. The collaboration took them to Spain for testing, thrilling appearances at the North West and TT, and participation in various UK race meetings.

The inaugural outing at The Southern 100 with Michael Evans at the helm showcased the resilience and potential of HeatTech Racing. Despite being aware of a power disadvantage, Evans demonstrated exceptional skill and determination, securing a commendable 6th and 4th place finish.

The achievement spoke volumes about the synergy between rider and team, setting the stage for HeatTech Racing’s ascent in the road racing hierarchy. Buoyed by the success at The Southern 100, HeatTech Racing expanded its presence on the international stage, competing in challenging road races worldwide.

Nigel Humphreys Cause of Death

Nigel Humphreys passed away after a battle with brief illness. Nigel Humphreys’ journey, which began with an illustrious career as a rider and later flourished as the visionary owner of HeatTech Racing, took an unexpected turn with a brief illness that ultimately claimed his life. The motorsports community, which had long admired Humphreys for his resilience and contributions to the sport, is now grappling with the void left by his untimely departure.

In the wake of Humphreys’ passing, condolences have been flooding in from fellow riders, racing teams, and fans alike.


Paul Cassidy wrote: “Donkey aka Nige Humphreys , some man for one man … its been a bloody tough ride the last couple of months. And never did we think it would ever come to this. Going to be strange not talking on the phone everyday 🥲 but the memories will live on yessir. Sending all my love to the family and friends, I’ll do all I can for the chimp as you know. But until we meet again Donkey!! we will just keep plodding on!!Sleep tight Donkey 💔

Leslie Moore wrote: “Nige Humphreys of Heattech racing has sadly passed away. He was one of those ‘backbones’ of road racing, in that he kept privateer racing alive. Our sincere condolences to his wife Kerry, son Alfie, family and friends plus all those at Heattech Racing on their great loss. Thanks for your great contribution to our beloved sport – Cheers Nige”

As the racing community mourns the loss of a true stalwart, the memories of Nigel Humphreys will continue to inspire and shape the future of road racing for generations to come.


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