Milton Resendez, San Benito police officer killed in speed chase shooting in Cameron county

Milton Resendez

The tragic loss of San Benito Police Officer Milton Resendez during a high-speed chase has sent shockwaves of grief throughout the entire police department and the community he served. On this morning, Officer Resendez, a dedicated member of the San Benito Police force and TMPA, was fatally shot in the line of duty.

These trying times serve as a stark reminder of the immense sacrifices our law enforcement officers make to ensure our safety and well-being. Officer Resendez’s unwavering commitment to his duty will be remembered and celebrated, even as we grapple with the profound sorrow of his loss.

San Benito Police Officer Milton Resendez died

The Texas Municipal Police Association (TMPA) has issued a solemn report, confirming the devastating loss of a dedicated San Benito Police Officer and TMPA member.

In the line of duty, Officer Milton Resendez, who served as a valued member of the San Benito Police force, was tragically shot and killed in the early hours of this fateful morning.

In the wake of this heart-wrenching incident, our collective thoughts and prayers are extended to Officer Resendez’s bereaved family. This unimaginably difficult time underscores the profound sacrifices made by those who selflessly serve to protect our communities.

As we come to terms with this irreplaceable loss, we remember Officer Milton Resendez for his unwavering dedication and commitment to the safety and well-being of the public.

Texas Municipal Police Association statement:
💙OFFICER DOWN💙 We are deeply saddened to hear of the loss of one of our own, a San Benito Police Officer and TMPA member, who was shot and killed this morning. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family, friends, and fellow officers during this difficult time. To our fallen brother in blue, we thank you for your service and sacrifice. Rest in peace. #ThinBlueLine #TMPA

About the tragic incident:

A fast car chase in Cameron County turned tragic when a San Benito police officer was involved in a shooting. This happened overnight, and the Texas Rangers are now investigating the incident.

On Wednesday morning, a Texas police officer tragically lost his life while on duty. According to various sources, on October 17, 2023, Texas DPS Troopers were providing support to the Cameron County Sheriff’s Office and the San Benito Police Department during a prolonged pursuit in Cameron County.

This extended chase, which commenced on South Padre Island, spanned several hours and culminated in the apprehension of two individuals. Unfortunately, during the course of these events, Milton Resendez from the San Benito Police Department was shot and fatally wounded by one of the suspects.

Presently, the Texas Rangers, DPS, and the Cameron County District Attorney’s office are collaborating on determining the charges that will be filed against the two individuals who were taken into custody.

The sequence of events began when troopers from the Department of Public Safety responded to a call for assistance from the Cameron County Sheriff’s Office, relating to a vehicle that had evaded a traffic stop. The pursuit eventually stopped at a gas station located off International Boulevard in Brownsville.

Unfortunately, the situation ended with a San Benito police officer being shot. Although Medico Topics is trying to gather more information, local law enforcement agencies have posted messages of condolences on their Facebook pages, expressing their sadness over the loss of the San Benito officer.

Following Officer Resendez’s passing, a family member shared the following heartfelt message.

So sadness to hear the loss of my cousin Officer Milton Resendez killed on the line of duty. We grew up together at Papa Mike’s our grandfather’s ranch running around playing farm animals. Prayers for his family cousins from out of town Milton was Susana (Chana’s son)

Ongoing Investigation

The Texas Department of Public Safety has provided an initial account of the circumstances that led to the shooting incident. In their statement, they describe it as preliminary information, emphasizing that their Troopers had offered assistance to Cameron County on the prior afternoon.

The situation initially involved a vehicle that had evaded a routine traffic stop, ultimately escalating to an officer-involved shooting with a member of the San Benito Police Department.

This case is currently under thorough investigation by the Texas Rangers, and as a result, no specific details can be released at this time.

They suggest that individuals seeking updates on the officer’s status reach out to the San Benito Chief of Police for the most current information. Please note that this is a developing story, and further updates will follow as additional details become available.

“Law Enforcement Community Mourns the Loss of Milton Resendez”

Weslaco Police Department posted,

We are deeply saddened to hear the tragic loss of a San Benito Police Officer who was fatally shot in the line of duty early this morning. We urge our community to come together to honor the memory of this fallen hero and offer support to those who are grieving. Rest easy, dear officer, and thank you for your sacrifice.  

Alton Police Department posted,

Our thoughts and prayers are with our family in blue and most importantly with the family of our fallen brother. We extend our deepest condolences to the family and wish them God’s blessings during this difficult time.

Starr County Sheriff’s Office posted,

The Starr County Sheriff’s Office extends our most sincere condolences to the family, friends, and colleagues of Lieutenant Milton Resendez from the San Benito Police Department, who was killed in the line of duty.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you all during these difficult times.  Rest easy, Lt., thank you for your sacrifice and service.

“Our heartfelt condolences go out to Officer Resendez’s family, friends, and fellow colleagues at the San Benito Police Department. During this challenging period, we stand alongside you, providing our love, support, and profound appreciation for the remarkable individual that Officer Resendez was”.


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