Maddy Cusack died, How did the Sheffield football player die? Cause of death and obituary

Maddy Cusack died
Sheffield Utd women’s star Maddy Cusack has died at the age of 27 (Credit: Getty)


A shocking and sorrowful announcement has shaken the football community: Maddy Cusack, a player for Sheffield United Women, has tragically passed away at the age of 27.

The Sheffield United Football Club is overwhelmed with grief as they share the heartbreaking news of Maddy Cusack’s untimely passing.

Maddy, who had been an integral part of the women’s team since 2019 and had also served as a marketing executive for the Football Club, left us on Wednesday. Read ahead to learn more about Maddy Cusack cause of death and career highlights.

Maddy Cusack Died: What happened to her?

Sheffield United, a team in the FA Women’s Championship, has sadly confirmed the passing of their player, Maddy Cusack.

The club has expressed its deep condolences and admiration for the 27-year-old, praising her for her outstanding personality and unwavering professionalism.

Chief executive officer Stephen Bettis said:

“This is heartbreaking news for everyone at Bramall Lane,” “Maddy had a unique position of being part of a number of teams at Sheffield United and was popular with everyone that she came into contact with.

Club Wrote: Sheffield United Football Club is devastated to report the sad news of the passing of Maddy Cusack. The Club and Maddy’s family would appreciate a period of privacy and will not comment further at this sad time.

Maddy Cusack cause of death

Sheffield United Football Club has shared the heartbreaking news of Maddy Cusack’s passing. The exact reason for her death is currently undisclosed or unclear.

According to unconfirmed sources, there are reports suggesting that she may have taken her own life; however, it’s important to note that an official confirmation of Maddy Cusack cause of death has not been released at this time. 

Official confirmation, when available, will shed more light on the circumstances surrounding the incident and provide a clearer picture of what transpired. Until then, it’s important to respect the privacy of those affected and await official information to avoid spreading unverified or potentially harmful information.

“Family’s Request for Privacy”

In light of this tragic event, both the club and Maddy’s family are understandably seeking some privacy and space to grieve and process this loss.

They have chosen not to provide further comments or statements at this difficult and sensitive time, respecting the need for reflection and mourning in private.

The club has stated that discussions over suitable tributes and celebrating Maddy’s life will continue privately. Both the club and Maddy’s family kindly request some privacy during this sorrowful period and have decided not to provide additional comments at this time.

About Maddy Cusack

Maddy Cusack was a midfielder and a beloved member of the Sheffield United Women’s squad. In addition to her on-field role, Maddy also held a marketing position within the club.

She began her career at Nottingham Forest’s academy and later joined Aston Villa in 2012. In 2017, she made the move to Sheffield United, where she not only established herself as a skilled football player but also took on a marketing role starting in 2021.

Maddy Cusack was recognized as a highly regarded figure at Bramall Lane, thanks to her contributions to various aspects of the club.

She signed a new contract with Sheffield United in July, marking her intention to continue her association with the Women’s Championship side for what would have been her sixth season with the club.

Maddy about her Life and career

Maddy participated in a brief interview in which she discussed her life, career, and the journey that led her to her current position.

How did you come to work in Sport? What did your journey look like to employment?

I have always played and loved all sports. It was an easy decision for me when deciding what sector I wanted to work in. I gained a degree in marketing, advertising, and PR and gained experience in a number of roles in sporting and events backgrounds before securing my role with Sheffield United Community Foundation.

 What advice would you give to an individual who wanted to work in Sport?

Complete your studies, and gain a degree if possible. Try and gain as much real working experience as you can. Be confident, enthusiastic, and willing.

 What is your greatest achievement?

Representing England at youth level or gaining a First-Class Honours Degree

 Who is your role model and why?

I really look up to my dad and my Uncle John, they have both been successful in their careers and have worked hard to be where they are today.

 How do you look after your well-being during the ongoing pandemic? Can you suggest any tips for others to try?

I love exercising, I often went out on walks and runs which helped clear my head. Digital comms never really slowed down which was difficult. Exercise really helped me to switch off.

Condolences and heartfelt messages of tribute flowed in from various corners of the football community for Cusack

Leeds United wrote: “The thoughts and condolences of everyone at Leeds are with Maddy’s friends and family at this difficult time. 

Luton Town noted: “Rest in peace, Maddy. We’re sending our love and wishes to your family and friends and your colleagues at Bramall Lane.”

Shrewsbury Town said: “We’re so sorry to read this. All our thoughts and wishes are with Maddy’s friends and family, and everyone at Sheffield United.”

Some Blades fans posted

John Watkin said:

Absolute heartbreaking, a smashing girl and an excellent footballer. Heartfelt condolences to her friends and family.

Gregg Parkin wrote:

RIP Maddy great servant to the club.. Blades Legend, Condolences to Maddy’s family and friends.

Beth Elliott said:

Heartbreaking R.I.P. Maddy helped bring my daughter’s love of football to what it is, she’s only 7 and is truly heartbroken.

OBITUARY: In Loving Memory of Maddy Cusack

With heavy hearts, we announce the passing of our beloved Maddy Cusack, who left us all too soon. Maddy’s journey through life was a testament to her unwavering spirit, resilience, and vibrant personality.

Maddy’s football career began at Nottingham Forest’s academy, where she honed her skills before joining Aston Villa in 2012. In 2017, she found her home at Sheffield United, becoming an integral part of the team and a cherished member of our club family.

Maddy was a beacon of positivity and a role model for young girls aspiring to play football and pursue careers in the sports industry. As we mourn her loss, we celebrate the beautiful moments and memories we shared with Maddy.

We join together to honor her memory and the indelible mark she left on our lives. Rest in peace, dear Maddy. You will forever be missed and cherished.


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