Don Brown passed away, Former WKEF Sports Anchor’s Cause of death & Obituary

 Don Brown cause of death
Former WKEF Sports Anchor, Don Brown passed away (Image via Facebook)


The passing of Don Brown, a respected sportscaster and WKEF sports anchor from Dayton, Ohio, has sent shockwaves through the broadcasting community.

His long and influential career, strong community connections, and impact on aspiring broadcasters make his loss deeply felt. His passionate on-air presence helped raise awareness and funds for this important cause, earning him two regional Emmy awards for his outstanding work.

Tributes and remembrances pour in, reflecting the significant legacy he leaves behind in the world of sports journalism. Read ahead to learn more details on his passing and Don Brown cause of death.

Don Brown passed away: What happened to him?

Don is a member of the Broadcast Hall of Fame in Dayton and he is also in the Stebbins Hall of Fame his high school alma mater.

As per his family’s statement, he peacefully passed away in his sleep yesterday and was discovered in a cabin at one of his beloved spots, Indian Lake.

The passage shared here is a heartfelt message from Haley Brown who is mourning the loss of their father, Don Brown. In this message, Haley Brown expresses a mix of emotions and reflections on their relationship with their dad:

The message is a heartfelt tribute to Don Brown, who passed away. It expresses grief, pride in his impact on others, and a touch of humor.

Also, she mentions their father’s passion for the Cincinnati Bengals and regrets that he didn’t get to see them win a Super Bowl. Funeral details will be shared later by the family.

Family’s Statement

This morning we learned that my dad Don Brown (or Don Brown/ Don Brown- the man never knew his FB password and proceeded to make 3…) passed away peacefully in his sleep yesterday.

My dad did so much good and impacted so many lives during his time on earth. His work on the MDA telethon for 18 years is something I will never forget. We might not have always had the closest relationship over the years but I am so, so proud to call him my father. RIP Dad, I love you.

Don Brown cause of death

Don Brown’s career and contributions to both broadcasting and education left a lasting impact on the Dayton community and the field of sports journalism.

His dedication to his work, his commitment to his alma mater, and his involvement with charitable causes like the MDA telethon made him a respected and beloved figure in the region.

The family statement confirms that Don Brown passed away peacefully, but it does not specify the cause of death. It’s possible that he may have succumbed to natural causes, an undisclosed illness, or age-related factors.

The family has chosen to keep the cause of death private, which is a common and respectful decision. Funeral details are pending and will be announced later.

Sometimes, families choose not to disclose the specific cause of death to maintain privacy and out of respect for the deceased. This is a personal decision made by the family.

Dayton 24/7 statement,

Dayton 24/7 Now extends its condolences to the family of former WKEF Sports Anchor, Don Brown who has passed away. According to a post on social media by his family, Brown emceed the MDA telethon for 18 years and also was well known in the community. Funeral details have yet to be announced.

Don Brown’s career highlights

Don Brown had a remarkable and accomplished career in the field of broadcasting and education. Here are the key highlights of his career and personal life:

  • Education and Early Career: Don graduated from Stebbins High School in 1978 and later attended Wright State University, where he earned a degree in Communications with a B.A. in Liberal Arts in 1983. His broadcasting journey began in 1979 at WHIO Radio, where he started as a producer for the Larry King show, working alongside broadcasting legends such as Lou Emm, Winston Hoener, Don Hapner, and Dick Johnson.
  • Sports Broadcasting: Don transitioned to sports broadcasting at WKEF-TV in 1985, quickly rising to Sports Director by 1986, a position he held until 2002. He covered major sporting events like Spring Training, Super Bowls, the Indy 500, and NASCAR. His dedication to local high school and college sports made him a community icon.
  • MDA Telethon: Don Brown’s commitment to the Muscular Dystrophy Association was notable. He served as the host of the Jerry Lewis telethon for 17 years, raising awareness and funds for the cause. His on-air work earned him two regional Emmy awards.
  • Sports Journalism Recognition: In 2000, Don received a Sports Journalism Broadcast Award for his piece titled “Richard Petty Driving Experience,” further cementing his reputation as a skilled sports journalist.
  • Outstanding Alumni: Don’s contributions to his alma mater, Stebbins High School, were celebrated when he was inducted into the inaugural Outstanding Alumni Class in 1998. He continued to give back by working as a CBI Instructor and coach at Stebbins High School, where he also coached JV Baseball.
  • Family and Personal Life: Don Brown was a lifelong resident of Dayton, Ohio. At the time of this information, he was 48 years old and happily married to Traci-Hale Brown. They had twin daughters, Haley and Kinsey, who were 12 years old.
  • Continued Broadcasting: Alongside his teaching and coaching duties at Stebbins, Don remained active in the broadcasting field. He worked part-time at WHIO-TV, where he anchored and covered local sporting events, ensuring that he continued to connect with the community through his passion for sports and journalism.

OBITUARY: In Memory of Don Brown

Don Brown, a cherished figure in Dayton, passed away peacefully at the age of 48. Born and raised in Dayton, he was a dedicated alumnus of Stebbins High School and a graduate of Wright State University with a degree in Communications.

Don’s illustrious career in broadcasting began in 1979 when he joined WHIO Radio. He rose to prominence, collaborating with broadcasting legends such as Lou Emm, Winston Hoener, Don Hapner, and Dick Johnson. As Sports Director, Don covered significant sporting events, endearing himself to the local community through his high school and college sports coverage.

Moreover, Don’s dedication extended beyond broadcasting; he was also a committed educator. He served as a CBI Instructor and coach at Stebbins High School, where he imparted his knowledge and passion for broadcasting to the next generation.

Outside of his professional life, Don was a loving husband to his wife, Traci-Hale Brown, and a proud father to their twin daughters, Haley and Kinsey. Everyone who had the privilege of knowing him will cherish the enduring legacy he left due to his passion for sports, unwavering dedication to the Dayton community, and commitment to his family.

Medico Topics extends its heartfelt prayers and support to Don Brown’s family, colleagues, and friends as they collectively journey through this period of healing and adjustment. We invite you to share your condolences and messages for Don Brown by posting them in the comments section below.

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