Daphne Pearl passed away, Daffy’s Wise Words blogger dies aged 95, cause of death & obituary

"Daffy's Wise Words" Daphne Pearl passed away. (Source: Facebook)
“Daffy’s Wise Words” Daphne Pearl passed away. (Source: Facebook)


“Daffy’s Wise Words” Daphne Pearl passed away. Daphne Pearl Therese Mary Veronica, commonly known as beloved Daffy, was a beloved 95-year-old great-grandmother who gave worldy advice with humour.

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Who was Daphne Pearl?

Daphne Pearl, a 95-year-old great-grandmother, enjoyed talking about her youth and describing how the world had changed since then.

Daffy, the youngest of five children, was born in Bundarra, New South Wales, in 1928. She had very modest beginnings, which she wouldn’t trade for anything and often longs for because it was a simpler period.

In 1978, Daffy divorced her husband and moved in with her daughter, son-in-law, and two grandchildren, including Melissa. After some time, she settled in with Melissa and her children.

Daffy had nothing but adoration and affection for her amazing granddaughter Melissa, who had been looking for her for years, had a beautiful relationship with her, and was extremely close to her.

Melissa started questioning Daffy about her past, her thoughts on current events, and her favorite foods during the epidemic. She eventually realized that her grandmother’s “wise words” ought to be spread throughout the world, so she did. Since then, Daffy, who was then 93 years old, has gained notoriety due to her openness, honesty, and ability to provide us with a glimpse into the past.

In August 2021, Melissa launched Daffy’s Wise Words on Facebook, where she already has 125,000 followers. She joined YouTube so that Daffy may be enjoyed by those who do not use Facebook.

There is no sugarcoating what Daffy, at her age, has to say. She attributes her youth and health to “not drinking or smoking, avoiding bad men, and eating her veggies” — but there is so much more to say, which is why Melissa keeps posting her videos. Melissa is the fortunate beneficiary of Daffy’s love and a can-do attitude; she takes care of the gardening, cooking, laundry, and everything else that needs to be done to keep her busy.

Daffy, who resided close to Cowra, made appearances on Radio 2GB with host Ben Fordham and the national breakfast program Sunrise on Channel Seven last week.

Watch Daffy’s last video here:

How did Daphne Pearl die? What was her cause of death?

Our beloved Daphne Pearl Therese Mary Veronica, a.k.a Daffy, passed away peacefully this afternoon in her bed while accompanied by Melissa, the kids, Reggie, and Taser. Despite her best efforts, her mind ultimately outlasted her body.

Melissa posted the awful information on Daffy’s Wise Words Facebook page.

It is with great sadness that our beloved Daffy passed away peacefully this afternoon in her bed surrounded by me, the kids, Reggie and Taser. She fought til the end, but unfortunately her mind far outlived her body. We are going to miss her quick witted replies, her cheekiness, her stubbornness and of course Dorothy. Heaven has just gained an absolute fucking legend. Stir them up old girl ❤️👼🏼🪽👵🏻 Til we meet again 😢
I will post over the next few days with some details. Thank you to every single follower for giving Daffy the gift of the last 2 years. You gave her a purpose and she has certainly left her presence on this earth, which is all she ever wanted. Daffy said please don’t be sad and let’s think of it as a celebration of the life Daphne Pearl Therese Mary Veronica. ❤️👵🏻
These were the last photos I took of Daffy over the past few days 😢

Melissa expressed her gratitude to all of her fans for giving Daffy the gift of the past two years. She claimed that the followers gave her a reason to exist, and that she has accomplished her sole goal of leaving her mark on the planet by doing so. She asked everyone to consider it a celebration of Daphne Pearl Therese Mary Veronica’s life. Daffy has such a lovely soul and was such a great character. Everyone will miss watching and listening to her every day.

Tributes to Daphne Pearl

This article will remain the online obituary for well-known blogger Daphne Pearl. She was a remarkable woman who served as an example to many people all around the world. She was a versatile and personable blogger who will live on in our memories.

