Mia Ethridge death, What happened to the Firefighter? Dies after injuries sustained in accident

 Mia Ethridge Firefighter dies after injuries sustained in accident

The Fire Department family mourns the loss of 20-year-old Virginia firefighter, Mia Ethridge, who died on Saturday from injuries sustained during a July crash.

Mia fought for a month and a half to recover from traumatic injuries sustained from an accident in Louisa County, where she was employed as a Firefighter.

She put up a fierce battle and showed incredible strength. She finally lost the war after giving up the struggle. Let’s say a prayer for her family at this trying time. Here’s what we know everything about the accident and Mia Ethridge’s death.

Mia Ethridge’s death, What happened to the Firefighter?

Officials reported that a 20-year-old firefighter from Louisa County died on Saturday after battling injuries sustained in a collision in July. On July 9, Mia Ethridge was responding to a call while riding in a firetruck with another fireman.

However, at some point while responding, the firetruck veered off the road and struck a tree close to Peach Grove Road, according to authorities.

According to reports, Ethridge was injured severely after being ejected from the fire truck. For treatment, she was taken to UVA University Hospital.

The other firefighter in the truck was injured, but not seriously enough to require immediate medical attention. Tragically, Ethridge passed away on Saturday after a protracted battle.

Louisa County officials wrote in a statement Saturday,

“We ask our citizens to join us in remembering Mia for her bravery and heroism,” She and her family will remain in the thoughts and prayers of not only the Fire & EMS department but the heart of our community as a whole.”

“She will storm the gates of heaven with her bright-eyed smile and spitfire self after she gives the gift of life,” reads a post on the Stafford Volunteer Fire Department’s Facebook page. “She will be the biggest sunbeam we see on all beautiful days.”

Donated Mia’s organs

In accordance with both her own wishes and those of her family, Mia’s legacy continued to impact others even after her passing, as some of her organs were generously donated, providing the gift of life to those in need.

In death, her compassionate spirit endured through the profound act of organ donation, offering hope and healing to those who would receive her precious gift.

Who was Mia Ethridge?

Mia’s journey as a full-time firefighter was still in its early stages, and she had barely begun to carve out her path in a demanding and selfless profession. At just a young age, in her 20s, she exemplified a remarkable level of dedication and courage that few could match.

Tragically, Mia made the ultimate sacrifice, a sacrifice that underscored her unwavering commitment to the safety and well-being of the citizens and visitors of Louisa County, Virginia. Mia was a career firefighter in Louisa as well as an active volunteer with the Stafford Volunteer Fire Department. 

Her life was a testament to the profound selflessness that defines firefighters, who willingly place themselves in harm’s way to protect and serve their communities.

Her courage in the face of danger and her willingness to put the lives of others before her own will forever be remembered as a shining example of heroism. Mia’s legacy will live on as a testament to the courage and selflessness that define the firefighting profession.

Her memory will continue to inspire and honor those who follow in her footsteps, dedicated to protecting and serving with the same unwavering commitment that she displayed during her time as a firefighter in Louisa County, Virginia. 

Both Mia and her family will forever hold a special place in the thoughts and prayers of not only the Fire & EMS department but also in the hearts of our entire community. 


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