Diane Carey death, Dagsboro volunteer Firefighter passed away after battling illness

Diane carey

In a poignant announcement from the Dagsboro Volunteer Fire Department, a profound sense of loss is shared as they mourn the passing of Life Member, Diane Carey. With over three decades of unwavering commitment as an EMT-Firefighter, Diane’s legacy is etched in the hearts of those she served. Join us as we pay tribute to the extraordinary life and service of Diane Carey, a beacon of compassion and dedication in her community.

Diane Carey passed away

The Town of Dagsboro grieves the passing of Diane Carey, who courageously battled until this evening. As a longstanding Dagsboro Volunteer Fire Company member, Diane dedicated herself to serving the community in various roles.

Beyond her commitments, she was a cherished wife, mother, and grandmother. Our heartfelt thoughts and prayers go out to Diane’s family and friends during this difficult time of sorrow and loss.

The Dagsboro Volunteer Fire Department shared the following message on Facebook to announce the passing of Diane Carey.

Who was Diane Carey?

Diane Carey was a devoted Dagsboro volunteer firefighter who dedicated much of her life to serving the community. Her commitment and selflessness were evident through her role as a firefighter, where she played an integral part in ensuring the safety and well-being of others.

A Dedicated EMT-Firefighter: Diane’s commitment to the Dagsboro Volunteer Fire Department extended for over three decades, where she served as a dedicated EMT-Firefighter. Her kindness and compassion, delivered in her own unique way, left an enduring mark on those she treated.

Fundraising and Community Service: Instrumental in numerous fundraising events, Diane played a pivotal role in generating funds to support the community. Her organizational skills and dedication ensured the success of these events, leaving a lasting legacy in the community she served.

Family and Recognition: Diane’s commitment extended beyond her duties; she was devoted to her Dagsboro Volunteer Fire Department family. Through her efforts, she ensured that members received the recognition they deserved for their dedication and commitment to the community, organizing the annual recognition banquet.

Cause of death

Diane Carey, a dedicated Dagsboro volunteer firefighter, peacefully passed away after bravely battling illness. While the exact cause of her death has not been disclosed at this time, out of respect for the family’s privacy, such details have not been made public.

The Dagsboro community mourns the loss of a committed and selfless firefighter, remembering Diane Carey for her unwavering dedication and service. As the community comes together to honor her memory, thoughts, and condolences are extended to Diane’s family during this challenging time.


Jamie Ennis Dickerson expressed, “I agree; she was right there with us by Dad’s side, and I will never forget it. What a special lady who touched so many people. The Ennis family loves you and will miss you, Diane Carey. Jamie Ennis Dickerson.”

Michelle Ann Landry Vickers said,A beautiful woman who not only served her community but her friends as well. Proud to have served with her and called her a friend”. ❤

“I will never forget how she was there for our family when Dad, Bill Ennis, was passing. I imagine them reunited in heaven right now. Rest easy, Diane. You were one of a kind! Thoughts to Ronn and her family and the entire DVFD. Ashley Lynn.”

Ashley Lynn shared, “Ms. Diane was the sweetest, most caring nurse I have had the pleasure of working with. She is sorely missed already. ❤️”


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