Jacob Bonas, Detroit, MI Pro boxer killed in car accident

Boxer Jacob Bonas tragically lost his life in a car accident. (Source: Facebook)
Boxer Jacob Bonas tragically lost his life in a car accident. (Source: Facebook)


Professional boxer Jacob Bonas, a well-known athlete from the thriving city of Detroit, Michigan, was sadly killed in a car accident. Jacob Bonas was a well-known character in professional boxing, captivating viewers with his skill, determination, and unflinching spirit inside the ring.

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Jacob Bonas passed away in a car accident

Jacob Bonas, a professional boxer whose commitment and talent in the ring were praised by many, was sadly killed in a car accident. This unexpected and terrible occurrence sent shockwaves across the sports world and among his many followers, leaving a profound sense of loss in its wake.

On Friday morning, a tragic head-on collision occurred on the Lodge near Trumbull in Detroit, resulting in the loss of Jacob Bonas’s life.

According to the police, he was driving his Ford Fusion in the wrong direction and collided with a GMC Sierra. The driver of the pickup truck sustained minor injuries. Jacob Bonas was declared deceased at the scene.

Detroit police are currently investigating the cause of the collision.

Who was Jacob Bonas?

Jacob Bonas, a committed and skilled Professional Boxer from the dynamic city of Detroit, Michigan, was born on September 20, 1993. Growing up in the heart of Detroit, Jacob had an early interest in boxing. Jacob Bonas demonstrated not just his exceptional boxing talents, but also his resilience and dedication to perfection throughout his career.

His fights were marked by spectacular performances that drew large crowds and earned him the respect of his colleagues. His record was a monument to his brilliance and hard work, and he became an example to aspiring fighters all around the world.

In his journey through the world of boxing, Jacob Bonas was not alone. In fact, his brother, Joseph Bonas, a powerful fighter, shared his love of the sport. The Bonas brothers were a powerful team, and when they joined Tom Leyden in a radio studio in 2010, they had a unique chance to exhibit their skills and promote their fighting careers.

After turning pro in 2012, Bonas fought three times quickly before his career got obstructed by legal issues. In 2017, he won his lone remaining match in two rounds. Bonas is a well-liked character in the Romanian population of Detroit, and they turn out in droves to his fights. He is quick and strong, with good ring intelligence and a strong fighting heart.


Jacob Bonas’ passing is being lamented by the Westland boxing community at Kronk Gym.

Erskine Wade, head trainer Kronk said, “He just was a great guy you know, I’m sad but, another brother has (gone) to heaven. Great guys – him and his brother – a set of twins, He loved boxing, I can tell you that much. No matter what happened in life he always came back to the ring. Matter of fact, I can tell you this he was down here maybe nine months ago – he came to check the gym out.”

Jacob and LaTonya Wingate worked out together at the Detroit location of Kronk Gym.

she said, “We just became family and man, when I say talented, amazing, it was just so natural, A natural talent. He was so good. He was a great fighter – not scared of anybody, I’m going to miss him,” Wingate said. “We lost somebody who was awesome.”

Biddle Bruce wrote: “I love you so much Jacob Bonas 💗 you’re my whole world 🌎 I wish I could come up with the words to express how I’m feeling but I’m just so distraught 😭 I’ll miss you forever 🕊️

Anthony wrote: Jacob BonasDamn bro r.i.p broskiAlways had a good time with you and your bro Joseph BonasI’m here for the fam if y’all need anything! Rest up Champ!”

Joshua wrote: “This can’t be real life rn RIP MY BROTHER Jacob bonas I love you bro with all my hear.”

While his life was brutally cut short, his legacy in professional boxing and in the hearts of those who respected him lives on. Jacob Bonas’ legacy lives on not only as a superb athlete, but also as a reminder of the power of dreams, devotion, and Detroit’s enduring spirit.

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