El trappo, a.k.a. El trapo, chicago, IL rapper killed in 55th & Union shooting

Chicago Rapper El Trapo was shot and killed. (Source: Facebook)
Chicago Rapper El Trappo was shot and killed. (Source: Facebook)


El Trappo, also known as El trapo, whose actual name was Kentrell, was a well-known Chicago rapper who was violently shot and killed in the early hours of Monday morning at the intersection of 55th Street and Union Avenue. This shocking information has left fans, friends, and family members in shock and sadness, as they struggle with the unexpected and senseless death of a young and promising musician.

The circumstances surrounding El Trappo’s untimely death have put a cloud of uncertainty over the town, causing doubt and fear. Authorities have initiated a thorough investigation into the shooting, working relentlessly to piece together the circumstances leading up to the shooting and find those involved. Keep reading to know more about it in detail.

Rapper El Trappo was shot and killed: What happened?

On Monday morning, the city of Chicago was shaken by a sad tragedy, as 24-year-old Chicago rapper El Trappo was killed in a horrific and violent shooting incident.

A hail of bullets ripped through his car in the early hours of the morning on the corner of 55th and Union in Chicago, killing him. Shockingly, reports indicate that the car was hit by gunfire around 40 times, underlining the seriousness of the tragedy.

El Trappo, whose real name was well-known within the community, was gaining notoriety and popularity in the city’s music scene. His lyrics and music touched a wide range of people, and his premature demise has left a hole in the hearts of those who respected his ability and potential.

Local law enforcement officials were quick to arrive to the scene, initiating a thorough investigation into the facts surrounding this sad shooting. The high amount of rounds fired at the vehicle has prompted various questions about the motivation and individuals involved for this horrible act of violence.

Who was El Trappo?

El Trappo, a gifted 24-year-old rapper from Chicago, Illinois, was an aspiring artist whose future was brutally cut short. His roots were profoundly ingrained in the city’s diverse culture, and his educational achievements were remarkable throughout his life. He was noted for drawing inspiration from the world around him, frequently infusing parts of his neighborhood into his music and giving voice to the stories and experiences of those who lived in Auburn Gresham.

El Trappo attended Hirsch Metropolitan High School, where he began to foster his passion for music and develop his artistic abilities. His time at Hirsch Metropolitan was most likely essential in molding his artistic perspective and prepared him for the adventure that lied ahead.

El Trappo attended Northwestern University, a famous Chicago college. His attention to studies, in addition to his developing music career, indicated his drive to personal growth and accomplishment. This blend of scholarship and arts represented his diverse attitude to life.

Community mourns the tragic death of Rapper El Trappo

The Chicago music community and the larger music world are mourning the untimely murder of El Trappo, a gifted rapper. He was a 24-year-old up-and-coming performer who had already made a huge impact on the local music industry and beyond. His premature death has left a huge hole in the hearts of his fans, friends, and those who had the honor of knowing him.

As word of his death spread, social media platforms and local news sites flooded with sympathies, condolences, and tributes from fans and fellow artists alike.

This is the saddest thing to hear the description is devastating 💔💔 Rest Up El Trappo the guys hurting right now


Rest up gang El Trappo I love you little brother Dajuan Laseter 😪


The circumstances surrounding El Trappo’s terrible murder serve as a sharp reminder of the continuous issue of violence that strikes communities around the country, not just in Chicago.

In the aftermath of this heartbreaking loss, El Trappo’s music, spirit, and the potential that was brutally cut short are being remembered and honored by friends, family, and fans. His art will carry on his legacy, and the Chicago community hopes that his tragic death will inspire a collaborative commitment to preventing future acts of violence and protecting the lives and creative achievements of young geniuses like El Trappo.


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