Dana Gonzalez killed in Punta Gorda shooting, husband hospitalised after gun shot wounds

Dana Gonzalez killed in Punta Gorda shooting. (Source: Facebook)
Dana Gonzalez killed in Punta Gorda shooting. (Source: Facebook)


The Punta Gorda police are conducting a comprehensive investigation into a shooting that claimed the life of one woman and hospitalized her husband with bullet wounds in Punta Gorda Town. Dana Gonzalez has been named as the victim, and the neighbourhood is in shock following this terrible incident.

As law enforcement officials diligently try to piece together the chain of events that resulted in this tragic death, more information about the shooting is continuously coming to light. At this moment, it is unknown what led to the shooting and who the culprit or perpetrators were. Keep reading to know more about it in detail.

Dana Gonzalez killed in Punta Gorda shooting: What happened?

A terrible tragedy occurred early on Saturday morning in Punta Gorda Town when the peace of Far West Street was disturbed by gunfire.

Local officials learned of a shooting near a cement house measuring roughly 20 feet by 18 feet at around 2:10 a.m. When they arrived, police officers found the lifeless body of a woman they later identified as Belizean resident Dana Francine Gonzalez.

Gonzalez was discovered wearing a rainbow-colored jumper and in a crouching position behind the structure. An initial assessment found a gunshot wound to her back’s middle.

Initial information indicates that Dana Gonzalez and her husband , Gustavo Mendez, a 22-year-old Belizean lab technician from the Water Supply Area, had attended a wake on Prince Street just prior to the terrible incident.

The pair was ambushed by an unnamed lone gunman as they were crossing Far West Street on their way home. Gonzalez was killed as gunfire were fired repeatedly in their direction. Mendez was taken right away to Punta Gorda Hospital after suffering two gunshot wounds to his upper shoulder.

Personnel from the Criminal Investigations Branch (CIB) investigated the crime scene in person. Despite their best efforts, no spent shells or bullet casings were found at the crime scene. It was then discovered that Mendez was moved to the Southern Regional Hospital for additional medical care because of the severity of his wounds.

Dana Gonzalez was tragically pronounced dead at 3:54 a.m. at Punta Gorda Hospital. The same hospital is currently holding her body while a formal post-mortem investigation is conducted.

The police are pleading for anyone with knowledge to come forward as they step up their efforts to find the criminal and bring justice for the bereaved family as the community deals with this senseless act of violence.

Community mourns the death of Dana Gonzalez

Friends, relatives, and concerned neighbors have come together in the wake of this tragic incident to support Dana’s mourning loved ones. The tragic loss of Dana Gonzalez serves as a sobering reminder of how violence affects a close-knit community.

In addition to uniting in grief, the community has come together to pursue justice and stop similar senseless tragedies from happening in the future. Dana Gonzalez’s legacy will serve as a reminder of the community’s fortitude and resiliency in the face of hardship, and her memory will live on in the hearts of all who knew her.


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