Harry O Colon death, York hip-hop singer dies after a brief illness

Harry O Colon has passed away. (Source: Facebook)
Harry O Colon has passed away. (Source: Facebook)


The dynamic hip-hop community in York is grieving the passing of the talented singer, Harry O Colon, who recently passed away to a brief and unexpected illness. Recognized for his unique style and skillful lyrics, Colon’s influence on the local music scene in York, PA is evident.

Keep reading to know more about Harry O Colon and his cause of death in detail.

Harry O Colon passed away

The York hip-hop community is grappling with the tragic loss of Harry O Colon, a beloved singer who recently passed away.

The devastating news was confirmed by Colon’s family, particularly his relative Duke Colón, who took to Facebook to share the heartbreaking announcement.

Duke Colón shared the devastating news on Facebook:

It is with a heavy heart that the Colón family announces the passing of Harry O. He fought a long battle and finally took his last breaths surrounded by his family. Harry O was born in the Bronx and moved to York Pennsylvania in the early 90s where he took this town by storm. You know the rest… please continue to keep us in your prayers.

Fans and friends have been pouring out their condolences on social media, reflecting on Colon’s impactful contribution to the music scene. As the community comes together to mourn, the memory of Harry O Colon’s artistry and spirit will undoubtedly live on, leaving an indelible mark on those who cherished his work.

Harry O Colon cause of death

Harry O Colon valiantly faced a prolonged illness, which began in October, leading to a challenging period of hospitalization during which he underwent four surgeries in a determined attempt to overcome the debilitating condition. Throughout this arduous journey, a groundswell of support from fans and well-wishers manifested through heartfelt prayers for his swift recovery.

Despite the collective hopes and positive energy directed his way, Harry O Colon, unfortunately, succumbed to his illness, leaving the community in mourning. His departure serves as a poignant reminder of life’s unpredictability, and the outpouring of prayers and support highlights the profound impact he made on those who admired his resilience and artistic contributions to the hip-hop scene.

Who was Harry O Colon?

Harry O, originally born in the Bronx, brought his dynamic presence to York, Pennsylvania, in the early ’90s, captivating the community with his profound influence on the local hip-hop scene. As a local hip-hop artist, he became a vital force in making music a cornerstone of the area’s cultural landscape.

Beyond his artistic endeavors, Harry O played an integral role in The Underground Shop, establishing it as Central PA’s premier Hip-Hop Variety Shop. His contributions not only shaped the local music scene but also solidified his legacy as a key figure in promoting and preserving hip-hop culture in the region.


Fans and fellow artists alike are expressing their condolences, highlighting the void left by his untimely departure.

Bridgette Barnes wrote:Harry O Colon Thank you for always Believing in me and being my A 1 Day 1 supporter. MotherHemp Creations would no be what it is without you! Def a legend and will be missed deeply..😢 Glad the pain is gone, glad your not suffering and glad we were able to be by your side… fly high🪽

Dinnell Clarke wrote: “Sleep in peace King Harry O Colon. Thank you for all the opportunities you brought my way and for always believing in me . You have made history in YC and we will never forget you . Sending my love and condolences to the colon family . 💕🙏🏾

Benny Bugz wrote: “Damn man.. RIP Harry O Colon… one of the first OGs to fuck with my music and show me the upmost respect. I just gave you your shoutout in Block 6 too man 😩 If you from YC, you know how legendary this man was and how pivotal he was to the local hip hop scene. Shoutout the underground. Shoutout Harry O. We’ll miss ya OG”

As the community reflects on his contributions, the legacy of Harry O Colon in York’s hip-hop scene will undoubtedly endure.


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