Nashawn ‘Ox’ Breedlove died, How did Lotto die? 8 Mile Actor’s Cause of death & Obituary

Nashawn 'Ox' Breedlove died. (Source: Facebook)
Nashawn ‘Ox’ Breedlove died. (Source: Facebook)


Lotto “Ox” Nashawn Breedlove, well-known for his “8 Mile” battle with Eminem, has died. He was well-known for playing Lotto in the iconic battle rap movie “8 Mile” from 2002. Mickey Factz made an official announcement about his passing on September 25, 2023.

In this tribute, we honor the life and achievements of Nashawn Breedlove, a wonderful artist who won the hearts of many. Keep reading more.

Nashawn Breedlove passed away

Actor Nashawn Breedlove, who portrayed Lotto in the battle rap movie 8 Mile from 2002, has reportedly died.

Mickey Factz, who paid the actor tribute on social media on Monday (September 25), broke the news of his death first.

RIP to one of the few emcee’s to beat Eminem… Lotto from 8 Mile. Who’s friends lovingly called him, OX. You will be missed for your tenacity and aggressiveness.


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Nashawn Breedlove’s passing leaves a loss in the community, but those he inspired and helped over his long career will carry on his legacy. His dedication to developing the next generation of talent has made an enduring impression on the community.

Nashawn Breedlove cause of death

The cause of Nashawn Breedlove’s unexpected death is undisclosed as word of his passing spreads around the entertainment industry. His passing’s specific circumstances are still unknown as of the time of writing, which has left friends and coworkers in a state of uncertainty. The mystique surrounding Nashawn Breedlove’s dying moments is highlighted by this unexplained aspect of his departure, which only heightens the sense of loss. Even though this renowned actor’s life may have come to an end, the mystery surrounding his cause of death persists, leaving many who admired his work in poignant reflection.

Who was Nashawn Breedlove?

Nashawn Breedlove is best known for his tough performance in the film 8 Mile, in which his Lotto character challenges Eminem’s B-Rabbit and competes with him for a while before falling short.

“I feel bad I gotta murder that dude from ‘Leave It to Beaver,” Lotto stings Slim Shady while wearing a white tank top and braids.

Even outside of the spotlight, Breedlove had a rap career. He went by the rap name Ox and made an appearance on the soundtrack for the Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and DJ Pooh movie The Wash from 2001.

8 Mile made over $242 million at the box office despite having a $41 million budget when it debuted to considerable acclaim in November 2002. The movie turned 20 last year and continues to have an influence on pop culture today.

Eminem, whose real name is Marshall Mathers, recently reflected on his beginnings in battle rap and expressed his gratitude for having learned the craft there.

Eminem told The New York Times,

“Coming up in the battle scene was the greatest thing to happen to me because I knew what lines were going to get a reaction from the crowd. That’s what I would focus on,” 

“So when I got signed with [Dr.] Dre, I was trying to translate that to record, to get that reaction. I would picture the listener sitting there and what lines they might react to. I just used that as a formula. Like, ‘How you gonna breastfeed, Mom?/ You ain’t got no tits.’”

Watch Nashawn Breedlove a.k.a. Latto’s 8 Mile battle below:

Tributes to Nashawn Breedlove

Many people expressed their profound sympathies to his family and expressed how much they loved him. The news of this occurrence has upset his supporters and fans.

Battle rapper Daylyt wrote: “The first mc who was ever robbed of his win in a rap battle! Rip lotto.”

Datin Tripled wrote: “NOOOOOO! 💔 I met Ox when we was Teens. He was in a group called The Now. Illest group of emcees I’ve ever met in my friggin life. They SMOKED my group in a showcase competition but they was humble and cool. Ox stood out. Super good dude. I lost touch with him before 8 Mile. I had high hopes for that man. Sad to hear this news. May he RIP 😔”

Fans and other artists will never forget Nashawn Breedlove’s contribution to “8 Mile” and the larger hip-hop scene. May he rest in peace. Visit our website frequently to read more posts like these, and don’t forget to leave a comment below wishing Nashawn Breedlove’s cherished family the best at this difficult period.


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