Mrs. America 2023 Regina Stock’s cancer battle & health update

Regina Stock's cancer battle
Midland resident and Odessa High School graduate Regina Stock was crowned Mrs.America in 2023. (Courtesy of Regina Stock)


Regina Stock Fighting Cancer: In the world of beauty pageants, where people compete for titles and fame, there’s a special lady named Regina Stock.

She’s from Midland and went to Odessa High School. She recently won the Mrs. America 2023 crown, which is a big deal. But Regina’s story is not just about the glitz and glamour.

She’s fighting a tough battle against a serious illness called cancer. In this story, we’ll share her journey and give you an update on how she’s doing. It’s a story of strength and determination.

“Regina Stock: A Courageous Battle Against Cancer”

In the wake of her proud achievement as Mrs. America in August 2023, Regina Stock’s life took an unforeseen turn less than two months into her reign.

An unexpected and unwelcome visitor arrived in the form of a relentless adversary: cancer. Regina’s official diagnosis revealed that she was facing Renal Cell Carcinoma, a type of cancer affecting her left kidney.

Regina is not just a pageant winner; she is a wife and a devoted mother, part of a beautiful blended family with four children. Her husband and she both work as self-employed individuals, making their lives all the more demanding.

In the face of this daunting diagnosis, Regina is now on a courageous path that demands immediate surgery to remove the cancerous mass and her left kidney. This procedure is not just a medical necessity; it’s a critical step to prevent her prognosis from worsening.

But Regina is no stranger to challenges. She is not just a fighter; she is the embodiment of strength, resilience, and empathy. Her life is a testament to her unwavering kindness and selflessness, which have touched the lives of many.

Now, as she faces this formidable battle with cancer, Regina Stock’s journey stands as a remarkable example of unwavering determination and the boundless human spirit, a story that inspires and reminds us all of the power of courage in the face of adversity.


Supporting Regina: Click here to support the family

Our sister, Regina, is a wife and mother of a beautiful blended family with four children. She and her husband are both self-employed. Regina needs immediate surgery to remove the cancerous mass and kidney to prevent her prognosis from worsening.

This unexpected challenge will leave Regina and her husband out of work for a substantial amount of time as they will have to travel for treatment and additional time for recovery.

We humbly ask for your assistance in any way possible. Your donations, no matter how small, will make an immense difference in their lives.

Together let’s support our incredible Mrs. America sister and help empower her to fight this battle. Please consider donating, sharing this statement, and spreading the word amongst the pageant community and far beyond!

“Latest Update on Regina’s Health”

In her most recent health update, Regina expressed her outlook on the situation. She conveyed, 

“We are happy with the news we received despite the diagnosis what it is. The next couple of months are going to be rough, then I’ll have a month to prepare for Mrs. world! I am not letting this hold me back from anything. Thankyou again for the love”

Regina shared her unexpected journey

(Stock disclosed to her audience that, following a visit to the emergency room this past weekend, medical professionals identified a 14 cm mass on her left kidney. She explained that her immediate course of action involves seeking out a urologist and a surgeon for the mass’s removal.

“In the best-case scenario, they’ll simply remove it, and we can put this behind us, but I won’t have a definitive answer until I consult with a specialist,” Stock explained on her Instagram. “Our goal is to secure an appointment in Dallas by the end of the week.”

After her discharge from the ER, she returned shortly afterward due to experiencing additional discomfort, and during this visit, doctors detected an ovarian cyst. Stock emphasized that this development does not alter her plans to compete in the Mrs. World pageant scheduled for January 2024.

“Regina’s Resilience: Balancing Beauty, Family, and a Health Battle”

In a message to her followers on Facebook, Regina reassured everyone that, for the time being, this diagnosis hasn’t significantly impacted her day-to-day life, as she feels fine.

She’s also determined to continue her preparations for the upcoming Mrs. World competition, scheduled for January in Las Vegas, where women from around the world will compete for the coveted crown.

Hailing from West Texas, Regina has been participating in local and state pageants for nearly a decade. She took a break from competing when she got married and had children.

However, her decision to enter the Mrs. Texas pageant as a married mother was initially seen as a learning experience, not an expectation of winning the title in her first year.

In an interview earlier this year, she admitted that she was genuinely surprised when her name was called, and the emotions of the moment were overwhelming.

Who was Regina Stock?

Regina Stock, a resident of Midland and a proud graduate of Odessa High School achieved the prestigious title of Mrs. America 2023 in Las Vegas on Saturday.

Among a competitive field of 49 contestants, Stock, at the age of 27, stood out as the deserving winner. The first runner-up was Shelby Petey from California, and Brandi DeVries from Minnesota claimed the second runner-up position. Also, her pageant journey has spanned almost a decade, starting as a Miss before she took a break to start a family.

With a heart full of determination, she returned to the stage as a married mother in the Mrs. Texas pageant. Winning was a delightful surprise, one that stirred tears of joy and gratitude.

Moreover, Regina saw this experience as an opportunity to rediscover herself, gain confidence, and understand her purpose beyond her roles as a mom and wife.

Now, as Mrs. Texas, Regina embraces her platform with a mission to inspire others to believe in themselves and be unapologetically genuine. She believes in the transformative power of being true to oneself and encourages others to do the same.

Representing West Texas and Midland holds special significance for her, as she takes her message of self-confidence and authenticity to a broader stage. 

Regina’s strength and determination are truly remarkable, and we send our thoughts and best wishes for her recovery. Also, we wish Regina all the strength and courage in the world as she faces this battle.


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