Mary K.Bordages wrote: “Feeling so sad this morning! Just found out that someone I’ve followed through her videos the past several months has gained her angel wings at the beautiful age of 95! She was a beautiful precious 95 year old Mom, Nan and Great Nan to her beautiful daughter, two precious Granddaughters and great grandchildren! She was so precious and quick witted! Even though she lived half a world away in Australia…I felt her right here with me everytime I watched her Daphne Pearl Mary Therese Veronica and sometimes Dorothy and sometimes Dolly….you will be missed by all of us!! Everyone that followed her loved her very much!!! Please keep her family in your prayers as they go through this time!!!”

Susan Stacey wrote: “R.I.P. Daphne Pearl Therese Mary Veronica…..our beloved Daffy. I have been following Daffy’s Wise Words for many months and grew to love this beautiful 95-year-old lady and full of love and admiration for her wonderful granddaughter, Melissa, who has been caring for her for many years, had a wonderful relationship with her and who was very close to her. My heart goes out to Melissa and her family and I mourn with them. Daffy was such a beautiful soul, such a wonderful character. I will miss watching and listening to her every day. Go soaring with your wings Daffy ( she was always mentioning “flapping her wings” when she finally passed). You have so much love with you ❤


Social media has been flooded with tributes to Daphne Pearl because of how popular she was because of Daffy’s Wise Words. Her supporters, friends, and family members are in our thoughts and prayers. May God allow her to rest easy now. Visit our website frequently to read further articles of a similar nature, and don’t forget to leave supportive comments for the beloved family of Daphne Pearl as they navigate this difficult period.


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30 thoughts on “Daphne Pearl passed away, Daffy’s Wise Words blogger dies aged 95, cause of death & obituary”

  1. So so sorry for your loss Melissa and family you will miss her so much and you looked after her so well you should be very proud of yourself, it’s sad I won’t be able to watch my dear Daffy before I get out of bed in the morning’s Daffy always made my day, she gave me so many laughs she was a tonic, rest in peace my dearest Daffy with the lovely pearls, sending my love to you all, love Linda xx

  2. I loved Daffy and Melissa. She was so wonderful. I am dependant on my daughter, she got me FB and Daffy was my favorite. I have a dog and cat. I am 82 years old.

    I am going to miss her. May you rest in peace Daffy.

  3. She made me laugh every time I saw her. What a wonderful human being. I loved her and will miss her. In my mind she will never be forgotten. My thoughts and prayers to the entire family. Melissa, you are an angel. Thank you for sharing her with us all❤️

  4. Hi l”m sorry melissa so sad that you lost a loving grandmother she was funny and made your day full of laughter my heart ❤️ Go out to your family you will miss her terribly much. Rest peace Daffy 😪🙏

  5. I am 71 and live in England daffy made my day, we moan about stupid things but she excepted everything and just got on with it. God bless my love sleep tight RIP xx

  6. I can’t believe we have lost our daffy love watching her show made me laugh a lot you will be sad missed I think of Melissa and her family and Reggie tassia RIP lovely Daffy Melissa you were a lovely granddaughter to Daffy thank you so much you did for her

  7. Our dearest Daffy. Our heartfelt sympathy to all your family. Thank you very much for your wise words. We loved our daily videos, and oi oi oi. Rest in internal peace and love. From Carolyn and Anne in New Zealand.

  8. So very sad to hear this news . She was a wonderful lady with great humour and quick wit. How we will miss her. My condolences to her family and especially Melissa who gave her and us a real spice of life uplift on a daily basis. With live.. xx

  9. Deepest sympathy to Melissa and family on the sad passing of Daffy such a beautiful lady who will be sadly missed Well done to Melissa for taking such good care of Daffy it was so lovely to see you both together RIP Daffy❤

  10. So so sorry for your loss,I loved her so much. You were the angel she needed on earth, now she has become your angel in heaven. She will watch upon you and your family until you meet her in heaven. Thank you for sharing your treasure with all of us…

  11. So sorry to hear about Daffy. I loved listening to her and hearing all the love she had for you all. And the love you all had for her I will miss the nice videos you did with her. Rest in peace Daffy you will be missed.

  12. So sad you lost your beloved Grandma, Melissa. What a huge gap this will leave in your lives but also a legacy of immeasurable love. Your videos together were filled with humour and so very comforting. God bless you, Daffy, for a life well lived and much love to you and your family, Melissa, for your wonderful humanity, respect, generosity, and sense of what is meaningful that you chose to share with us all.

