Fitzgerald Petersen death, Price City Chief Firefighter dies after a brave battle cancer

Chief Fitzgerald Petersen has passed away. (Source: Facebook)
Chief Fitzgerald Petersen has passed away. (Source: Facebook)


Price City Fire Department Chief Fitzgerald Petersen has passed away. Chief Petersen served the community with dedication and courage, leaving a lasting impact on the department. His leadership and commitment to public safety will be remembered.

The Price City community mourns the loss of a respected leader. Our thoughts and condolences are with Chief Petersen’s family and colleagues during this difficult time.

Chief Fitzgerald Petersen passed away

Chief Fitzgerald Petersen, an esteemed figure within the Price City Fire Department, has departed from us. His steadfast dedication to public service and ceaseless commitment to the well-being of the community have etched a lasting impression on the department.

Through a heartfelt announcement on Facebook, the Price City Fire Department conveyed the heartbreaking news, articulating the deep influence Chief Petersen had on both the department and the broader community. We reflect on the significant contributions of Chief Fitzgerald Petersen, a leader who embodied resilience, courage, and selflessness.

Chief Fitzgerald Petersen cause of death

Chief Fitzgerald Petersen, a brave leader within the Price City Fire Department, has succumbed after a courageous and challenging battle against cancer. Throughout this ordeal, Chief Petersen consistently demonstrated unwavering fortitude and resilience, regularly updating the community on the progress of his chemotherapy treatments and overall health. The community, in turn, united in support, extending heartfelt well-wishes and prayers for his speedy recovery.

Despite the collective optimism and prayers from those who held Chief Petersen in high regard, the saddening news of his passing strikes a profound chord. His candidness and openness in navigating the difficulties of his health journey solidified a deeper connection between him and the community he dutifully served.

Who was Chief Fitzgerald Petersen?

Fitzgerald Petersen served as the esteemed Chief of the Price City Fire Department, a comprehensive emergency response agency that provides a wide range of services to the community. The Price City Fire Department is dedicated to ensuring public safety through its multifaceted approach, encompassing structure and wildland fire suppression, emergency medical services, vehicle extrication and crash rescue, confined space rescue, high-angle rescue, hazardous materials response, airport firefighting and rescue, as well as fire and arson investigation.

Upon Fitzgerald “Fitz” Petersen’s return to Carbon County, he assumed the pivotal role of Price City Fire Chief, swiftly establishing himself as an integral figure in the community. Fitz’s leadership and dedication were particularly noteworthy, contributing to the department’s effectiveness and fostering a sense of security among residents.

During the Price City Council meeting held on November 23, 2023, the community took the opportunity to highlight Fitz’s illustrious career and express gratitude for his significant contributions. As his retirement was spotlighted, it became evident that Fitz had not only served as a capable leader but had also become a cherished and irreplaceable member of the Price City community.

The Price City Fire Department acknowledges the outpouring of support and kindness from the community during Chief Petersen’s battle. His legacy extends beyond his role as a leader, encompassing the inspiration he provided to others facing similar struggles.


Salt Lake City Fire Department Honor Guard wrote: “The news about the everyone’s friend in the Fire Service Fitzgerald Petersen passing away is a huge kick in the gut. Cancer sucks and it affects us all. Fitz was a true friend and brother, he was always giving of his time, energy and talents. He represented all that is right and did it because it was the right thing to do or it was needed. I still do not have the words to express what or how his friendship has impacted me. I do have so many amazing moments and pictures that he captured and shared with everyone that I will be able to always look at and remember my friend and Brother. Rest in Paradise Fitz. “Life is Duty” we will honor and celebrate your legacy.”

Sam Jackson wrote: “I have not been on Facebook for some time but I wanted to come on here and say, that one of my biggest heroes passed away last night. My heart aches for his family. Fitzgerald Petersen was the kindest person and lived by his motto “Life is Duty”. He was always there for my family and many others. I will miss you, my friend and I am happy that you are no longer in pain.”

His legacy as the Price City Fire Chief will be remembered not only for his professional accomplishments but also for the positive impact he made on the lives of those he served.


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