Dave stein died, ‘The Hardcore attorney’ passed away after battling pneumonia

Dave stein died. (Source: Facebook)
Dave stein died. (Source: Facebook)


The renowned “hardcore attorney”, Dave Stein, passed away this morning. He was an essential player in the East Coast punk and hardcore scene.

Dave Stein left a lasting impression on all who knew him thanks to his amazing warmth and generosity. His loved ones consider the warmth and giving spirit that characterized his life as they struggle with the unexpected loss.

Keep reading to know more about Dave Stein and his cause of death in detail.

Who was Dave Stein?

Dave Stein has been a mainstay in the behind-the-scenes operations of the scene they are all a part of, from founding the Albany Hardcore Scene in the middle of the 1980s to managing Combined Effort and Reconstruction Records to representing major label-level metal and hardcore acts.

Dave, also referred to as “the hardcore attorney,” was a mainstay of East Coast punk and hardcore. Together with his friend Steve Reddy, he contributed to the development of the Albany, New York scene as a DIY promoter, label creator, and performer.

He was the owner of the record labels Combined Effort and Reconstruction, which released music by Beyond, Supertouch, and Absolution. He and Youth Of Today got along well.

He represented Portugal’s Taking Back Sunday as an attorney. In reality, he has been given credit for more than 60 releases on Discogs, including music by The Man, The Man, Madball, and The Starting Line.

Many people still think kindly of him as “the guy in a suit” from the In Effect ’91 New York Hardcore documentary.
In more recent years, Dave served as CEO (US) and General Counsel for the Century Label Group (2015–2017) and Vice President of Business and Legal Affairs at WEA (2012–2015).

How did Dave Stein die?

The “hardcore attorney” and well-known figure Dave Stein passed away suddenly this morning. He played a significant role in the East Coast punk and hardcore scenes.

Stein did not only become an entertainment lawyer (Taking Back Sunday, etc.); earlier roles he held contributed to the development of the current hardcore movement. He was a DIY promoter, the owner of Combined Effort Records and Mendit, and a musician.

Stein’s sister Elissa made the announcement.

She shared the following:

Elissa Stein wrote,

This morning the world lost the most resilient, awe-inspiring, fierce warrior I’ve ever known: my hero and my little brother Dave Stein. He let go with grace and ease, after saying he could still fight if there was something to fight for. But it was his time.

Dave had cancer when he was 9 months old and battled endless illnesses and set backs his entire life, but he never, ever, like EVER let that stop him. He was PMA (positive mental attitude) and straight edge and a vegan and saw the world in pretty stark black and white. He worked harder than anyone I know. Was my personal IT guru. His shopping skills were legendary as was his ability to recall a joke at even the most challenging moments, like heading into surgery. Music was his life blood and he combined that with his singular organizational abilities to be a force as an entertainment lawyer with gold and platinum records hanging in his house. He was silly and goofy and kind and loyal and whip smart and was so grateful for his life even with all the extra hardships he had to contend with. He loved his wife beyond words, his rescue dogs who brought him such great joy, his family which sometimes drove him crazy, and his friends whom he considered family.
I’ve felt an extra bond with him the past 12 plus years since he’s had a piece of me inside of him. Sid, his kidney named after one of our favorite cousins, was still going strong until the very end. This photo was from June, our 12th rebirthday, as he called it, which we celebrated in the hospital with his favorite Vegan Treats cakes.

There are so many things I could share: he was morally offended at anyone who would wear competing logos like Pumas and Adidas at the same time. He owned more Champion sweatshirts than most stores have in inventory. He stopped cutting his hair and started growing a beard when his original kidney started to fail, saying his hair was the only thing that was working and he’d cut it all off when he got a new one. Bane of my mother’s existence that even with a new kidney he never chopped it which is why I always secretly thought he kept it all. I would love to know something you shared with Dave if you’d like to share it here. He was so loved and made such a positive impact in so many lives.
Love you bro (insert our not so secret handshake here).


Dave was diagnosed with cancer at the age of nine months and has struggled with numerous diseases and setbacks throughout his life, but he has never, ever, ever let that stop him.

He had a vegan diet, was PMA (positive mental attitude), and perceived the world mostly in black and white. He put in more effort than everyone.

His ability to remember a joke even in the most challenging situations, such before surgery, was legendary. He was also renowned for his legendary purchasing skills.

His home is decorated with gold and platinum albums, and he was a force as an entertainment lawyer thanks to his unique organizing skills and passion for music.

