Martin Bedford death, Sheffield Legend and music promoter Passed away

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Sheffield music icon, Martin Bedford passed away (Image via Facebook)


The Sheffield music community is currently enveloped in profound mourning, as it grapples with the loss of a true legend, Martin Bedford, hailing originally from Gravesend, Kent. Martin’s indelible mark on this vibrant music scene is impossible to overstate.

Through his creative talent in designing captivating posters, he became a pivotal figure in promoting and supporting musicians and bands, both budding and iconic, throughout Sheffield.

Martin Bedford’s enduring influence can be witnessed in every corner of this music-rich city, serving as a testament to his unwavering dedication to the local music community.

Martin Bedford passed away

The news of Martin Bedford’s passing has sent shockwaves of sorrow through the hearts of many. A genuine Sheffield icon, he stood as an unwavering champion of grassroots music for numerous decades, dedicating himself tirelessly to the organization and promotion of countless live performances throughout the city.

His distinctive poster designs lent a unique and special touch to every gig, leaving a lasting impression on those who attended. Perhaps even more telling of the man was his propensity to gift these posters to the concertgoers, a gesture that spoke volumes about his generous spirit.

What happened to him?

Today, the Sheffield music scene finds itself grappling with an immense void, a gaping wound in its heart. Official reports indicate that the passing of Martin Bedford has sent shockwaves of unexpected and profound sadness through his loved ones.

His untimely departure last night has left many in disbelief. As of this moment, neither his family nor any online sources have provided details about the specific illness or the precise cause of his passing.

During these challenging times, it is of utmost importance to honor the privacy of Martin’s grieving family and his countless admirers. They are currently faced with the daunting task of coming to terms with their loss and navigating this exceptionally trying period.

Musician Dr. Tom Attah confirmed the unfortunate news of Martin Bedford’s passing by sharing the following message on his official Facebook page:

He wrote: Martin Bedford was a GIANT on the Sheffield Music Scene, and his passing today takes some steel out of that city. His artwork was amazing, his kindness remains legendary, and he never received anything below total respect from those that knew him. RIP Martin, you are a LEGEND.

Who was Martin Bedford?

Martin F Bedford, a true Sheffield legend, left an indelible mark on the city’s music scene. With a career spanning over four decades, he was renowned for his prolific work in creating captivating promotional gig posters and artwork for local musicians.

Early Years and Artistic Beginnings

Born in Gravesend, Martin Bedford embarked on a lifelong journey of artistry, creativity, and musical devotion after arriving in Sheffield as an art student in 1976. His unique path led him to pursue a vibrant career in the music industry and the visual arts, firmly avoiding what many might consider a “proper job.”

The Leadmill and Iconic Poster Art

A pivotal moment in Martin’s journey came as a founder member of The Leadmill, where he played an essential role in producing their posters from 1980 to 1992. His artistic touch and creative vision left an indelible mark on this legendary Sheffield venue, setting him apart as a ‘house artist.’ The silk screen printer he established allowed him to craft distinctive, politically charged posters that often shouted about benefits for various causes.

From Sheffield to the World

Beyond Sheffield, Martin’s poster artistry extended its reach across Europe and the USA, contributing to the promotion of numerous gigs and musical events. His work adorned the walls of countless venues and resonated with a diverse array of musicians, including Richard Hawley, The Damned, Wilko Johnson, and more.

Avoiding 9-to-5: Diverse Pursuits

Martin’s commitment to avoiding a conventional 9-to-5 job led him to explore various avenues within the music industry. He ventured into band management, with notable acts such as Elfin, Do$ch, Chicken Legs Weaver, and Crowley’s Dead under his wing. He also managed clubs, pubs, and venues, promoted gigs, organized exhibitions and installations, and played vital roles in festival crews and stages.

A Lifetime of Poster Art and Exhibitions

Despite his diverse pursuits, Martin’s true passion remained to create beautiful and spirited poster art. His work became highly sought after, both locally and internationally, adorning venues and promotional materials. Martin’s exhibitions of his posters and paintings spanned cities like Sheffield, London, New York, Vancouver, Paris, and Odessa, showcasing his exceptional artistic talents.

An Eclectic Journey

Martin’s life journey was nothing short of eclectic, with intriguing highlights that include an adventurous stint in Russia, encounters with Native American spiritual guides, interactions with circus performers, and memorable experiences in festival and tour set design. His personal life was enriched by fatherhood, as he raised two wonderful sons, Sam and Josh.

The Honey Bee Blues Club

In 2014, Martin’s creative genius led to the establishment of the “Honey Bee Blues Club.” This endeavor allowed him to enjoy his favorite music and support local, national, and international artists. Organizing 6-8 gigs each month, the club became a vibrant hub for blues-inspired music and a diverse range of musical genres.

Martin Bedford’s life has been an exceptional blend of art, music, and adventure, and his legacy continues to thrive through his iconic poster art and contributions to the music scene in Sheffield and beyond.

“Sheffield Mourns the Loss of Music Icon Martin Bedford”

The news of Martin Bedford’s passing has left many in shock and profound sorrow, as evidenced by the heartfelt tributes pouring in:

From Kit Bailey: He was such a lovely friend and a great supporter of gigs that I’d promote at The Greystones. I was so proud and excited when he offered to make posters for me. I grew up with his artwork all around the best venues in my city. A true Sheffield legend. I don’t want to believe the news… 💔”

From Paul Thompson: “Just heard of the passing of Martin Bedford. A pillar of the Sheffield music scene. We have all his art that featured our band’s name on it, the walls of our Dad’s home. Never a nicer, kinder man would you ever meet. Rest in peace.”

From The Mike Ross Band: “Rest in peace ☮️ the lovely Martin Bedford. Thanks for everything you did for the music scene in Sheffield and beyond. Godspeed mate 🕊️ ❤️”

These heartfelt tributes reflect the profound impact and legacy of Martin Bedford in the Sheffield music community, where his memory will undoubtedly live on.

“Our thoughts and sympathies are with you and all those who had the privilege of knowing and working alongside Martin. His legacy lives on through his exceptional work and the countless lives he touched”


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  1. I’m so sorry to hear of Martins passing, I will always remember martin as a great friend and fantastically talented artist who produced so many wonderful works of art and touched me and my friends lives. I wish Nicky and all that new him and loved him my sympathy.
    Lots of love Martin, I’ll have a pint or two of landlord with you on the other side. R.I.P
    Ian Bartram (DO$CH)


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