Luis manuel ‘charro’ lomeli killed in shooting, What happened to the bodybuilder in Mexico?

Luis manuel 'charro' lomeli

Luis manuel ‘charro’ lomelí, a great influence on the world of bodybuilding, lost his life: The world of sports and fitness is reeling from a devastating incident as Luis Manuel Lomelí, widely known as “El Charro,” a renowned bodybuilder, fell victim to a fatal armed attack.

The heart-wrenching episode unfolded in close proximity to his gym, near the San Jerónimo neighborhood, sending shockwaves through the community. The community, not just in the world of sports but far beyond, now grapples with the weight of this loss.

“El Charro” had transcended the boundaries of athletics, becoming an emblem of discipline, dedication, and inspiration. Here’s what we know the tragedy and El Charro’s death.

Luis manuel ‘charro’ lomeli Slain in Armed Attack

The renowned bodybuilder, Luis Manuel “El Charro” Lomelí, became the victim of a violent assault when armed individuals opened fire on Thursday night, just meters away from his gym near the San Jerónimo neighborhood.

The disturbing accounts of this armed attack came from witnesses who were present at the scene at around 8:00 p.m. on Thursday.

According to these witnesses, the assailants, riding a motorcycle, closely approached a luxury black van driven by Luis Manuel Lomelí on Juan Alonso de Torres Boulevard, near Hermenegildo Bustos. In a harrowing turn of events, they began firing at him without provocation.

What happened to the bodybuilder?

Realizing that he was under attack, the man identified as Luis Manuel Lomelí, known as “El Charro,” swiftly reversed his vehicle in an attempt to escape the assailants. However, his attackers relentlessly pursued him, continuing to fire at his vehicle.

In the midst of this horrifying chase, the bodybuilder’s vehicle collided with an orange Beat-type car and later with a white Tacoma-type truck.

Following the collision, Luis Manuel Lomelí found himself unable to maneuver his vehicle, rendering him vulnerable to the armed assailants who had relentlessly pursued him.

Then, these assailants approached his truck at close range and opened fire repeatedly, inflicting fatal wounds upon him. Their brutal act concluded with the assailants fleeing the scene, leaving a community in shock and mourning.

Witnesses and concerned individuals who were in the vicinity promptly dialed emergency numbers to request an ambulance. Firefighter paramedics arrived swiftly at the scene to provide initial medical assistance.

However, their efforts proved futile as they could only confirm the tragic passing of “El Charro” Lomelí. His lifeless body remained in the driver’s seat, a poignant and distressing sight for both locals and strangers alike.

A Community in Disbelief

Notably, the athlete had established his gym in Plaza Teocalli, a location in close proximity to where he tragically met his demise. Adding to the proximity of significant institutions, just a few meters from this square, one can find a National Guard barracks.

Following this incident his friends, students, and acquaintances of Luis Manuel began to converge at the scene, struggling to come to terms with the harrowing reality of what had transpired. They collectively expressed their disbelief and sorrow, recognizing the profound loss that had befallen the world of sports.

A Heart-Wrenching Reunion

Shortly thereafter, a woman arrived at the scene, identifying herself as his ex-wife. Upon confirming that it was indeed Luis Manuel, she was overwhelmed by grief, her emotions erupting in tears and anguished cries.

Uniformed officers promptly intervened, ensuring her safety and preventing her from approaching the truck, where the lifeless body of “El Charro” Lomelí remained.

The area was cordoned off with yellow tape, extending for more than a block, thereby disrupting vehicular circulation in the vicinity.

Witnesses present at the scene emphasized that for over a decade, the bodybuilder had been a stalwart advocate for sports, serving as an inspirational figure to numerous young individuals.

Moreover, he was known for sharing exercise routines on his social networks, further motivating and guiding the newer generations. 

Who was Luis manuel ‘charro’ lomeli?

Luis Manuel Lomelí, affectionately known as “El Charro,” carved an illustrious career in bodybuilding that spanned over two decades. His journey, marked by both triumphs and tribulations, left an indelible mark on the fitness world.

In 2021, Lomelí announced his retirement as a professional and high-performance physical constructivist, citing multiple physical conditions stemming from the rigorous training he endured in gyms.

As a bodybuilder, he achieved remarkable milestones, including multiple victories at the Mr. Guanajuato competition and the coveted title of Mr. México Juvenil in 1998. However, one of his most crowning achievements was clinching the absolute category at the 56th edition of Mr. México in 2008, cementing his status as one of the nation’s top bodybuilding icons.

A Legendary Figure in Bodybuilding

Lomelí’s imposing and Herculean physique allowed him to grace the stages of the Professional League of the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness between 2012 and 2016.

Among his notable achievements on this elite circuit was a remarkable fourth-place finish at the IFBB Pro Ferrigno Legacy Pro in Palm Springs, California, in 2015. A year later, this event marked his final appearance, where he showcased his meticulously defined and tanned muscles.

Beyond competing, Lomelí continued to participate in bodybuilding events across the United States and Europe while also dedicating his time to instructing courses and certifications.

His enduring passion for bodybuilding led him to establish “Team Charro,” a chain of gyms where he imparted his knowledge and expertise to nurture the emerging talents of Mexican bodybuilding.

Notable figures like Julio González, Alonso Merchant, Rafael Oroco, David Rosas, Enrique Sánchez, Alonso Pineda, Fernando Fernández, Juan Carlos Graham, and many others benefited from his guidance.

Born on January 3, 1978, the alias “El Charro” was a tribute to his involvement in charrería, a traditional Mexican rodeo sport. Luis Manuel “El Charro” Lomelí’s legacy in the world of bodybuilding will forever be celebrated. Rest in Peace.

“Tributes Flow for Luis Manuel ‘El Charro’ Lomelí”

El Poder Del Gym Pays Tribute:

“Remembering our great friend Luis Manuel ‘Charro’ Lomelí in the calf routine, he left us for all the community that follows us. Fly high Charro 🕊️🙏”

Nalleli Miranda’s Heartfelt Condolences:

“Such sad news, I can’t believe it. I am in shock! Fly high Team Charro Coaching. Thank you for your teachings and your friendship 💔😭. My admiration and respect always! You left your mark on this world.”

Ifbbpro Elizabeth Gonzalez Mourns the Loss:

“What a deep shame for our country and the world of bodybuilding to lose who has been one of the greatest exponents of our sport, one of the few who showed real interest in athletes, in training, and coaching the next generations. What great pain, what rage and powerlessness the way he was taken away from us. Rest in peace 🕊 Luis Manuel Lomeli ‘El Charro’ 🥺 🥺 💔 💔 😔 😔”


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