Montavis Seraille death, Ville Platte Basketball player killed after shooting in LA

Montavis Seraille, a Ville Platte basketball player, was killed in a shooting in Los Angeles. (Source: Facebook)
Montavis Seraille, a Ville Platte basketball player, was killed in a shooting in Los Angeles. (Source: Facebook)


Montavis Seraille, a renowned basketball player from Ville Platte, who also went by the name Montae, tragically lost his life in a shooting incident in Louisiana.  Currently, the incident is under active investigation, with authorities striving to unravel the specifics and understand the events that led to this sorrowful occurrence.

The entire Ville Platte High School community and fans of the sport are deeply shocked and grieving. Keep reading to know more about Montavis Seraille death in detail.

Montavis Seraille death: What happened?

Montavis Seraille, a basketball player from Ville Platte, was killed in a shooting incident in Louisiana. Ville Platte High School has offered their heartfelt regrets and sympathy to Montavis Seraille’s family in reaction to this devastating loss.

On Facebook, the Ville Platte High School wrote:

Ville Platte High would like to give our condolences to the family of Montavis Seraille. Montae was a humble and respectful child who loved to play ball and smile. Please keep his family and the Bulldog family in your prayers! He will be deeply missed. You are forever in our hearts Montae! 💜🏀

This act of kindness symbolizes the school community’s closeness and their collective mourning over the untimely death of one of their own.

The current investigation is actively looking into the incident’s facts and circumstances. We promise to keep you updated and offer updates as soon as we acquire the necessary information to throw light on the situation. We recognize the importance of clarity and transparency in such matters, and we are working hard to ensure that the public receives accurate and up-to-date information as the inquiry moves forward.

Ville Platte shooting

In a tragic turn of events, Montavis Seraille, an 18-year-old, met a fatal end due to a gunshot wound sustained on Friday night in Ville Platte. Ville Platte Police Chief A. Perry Thomas has officially confirmed this incident, specifying that the shooting occurred in the 600 block of E Huey P. Long Street.

Currently, the case remains an active and ongoing investigation, with authorities committed to sharing more information as it becomes available. The entire community is in a state of shock and mourning, and their anticipation for understanding and closure in this heart-wrenching situation grows as the investigation advances.

Montavis Seraille GofundMe: Christina Pleasant is organizing this fundraiser.

Following this tragic loss, the young man’s mother has proactively launched a GoFundMe initiative to provide crucial support for their family in this exceptionally difficult period.

Hello ! My name is Christina Pleasant ! Montavis Seraille is my son . I am in need of your help. First let me tell you about Montavis Seraille . Montavis was known to a lot of people by the name Tae. He was a basketball player of Ville Platte High School. His number was #4. He was a very great basketball player. He help lead Ville Platte High Bulldogs to state 2 times. He also leaded them 2 times to district. Tae was a very humble and sweet teen. Tae was loved by many. He was fun and great to be around. His family really needs your help ! To put Montavis Tae Seraille to rest. Anything very much appreciate by family. Please help his mother Christina Pleasant. May God bless each and everyone of you all !

Friends, relatives, and caring community members have come together to make contributions and express their unity. The GoFundMe platform symbolizes a deeply heartfelt action that brings people together in a joint endeavor to ease the financial challenges commonly associated with such heartbreaking situations.


The unfortunate passing of Montae, a beloved member of their community, has profoundly grieved the entire community.

Montavis Seraille, a notable Ville Platte high school basketball player in the Class of 2022, has a distinguished reputation for his remarkable performance on the basketball court. His excellent abilities and passion to the game were repeatedly recognized, as he was named Ville Platte Player of the Game on multiple occasions.

Because of this young man’s sudden demise, he will never be able to enjoy the unique moments of his Senior Night or the excitement of graduating from high school next year. His opportunity to play at the next level in his chosen sport has been taken away.

It’s a heartbreaking circumstance in which his youth has been unexpectedly taken away from him, leaving a void in his parents’ hearts who have been robbed of their cherished son. Similarly, his siblings are dealing with the loss of their brother, and his classmates are mourning the loss of a future alumni who would have definitely had a good influence on their school community.

Montavis’ talents and successes in high school basketball earned him not just respect and admiration from his classmates, but also pride in the Ville Platte community, which now mourns his tragic passing.


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