  13. I’m still reeling from the sad news about Daffy that I got yesterday. I’m so sorry that this funny, kind little spitfire of a woman had gotten her wings and is flapping around. Melissa has she been tapping you on your shoulders yet? Give my thoughts and sympathy to the family. My days aren’t going to be the same as I know yours won’t be either. What an adjustment you will be making Melissa, now is time for yourself. Thoughts and prayers go out to you and the family who are loved by people all over the world.

  14. RIP Daffy. I loved reading your stories. You gave so much insight into our history and how life was lived. What a wonderful, cheeky personality. Condolences to Melissa and her family. Daffy will be missed by so many people. Fly high Daffy xxx

  15. Melissa you were the most amazing granddaughter to your beautiful nan. I wasn’t born with a nanna and so I loved watching you two together. What a lady she was. They way you looked after her was just so beautiful to watch. Fly high beautiful lady. The world just lost an angel. Always will be remembered by the world. RIP Daffy❤️

  16. Melissa I am so sorry about the sad loss of your grandmother in Daffy she will be missed it is your turn to do all the cooking and looking after the family this is your time to look after yourself my sympathy and condolences.
    RIP Daffy

  17. Oh Melissa, I’m so sorry for your loss, my condolences to you and all your family. I feel so sad myself as I only just found out she’d passed, as I was looking for another vlog from you. I feel like she was a part of my family, what a beautiful, funny lady Daffy was. Can’t believe she’s gone and I’ll never see her humour again. You were the best Granddaughter to Daffy, you can be proud of yourself, you and your family. Taser and Reggie will be looking for her, oh my goodness they will miss her terribly.
    Daffy time to rest now and be with your Mum and Dad. xx

  18. So sorry to hear about sweet Daffy. My condolences to you and your family Melissa. You all were so wonderful to her. She brought so much laughter to all of us and I thank you for sharing her with us. May she rest in peace and fly with the angels now. Be sure she will be watching over all of you.❤️😇

  19. Hi 👋 Melissa you were a great granddaughter to your Nan Daffy Wise Words.Hi Melissa I am thinking of you and your your family at this sad time lol from your follower.Xo H

  20. Dear Melissa, my sincere condolences to you and your family on the sad loss of your very wise and wonderful grandmother she was a great example to us all, a real treasure of a person, you were truly blessed to have had her in your life, and what a beautiful caring granddaughter you have been to her, you both radiated so much love for each other it was beautiful to see, she will leave a great void in your lives but just think of all the treasured memories you have to look back on, thinking about you from here in the UK. thank you for all the lovely videos you have shared with us all… R.I.P. DAFFY.
    Love from another of your followers.. Joan .. will miss you too. Xxxx

  21. Condolences To Melissa & Family and Friends of Daffy
    Was one amazing woman so many memories that we all will never forget we all loved her all over the world Daffy had such amazing memory for age and Loved her animals including the magpies
    Thank you For always being their for Daffy Rest In Peace

  22. To Melissa & her family my condolences goes out to you all. I have loved seeing all your videos for the past 2 years beautiful memories of you & Daffy. I miss our little Daffy she was & will always be amazing woman to me. Thank you for sharing Daffy with us all. She will be forever in my heart. RIP Beautiful Daffy.

  23. I am so sad hearing of Daffy’s passing. My condolences to you, Mellisa and the whole family. I so enjoyed your postings with Daffy and her wise words. She was quite a character and will be missed by her many followers around the world. Thank you, Melissa, for your loving care of Daffy over the years. She reminded me so much of my Nan, who I loved dearly. At 85 I am coming to the end of my days and will look for Daffy and when I meet up with her I will introduce my Nan to her. Rest in peace dear Daffy 🙏🏼 ❤️ 🤗 ❣️

  24. I am truly sorry to hear of the passing of the lovely Daffy. She was such a beautiful woman & always made me smile. Life won’t be the same without her wild sense of humour & witty jokes, but I guess it was just a matter of time. She did well & always kept her witts about her. My condolences go out to yourself & the rest of the family. You did a wonderful job taking care of your nan. She would’ve been so proud of you & thanked you more than you could’ve known.


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