Nicky Newman Passed away battling breast cancer, campaigner died at 35

Nicky Newman Passed away. (Source: Facebook)
Nicky Newman Passed away. (Source: Facebook)


Sadly, Nicky Newman, a well-liked figure on social media and a former broker administrator who motivated Kate Price and battled breast cancer for five years, has passed away.

The singer, who was 35 when she died away, reminisced on her life and dealing with stage four cancer in a pre-written, incredibly painful farewell. Keep reading to know more about Nicky Newman and her cancer battle in detail.

Nicky Newman passed away

Cancer campaigner and Instagram celebrity Nicky Newman, also known as ‘Nicknacklou’, has passed away, according to a tragic message written by Nicky. Five and a half years prior, the courageous 35-year-old was given a stage 4 breast cancer diagnosis that had spread to her bones.

Her social media posts consistently urged others to “go grab life” and to “check your tattas,” which attracted a sizable following of about a quarter of a million followers. Tragically, the young woman passed away just 10 days after declaring that she would no longer be receiving therapy.

Nicky, also known as NickNackLou to her online family, wrote a heartbreaking post for her loved ones to share:

If you’re reading this it means I have died, I made it 5 & half years though, not bad for a stage 4 breastie ey.
And none of this ‘she fought her battle nonsense’, I didn’t lose anything, the cancer eventually took over & that’s okay, we all knew this would happen.
I don’t think we are ever prepared to hear the words, we think we are indestructible & a magic cure will appear, but the truth is we all live this life day to day (we just knew our days are shorter).
So please promise me to cherish those around you and give your friends and loved ones the biggest squeezes! GO GRAB LIFE! You never truly know what is coming around the corner – so don’t take anything for granted.
You have all become a part of my legacy, my “Instagramily” in MR.G’s words and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for being here every step of the way. There is more to come (with some amazing things in the works) that will aim to continue that legacy, so stick around and keep being the amazing bootiful hoomans you all already are!
I’m a believer in energies and if people hold on to the positive energy we have created from this and other pages like it, then I will always be with you.
Mr.G has some words to follow as we both wanted to do this part together x
Love you all my bootiful hoomans!
Nicky ☺️

Following Nickey’s Note, her husband Mr. G also left a message on Facebook.

He wrote,

Hi everyone,
Mr.G here.
What can I say that my incredible wife hasn’t already in her final post. Nicky asked me to send her message out, along with a few words from me.
My bean was more than a partner or loved one to me, she truly was my lobster 🦞.
We have known each other since we were 14 and throughout all the years (even when we had time apart) we were always inextricably drawn to each other.
A truly rare joining of souls that were simply meant to be one.
We’ve been asked before about why it is that we thought Nicky’s page here became so popular and that is obviously a very hard question to answer. I told my bean a few weeks ago that I think it is because –
“People instantly love and are drawn to you because ever since diagnosis, at the worst time of our lives, we chose not to mourn the time we are losing but rather to celebrate and cherish the time that we have left – however long that may be”
Anyone that knew my wife knows this to be true. Nicky never accepted half measures, she took life with both hands and made each moment special and memorable. She has created a legacy here, a place where anyone can see that life is for positivity and smiles and happiness. Even through hardship…even if it seems impossible.
Nicky has still got some incredible things to share on here and I am hoping you will stick around to see them come to fruition. I will share it with you in her place, just as she would have wanted. I just ask you bare with me a little.
Last night there was a lightning storm right above our house, my girls way of reminding us to Go Grab Life and make it count ⚡️
Love to every single one of you, be safe and be good to each other x

Nicky Newman cause of death: Cancer battle

Nicky Newman died after a battle with breast cancer. When Nicky observed a change in her breast and complained of excruciating back pain, she was initially diagnosed several years ago while undergoing reproductive treatment with her husband.

Nicky Newman, then 30 years old, immediately noticed something was wrong when she saw a bulge under one of her breasts. Along with the breast lump, she also saw that she was dimpling and that her nipple was upside down. She realized that all of these symptoms may be signs of cancer.

Nicky felt she needed to schedule an appointment right away when one of the lumps expanded in size and other symptoms began to appear, especially given her family’s history of breast cancer. She went in expecting to learn that she had cancer this time, so she was aware that the prognosis would not be good. It had spread to her bones, which Newman found hard to accept.

She had stage 4 cancer, which was lethal. Newman had to come to terms with the truth that she would never be a mother after her IVF also failed. She described the first six months of her new life as “a bit of a blur” .

With her unwavering cheerfulness and candor on her prominent social media page @nicknacklou, she has turned her challenges into an inspiration for others. With her page encouraging people to inspect their breasts and teaching people about the indicators to watch for, Newman has amassed over 46,000 followers.

She said,

“I knew from the point of diagnosis that I wanted to turn what is probably the darkest moment in my life into a positive, I want to empower others to get to know their bodies and feel confident enough to speak up if they notice anything off,” 

“I want to hopefully provide a little bit of hope for the newly diagnosed, that you can live a happy life with an incurable illness and hopefully raise much-needed awareness and funds for secondary breast cancer support and research.

“It may be too late for me but I can help our future generations now.”

Nicky shared some heartfelt counsel on savoring each moment and living life to the fullest in light of her diagnosis. Since then, she has made a big deal out of the necessity of celebrating life and has lent her support to a number of wonderful companies and organizations, including Women’s Best and Lounge underpants.

Nicky collaborated with Boho Betty on a jewelry line, with the proceeds going to her favorite charity, Future Dreams. As a uniting sign that she said reminded her to seize life, she also encouraged hundreds of individuals to get lightning bolt tattoos. Nicky was able to attend her sister’s wedding, visit Tenerife and Finland, and take one final journey to Disneyland, which she referred to as her “second home” in the past year alone.

Tributes to Nicky Newman

Co-host of the You Me and the Big C podcast with the late Dame Deborah James wrote: “Ah our Nicky. Our little lightening bolt. I knew as soon as the sky lit up last night. Never seen such an electric storm in the UK it’s could only have been you. Lighting up the planet like you have done from the minute you entered our lives. I truly truly love you and already miss the fizzy ball of joy that YOU are and forever will be. Thank you. I love you.”

Dawn Marie wrote: “So sad to read that beautiful inspiring Nicky Newman has gained her angel wings… I will live by your motto gorgeous “Go Grab Life” Thinking of Mr G and all her family & friends. Sleep tight ”

One of the worst things anyone can go through in life is losing a loved one. Any journey must have a destination at the end. The person’s time on earth has regrettably come to an end now that they have died. We wish her eternal peace and send our thoughts and prayers to her loved ones, family, friends. May she rest in peace.

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