Kejaun Richardson & Jae’Juan Reid killed after shooting on Rosedale Avenue in Toledo, OH

Amiri Jean and Kejuan Richardson, both from Toledo, Ohio, were killed in a shooting on Rosedale Ave. on Tuesday. (Source: Facebook)
Kejuan Richardson and Jae’Juan Reid, both from Toledo, Ohio, were killed in a shooting on Rosedale Ave. on Tuesday. (Source: Facebook)


Kejuan Richardson and Jae’Juan Reid, both residents of Toledo, Ohio, tragically lost their lives in a shooting incident that occurred on Rosedale Avenue this past Tuesday. The devastating event claimed the lives of these two individuals who hailed from the community, leaving their families and friends in profound grief.

The circumstances surrounding the incident remain under investigation as authorities work to determine the details of the unfortunate event. Keep reading to know more about the devastating Rosedale Avenue shooting incident in detail.

Tragic Shooting on Rosedale Avenue

Jae’Juan Reid and Kejuan Richardson, both faced a tragic demise on Tuesday evening when they were shot and killed on Rosedale Avenue.

The incident occurred at approximately 5:30 p.m., prompting an immediate response from emergency services. According to information from officials at the scene, the two adults, presumed to be Amiri Jean and Kejuan Richardson, were quickly transported to the hospital in critical condition after the shooting.

Unfortunately, despite the dedicated efforts of medical personnel, both individuals succumbed to their injuries and were pronounced dead at the hospital. The somber incident was confirmed by the Lucas County Coroner, as reported.

Police Investigation

Law enforcement present at the scene was actively involved in probing the incident. They closely scrutinized a vehicle, appearing to be linked to the event, which had veered off the road and exhibited a shattered window—a clear sign of the violence that unfolded.

The police actively searched through the area for any evidence or clues that could provide insight into the circumstances surrounding the shooting. As the investigation progressed, the authorities did not immediately divulge details about a potential suspect, heightening tension within the community and intensifying their desire for answers.

The absence of information regarding the perpetrator introduced an additional layer of complexity to an already distressing situation.

Public Help Needed

Police swiftly responded to the scene shortly before 5:45 p.m. The precise location of the shooting remains uncertain at this time. Individuals with any pertinent information are strongly encouraged to reach out and assist the ongoing investigation.

If you possess relevant details, you can contact Crime Stoppers at 419-255-1111. It’s important to note that you have the option to maintain anonymity when reporting, and there is a possibility of being eligible for a reward. Your cooperation is invaluable in helping law enforcement piece together the circumstances surrounding this incident and contribute to community safety.

Community Unites in Grief

The community, now grappling with the loss of Jae’Juan Reid and Kejuan Richardson, united in grief and support for the affected families. The tragic incident underscores the ongoing challenges and consequences of gun violence, prompting a renewed call for community awareness and collaborative efforts to address the root causes of such incidents. Authorities continue their work to piece together the sequence of events leading to this unfortunate outcome and bring those responsible to justice.

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