Mike ‘juicebaby’ Dean, 26, killed in shooting in Stowe Township, PA

Mike 'juicebaby' Dean was shot to death at his Stowe Township home on Wednesday evening. (Source: Facebook)
Mike ‘juicebaby’ Dean was shot to death at his Stowe Township home on Wednesday evening. (Source: Facebook)


Mike ‘juicebaby’ Dean, a resident of McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania, was tragically discovered dead at his Stowe Township residence on Wednesday evening, as reported by Allegheny County police.

The circumstances surrounding the incident are currently under investigation as law enforcement works to piece together the events leading to this unfortunate incident. Keep reading to know more about the devastating shooting incident in detail.

Tragic Shooting in Stowe Township

The Homicide Unit of the Allegheny County Police Department promptly responded to a call for help in Stowe Township. At precisely 5:26 pm today, a report of a shooting in the 800 block of Benwood Avenue was received by County 9-1-1.

First responders quickly arrived at the location and discovered 26-year-old Mike ‘juicebaby’ Dean, who had suffered gunshot wounds in his residence. Unfortunately, despite the swift efforts of the first responders, Mike ‘juicebaby’ Dean was declared dead at the scene.

In light of this tragic incident, Homicide detectives immediately launched a comprehensive investigation to unravel the circumstances surrounding the shooting. This investigative process will entail the collection of evidence, interviews with witnesses, and collaboration with relevant authorities to bring clarity to the events leading to this unfortunate and premature loss of life.

Public Help Needed

As per police sources, it has been verified that the victim, Mike ‘Juicebaby’ Dean, lived alone at the location where the incident took place. Given this information, investigators are actively involved in reaching out to the local community to acquire further information about the events leading to the tragic occurrence. This involves conducting interviews with neighbors to gather any relevant details that could contribute to the ongoing investigation.

Additionally, law enforcement is in communication with the family members of the victim, seeking their collaboration and insights to shed light on various aspects of Mike ‘Juicebaby’ Dean’s life. This collaborative effort aims to unravel the circumstances leading up to the shooting, as authorities work diligently to piece together a comprehensive understanding of the situation.

Individuals possessing any information related to this incident are urged to reach out to the County Police Tip Line at 1-833-ALL-TIPS. Callers have the option to remain anonymous when reporting information.

The Allegheny County Police Department emphasizes that the initial details provided in this report are subject to change. In the event that additional information becomes accessible, the department commits to disseminating updates through official press releases. This proactive approach ensures that the community and the public remain informed with the latest and most accurate details as the investigation progresses.


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