Leroy Benji Jackson and Jaso Jay killed in I-57 rollover car crash in Chicago, IL

Leroy Benji Jackson and Jaso Jay both died in a car accident. (Source: Facebook)
Leroy Benji Jackson and Jaso Jay were both died in a car accident. (Source: Facebook)


A rollover disaster on Interstate 57 in Chicago, Illinois, early Wednesday morning claimed the lives of two people, Leroy Benji Jackson and Jason Jay. The terrible accident happened in the middle of the night, throwing a cloud of sadness over the surrounding community.

Details of the accident are still coming, but preliminary reports indicate that it occurred in the early hours of Wednesday. The exact cause of the accident is unknown, but law enforcement is currently examining the events that led to this unfortunate tragedy. Keep reading to know more about the accident in detail.

I-57 rollover car accident: What happened?

Leroy Benji Jackson and Jason Jay were both killed after a late-night collision on Interstate 57.

According to the Illinois State Police, the single-car collision happened on inbound I-57 close to 99th Street around 2:30 a.m. The ISP claims that the car lost control and struck a light pole.

At the moment of the collision, three persons were inside the car. While two other individuals were hurt and taken to a nearby hospital, one individual died at the site. However, according to the police, one of the victims passed away from his or her injuries and was declared dead at the hospital.

Leroy Benji Jackson and Jason Jay, both from Chicago, Illinois, were the deceased victims. Although the police withheld the names of the victims, we identified them via our inquiry.

Updates on I-57 Lane Closure and Reopening

A crucial section of the inbound Interstate 57 (I-57) was closed for four hours due to a precisely coordinated effort by the Illinois State Police (ISP). All traffic flow was essentially diverted at the 111th Street exit during this time, causing substantial delays and rerouting for commuters. The closure was forced by an ongoing investigation into a sad accident that occurred on this vital highway.

All lanes of inbound I-57 were successfully reopened to traffic after more than four hours of intensive investigation and cleanup. At roughly 7 a.m., all lanes were reopened.

Community Grieves the Loss of Leroy Benji Jackson and Jason Jay

Following the horrific tragedy on I-57 that claimed the lives of Leroy Benji Jackson and Jason Jay, the entire town is in great sadness and mourning. Leroy Benji Jackson and Jason Jay were more than simply acquaintances; they were treasured friends, family members, and active parts of the community’s everyday life. Their presence brought joy, and their laughter shone brightly in the lives of everyone around them.

The loss of Leroy Benji Jackson and Jason Jay have bonded the community, reaffirming the connections that bind its people in times of adversity. As the community mourns the deaths of Leroy Benji Jackson and Jason Jay, it serves as a devastating reminder of the fragility of life and the value of savoring every moment with loved ones. Their legacy lives on in the hearts of people they influenced, demonstrating the long-term impact of their presence in the community.


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