Even with all the additional problems he had to deal with, he was incredibly grateful for his life. He was playful, goofy, compassionate, loyal, and whip clever.

He had an unconditional affection for his wife, his rescue dogs, who gave him so much joy, his family, who occasionally drove him crazy, and his friends, whom he regarded to be family.

Everyone knows that Dave made the world a better place. Dave worked in the legal field for more than 20 years. He was incredibly smart, well-liked, and faced more hardship than most people could ever comprehend in a lifetime. And through it all, he kept his cool, his sense of humor, and his spirit. Our thoughts are with his wife, his dog, and everyone else who loved him and will miss him.

Dave Stein cause of death

Dave stein passed away after battling pneumonia. Dave Stein’s sister, Erica Stein revealed that Dave Stein was suffering from pneumonia and an untreatable condition that was causing him great pain.

He stopped taking all of his medications and wasn’t receiving treatment for his pneumonia, according to Erica, who revealed that he passed away unexpectedly at 3 a.m. today.

Erica Stein wrote,

Yesterday we found out my brother was not doing well. He had pneumonia, and apparently something causing severe pain that wasn’t fixable.

The prognosis was not good and he chose to not get treatment because too much was wrong. There wouid not be a good outcome.I didn’t understand all this, and thought he’d be ok.I couldn’t accept it, I figure.

I spoke to his nurse at 1 am who explained he wasn’t being treated for the pneumonia, and stopped all his meds. I understood.I lost my beloved big brother Dave Stein around 3 am.

He was a punk legend, an amazing entertainment lawyer, a loving Dog dad, a genius, a wonderful friend to many. An animal rights activist, and vegan!

He has rescued several beautiful dogs over the yearsHe has two dogs he adores, Tug and B.

He was married to his beautiful wife Teresa thirty one years.He was my sister Elissa Stein’s little brother who she shared a set of kidneys with.

He was Arlene Stein Kornblum’s son that never got his hair cut, no matter how she complained.He was my big brother who called me “kid” up to this day.

He’s the brother that spent a fortune helping me in a lawsuit to protect my dogs, who sat with me for eight hours while I did my deposition.He is the brother that regularly bought me groceries to my door with boxes of gifts.When I was assaulted on a subway, he came running to be with me and make a police report. 😞

He was so generous. it was an honor to be his sister, truly.I only wished I was more like him. I love him immeasurably and I hope his spirit still is.This loss is beyond words for me.

I need my big bro and I love him.I love you Dave. Love you, admire you, you were truly my hero. #ripdavestein


He was a legendary punk, an outstanding entertainment lawyer, a devoted dog father, brilliant, and a fantastic friend to many. He was a vegan and an animal rights campaigner. Over the years, he has saved a number of lovely dogs.

Only one thing they all wanted to be more like him. Everyone sincerely loves him and wishes that his spirit is still with them. This loss is beyond words for everyone.

Tributes to Dave Stein

Many people expressed their profound sympathies to his family and expressed how much they loved him. The news of this occurrence has upset his supporters and fans.

Ula Gehret wrote: “I am having a hard time finding the words to express how much it hurts to hear that Dave Stein is no longer with us. I don’t even want to try to put together a moving tribute here, because right now it just hurts. I worked both against and also alongside Dave over 20+ years together in the legal world and he was whip-smart, universally respected, and he endured more adversity in his lifetime than most people could ever dare to imagine. And throughout it all he maintained his composure, humor and spirit. My heart goes out to his wife, his dog and everyone that held him dearly and who will miss his presence. The world was a better place with Dave in it, that much I know.”

Lou Koller wrote: “My friend Dave Stein passed away. He is a man who defied the odds. He embodied what the true spirit of what hardcore is. The first time I met him, was when he booked Sick Of It All’s first show in Albany at 288 Lark. A lot of the pictures in our first seven inch are from that show. The pictures below are from Florida when we all went to Mai and Pete’s baby shower. One of my favorite memories was one time I posted that I was waiting outside Radio City to take our daughter to see the Christmas show and Dave saw it and came out of his office, which was a few blocks away, just to say hi in the freezing cold. He has help Sick Of It All more times than I can remember. He’s helped almost everyone in the NY scene for that matter. My heart goes out to his wonderful wife and family. And to all of us, his friends who will miss him dearly. Rest In Peace Dave. You have more than earned it.”

One of the worst things anyone can go through in life is losing a loved one. Any journey must have a destination at the end. The person’s time on earth has regrettably come to an end now that they have died. We wish him eternal peace and send our thoughts and prayers to his loved ones, family, friends.

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