Jay Gambino found murdered in garage of Fayetteville home in NC

Jay Gambino was killed
Jay Gambino was killed in a homicide

The heartbreaking loss of Jay Gambino to a senseless homicide in Fayetteville is a tragedy that has left a community in shock and mourning.

Jay, described as a beloved member of Fayetteville, had a life filled with love and family, and his untimely death was a devastating blow to those who knew him. The senseless act of violence that took Jay’s life is a reminder of the harsh realities we sometimes face in our society.

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Jay Gambino passed away:

Police are investigating a homicide after Fayetteville man, named, Jay Gambino was discovered dead in front of his Fayetteville home.

He was discovered dead in the garage of a Fayetteville home late on Tuesday night, prompting the police to begin a murder investigation.

This heartbreaking incident has left her family and the entire community in profound sadness. The perpetrator of this heinous act needs to be apprehended and brought to justice for taking the life of a loving husband, devoted son and a cherished person.

Homicide investigation:

Homicide Investigation has started to identify the suspect in Jay Gambino’s murder case. At approximately 11:50 p.m., officers responded to a report of shots fired in the 800 block of Broadmore Drive.

Jay was already dead when the police arrived on the scene. Police towed a car away from the scene and focused their investigation around the garage. His cause of death have not been released by the police.

According to police, the investigation is ongoing, and they are asking anyone with information about the homicide to get in touch with Crime Stoppers at 910-483-8477 or Detective A. Wolford at 910-705-2141.

Condolences to Jay Gambino:

In remembrance of Jay, let us honor his memory by cherishing our loved ones and valuing the precious moments we share with them. May his spirit inspire us to strive for a world where love, compassion, and unity prevail over violence and senseless tragedy.

Penny Britton wrote,

Jay Gambino cuzzin this hurt man. Your listen please touch and agree n pray for his momma Velma McKoy. We need ur prays

Quinten Pressley wrote,

Not the news I wanted to wake up to and damn sure not during the holidays rest in peace to my cousin Jay Gambino

Kawanza Lilly posted,

I just opened my eyes damn my heart ain’t never gone heal cuz you was just acting like my daddy now you gone man damn I can’t take much more God help me please please please Jay Gambino

Takisha Henry White posted,

To wake up to hear one of my dear brother/buddy no longer here on earth…. Montae Jay Gambino I’m speechless #COGOPReillyRd This hurts and please pray for his children, mom Velma McKoy, sister Sheree McKoy, nephew, and all his family!!
#OurChildhoodMemories #church

Tiffany Lanette Mcduffie wrote,

Jay Gambino man he got kids Fayetteville is really starting to make me sick this not right at all it’s the holidays how yall going take somebody away from they family like man I’m going to always remember the good times you where a good man to I wish your family the best and your kids if there anything I can do I’m here man I we’ll always love you why the good dye young man well be miss


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