Felecia Faye Richey, Tysin & Bentley found dead, Mother & children reportedly Poisoned at Inman motocross

Felecia Faye Richey, Tysin & Bentley found dead. (Source: Facebook)
Felecia Faye Richey, Tysin & Bentley found dead. (Source: Facebook)


The McPherson County Sheriff’s Office has launched an investigation to learn more about the circumstances surrounding the deaths of three dead people who were found inside a camper at a motocross track in Inman. The deceased people have been identified as Felecia Faye Richey, Tysin, and Bentley.

Law enforcement officials are carefully trying to learn the truth about this unfortunate incident after it was reported over the weekend. As of right now, the investigation is still open. Keep reading to know more about it in detail.

Felecia Faye Richey, Tysin & Bentley found dead:

Three bodies were discovered inside a camper on Saturday at a motocross track in Inman, according to information released over the weekend by the McPherson County Sheriff’s Office. There is still an investigation going on.

Authorities had not yet published the names of the fatalities as of Sunday afternoon, but on Sunday, family members of a survivor posted on a GoFundMe that the victims were two children and a pregnant mother.

According to the victims’ families, the three fatalities were Felecia Richey and her two sons, Tison and Bentley. It’s thought that carbon monoxide poisoning may be the cause.

The online fundraiser notes that Richey’s wife was pregnant when she died and adds,

“Today we received news that our dear family friend Jason Richey lost his wife and 2 children suddenly to carbon monoxide poisoning this morning.

Jason and Felicia were also expecting a new little one. We are asking for your prayers, support, and love as he and his 3 year old son navigate through this devastating time. We are asking for your help with removing the stress from the family on the cost of arranging their 3 funerals and time away from work to grieve. All funds will go directly to Jason. If you can not support financially, please keep this family in your prayers and share with others. Funeral arrangements will be announced in the near future.”

According to the GoFundMe, Richey and his 3-year-old kid are the only surviving family. The fund is being raised to aid with burial expenses and Richey’s time off work to grieve. The GoFundMe had roughly $13,000 of its $30,000 target raised as of Sunday night.

Inman Motocross Inc. postponed the eighth round of the Kansas Motocross Championship Series that it was hosting after learning of the deaths. North of Wichita, Inman is located roughly 60 miles away.

Poisoning Investigation:

Deputies were called to the Inman Motocross track after receiving a report of three deceased people in a trailer, the McPherson County Sheriff’s Department stated in a press release. When the McPherson EMS and the Inman Fire Department got on the scene, they were able to confirm that three people had passed away.

The investigation is still ongoing. However, one of the fundraisers alleges that “Jason Richey lost his wife and two children suddenly to carbon monoxide poisoning.” The causes of death for all three victims have not been officially disclosed.

Press release:

Press Release – 09/16/2023
The Sheriff’s Office responded to the Inman Motocross track for a report of three deceased persons in a camper. Members of the Inman Fire Dept. and McPherson EMS arrived on scene and made confirmation that the three people were deceased.
This tragedy is being investigated by the Sheriff’s Office with the assistance of the Inman Police Dept. The identity of the victims is being withheld pending notification of family. Further details of the investigation will be released at a later time.

Community mounrs the tragic death of Felecia Faye Richey, Tysin & Bentley

The effects of a sad occurrence, such the poisoning of a mother and her children, go beyond the immediate victims and their relatives. A sense of loss and grief spreads throughout the entire community when a large portion of it is severely harmed. Communities frequently find comfort in uniting to support one another and work toward healing, despite the fact that the mourning process is incredibly painful. The perseverance and fortitude shown in the face of adversity can serve as a tribute to the strength of social ties and the ability to find hope even in the most hopeless circumstances.


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