Lisa Wotherspoon of Motherwell found dead after went missing

Lisa Wotherspoon of Motherwell
Lisa Wotherspoon of Motherwell was found dead


Lisa Wotherspoon of Motherwell was discovered dead after went missing. Read on to know more about the Lisa’s death in detail.

What happened to Lisa Wotherspoon?

On Friday, September 29, Lisa was reported missing from Motherwell. The 37-year-old was last seen in her hometown on Vulcan Street at 6 a.m.

Her relatives claimed that she has type 1 diabetes and requires access to insulin. Lisa has been without insulin since she went missing in the Motherwell area on Friday.

The video was released on on Friday and that shows that Lisa was going down the street before stopping briefly to tie her shoe laces. The mother-of-two was finally found dead today.

Lisa Wotherspoon Missing case:

Lisa was reported missing since last week. She was last seen on Vulcan Street on Friday, September 29 at around six in the morning. Now, her family members have posted video online that appears to show Lisa going along the street that same day at roughly 2:00 p.m.

She is defined as being 5 feet 6 inches tall, thin, and having long blonde hair. According to police, she is possibly dressed in purple shorts and a purple hoodie.

Anyone with information is urged to phone 101 and reference incident 0415 from October 2, 2023, according to the police.

Lisa Wotherspoon found dead:

Lisa was found dead on October 06, 2023. This sad news was confirmed by X-yblehs Retluoc-x in the following statement that reads,

Guys thank you so much for all the love and support and the shares and searches that were done for my cousin Lisa Wotherspoon.. 

It’s with deep sadness I write this, Lisa has been found this morning , she is sadly no longer with us. rest easy Lisa it dosent seem real right now. 

Lisa I’m sorry that no one was able to take away the pain that you were feeling inside.. I’ll never forget you or the memories growing up.. i love you always .. fly high with gran and papa & James our hearts are totally broken 

Thinking of my aunty Margaret Wotherspoon and the 2 girls the rest of my family my dad Andy Wotherspoon and Lisa’s close friends today.. god give us the strength we need to get through this !

Condolences to Lisa Wotherspoon:

Leeanne Macdonald posted,

Can’t believe it Lisa Wotherspoon hen you were one in a million all my love to your mum Maggie and the girls rip now doll.

Lou Maloy Scott commented,

I’m so sorry to read and hear this love thinking of u all and the family at this saddened time xx

Abs Don-Downie posted,

I’m honestly so sorry for your loss! I was hoping she would just walk back through your doors… gutted it’s ended this way   thinking of you all & your family. Xx

Abs Don-DownieX-yblehs Retluoc-x commented,

Life is just so bloody cruel!…. Sending our wishes from our family to yours xxx

JJanet CClemenson commented,

Heartbroken for everyone and her wee mum margaret and the girls sending lots of love so sorry for ur loss


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