Leke Adesoye Passed away in hospital, Junglist Movement Founder cause of death explained

Leke Adesoye, the founder of Junglist Movement passed away
Leke Adesoye, the founder of Junglist Movement passed away


Leke Adesoye, the founder of Junglist Movement passed away suddenly. Read on to know more about his cause of death.

What happened to Leke Adesoye?

Leke Adesoye, the founder of Jungle Movement passed away from a long illness.

He passed way peacefully surrounded by his family at UCL Hospital on Wednesday, October 10, 2023. 

This sad news was announced through the social media post that reads,

“It is great sadness to announce the loss of our beloved, Leke Adesoye. He passed way peacefully at UCL Hospital on Wednesday 10th October after his long illness. He passed away peacefully surrounded by his family and was not in any pain.

We want to say a big thank you for all the love and support you’ve all given Leke and his family, and also a big thank you to those who donated to his GoFundMe, it really means a lot.

We also want to send a special thank you to the NHS staff at UCL Hospital as Leke had spent almost the whole of the last year in the hospital Leke and us as a family could not go without their support and service.

Information about Leke’s memorial service will be posted in due course.”

Who was Leke Adesoye?

Leke Adesoye was a true Junglist and pioneer & founder of the Aerosoul – Junglist Movement merchandise.

Adesoye was a long-time figure in the jungle and drum & bass communities, first playing with Paradox and David Davies as part of the group Mixrace (who released on the seminal English label Moving Shadow) and later founding the Aerosoul fashion companies.

Many brands were part of Aerosoul; the most well-known was Junglist Movement, whose clothing appeared in the cult 1999 movie Human Traffic. Hip Hop Movement, Babysoul, Soulero Sista, and Aerosoul Africa were among the other brands that were included in the Aerosoul umbrella.

He printed his first batch of T-shirts for his staff. His task was straightforward: to make clothing for the emerging jungle society.

The company was founded in Leke’s years of hip hop culture, the outfits are an homage to those in the know and an alternative to the typical Versace/Moschino style in London or the bright hippie baggies at the parties at the time.

Leke Adesoye cause of death:

Adesoye, who has had sickle cell anaemia his entire life and has needed regular blood transfusions to prevent organ failure, just damaged his leg after falling at a gig.

He was also identified of having a giant cell tumour of the bone, an illness named, osteosarcoma bone cancer, that, according to a description on the GoFundMe website, “affects only one in a million people”.

After a long battle with the disease, he passed away peacefully on October 12, 2023. His death was also confirmed by Instagram post from 2 Bad Mice founder Simon Colebrooke.

Tributes flooded social media after his demise news broke out.

Condolences to Leke Adesoye:

Wolf Mode posted,

Rest In Peace Leke Adesoye Aerosoul.

You created a mark on our culture that will live on forever, globally, for we are the Junglist Movement.

It’s been an honour and a pleasure to rave with you, work with you and rep your style.

Fly high sir.

Paul SG posted,

My thoughts and condolences to family and friends collectively feeling this loss.

The man behind the iconic ‘Junglist Movement’ shirt & Aerosoul passed away. He was fighting health issues as long as I knew him and I hope he finds the peace he deserves.

Leke Adesoye, you’ve been a soul-loving, colourful, kind and warmhearted soulbrother and I’m proud to have known you as a friend. I will always cherish the moments we met and laughed. You’ll be dearly missed but your shirts will live forever.

My love goes to his wife and his beautiful twin daughters.

Charlotte Devaney posted,

Leke….I’m so sad & heartbroken I’m finding it hard to write this tbh😰 , been repping you from day 1, watched you hustle and push your brand like it was your child !! A legend way ahead of his time …………RIP my dearest friend until we meet again.💔🕊️🙁 Leke Adesoye

Gau Lawson Thtc posted,

We’ve just heard the heartbreaking news that our brother Leke Adesoye has passed away.

Leke was the owner of Aerosoul Ltd & Junglist Movement – founded in 1998.

We know as well as anyone how much love and effort it takes to keep an independent streetwear brand going for 25 years, and Leke gathered a great loyal following for his brands within the Drum & Bass community by being a lovely, positive, genuine guy.

He will be hugely missed.

RIP bro 💔

Andy Stringer posted,

Sad times 😩 RIP Leke Adesoye a true Junglist and pioneer & founder of the Aerosoul – Junglist Movement merchandise 🙏🏻❤️ thoughts and prayers going out to his family and friends at this dificult time 🙏🏻 Rest in Power Junglist Soldier God Bless ❤️🕊🎶👊🏻 #legend


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