Keundrea Thompson, 22, killed in deadly car crash in Laurens County, SC

Keundrea Thompson died in a crash in Laurens County. (Source: Facebook)
Keundrea Thompson died in a crash in Laurens County. (Source: Facebook)


The Laurens County Coroner’s Office confirmed the tragic passing of 22-year-old Laurens, South Carolina woman Keundrea Thompson following a fatal crash that occurred on Sunday morning. The incident took place on Hellams Road, near Georgia Road.

According to the authorities, the accident proved to be fatal, claiming the life of Thompson. The Laurens County Coroner’s Office is currently investigating the circumstances surrounding the crash to determine the cause and gather more details about the unfortunate incident.

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Fatal Crash Claims Life of Keundrea Thompson

Per the coroner’s report, the accident occurred at around 2:38 a.m. on Hellams Road near Georgia Road. The coroner’s statement indicates that the driver, identified as Keundrea Thompson, was operating the vehicle at a high speed and failed to obey a stop sign just before veering off the right side of the road, resulting in a collision with an embankment and trees.

Emergency responders promptly arrived at the scene and transferred the passenger in the vehicle to a hospital for medical care. At present, the passenger’s condition remains uncertain, leaving room for potential updates regarding their well-being. The authorities have not yet disclosed the identity of the passenger who was in the vehicle during the fatal crash.

Unfortunately, the coroner has confirmed the tragic outcome for the driver, Keundrea Thompson, who was declared deceased at the scene of the accident.

Investigation Underway

Investigations into the circumstances surrounding the crash are ongoing, as authorities work diligently to collect additional information aimed at comprehending the precise sequence of events and the contributing factors that led to this unfortunate incident.

The tight-knit community is now mourning the heartbreaking loss of Keundrea Thompson. This tragic incident has left family, friends, and community members in deep sorrow as they come to terms with the sudden and untimely passing of the young woman. As the investigation continues, the community gathers to offer support to one another, sharing memories of Keundrea and expressing their condolences to her loved ones during this difficult time.


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