Dan Hillier death, Contemporary artist passed away after battling cancer

Dan Hillier
Dan touched so many lives with his enchanting art and generosity of spirit. (Source: Art Republic)


RIP Dan Hillier: Tragic loss for contemporary modern art. The art industry is in mourning following the tragic passing of Dan Hillier. His passing is an immense loss for those entrenched in contemporary modern art.

Condolences extend to his family and friends as the weight of his absence creates ripples throughout the creative community. His unique amalgamation of intelligence, depth, charisma, and sharp wit was universally magnetic.

The art world has lost a rare gem, a talent that transcended boundaries and left an enduring mark on those fortunate enough to have known him or experienced his creative brilliance. Here’s what we know everything about his passing and Dan Hillier cause of death.

In Memoriam: Passing of Dan Hillier

It is with deep sadness that we inform you of the passing of Dan Hillier, who departed peacefully from this world on Thursday, 8th February 2024, surrounded by his family.  Amidst the challenges of his deteriorating health, Dan shared his journey over the past six months, providing glimpses into his thoughts and emotions.

Unfortunately, he confronted the harsh reality of life-ending cancer that had spread throughout his body. In poignant words written last week during his stay at Searle HospiceCare, Dan expressed profound love for his friends, family, and the awe-inspiring world he was bidding farewell to.

As his family and dear ones navigate the profound grief of this loss, let us cherish Dan’s resilience, his zest for life, and the lasting impact he left on those fortunate enough to have known him.

Read below: the official statement released by his family about his passing:

It is with the most tremendous sadness in my heart I announce today that our beloved Dan passed away peacefully, surrounded by his loving family, on Thursday, 8th February 2024. Dan had posted regularly about his ongoing health challenges throughout the past six months.

It is with the most tremendous sadness in my heart I announce today that our beloved Dan passed away peacefully, surrounded by his loving family, on Thursday, 8th February 2024. Dan had posted regularly about his ongoing health challenges throughout the past six months.

Farewell Message from Dan Hillier

In a heartfelt message penned last week while at Searle HospiceCare, Dan shared the devastating news of his life-ending cancer, expressing profound love for his friends, family, and the awe-inspiring world he was leaving behind.

In the face of unimaginable sorrow, he prayed for a miracle and conveyed his deep appreciation for the wonderful life he had lived, surrounded by the beauty of Dartmoor and the love of those around him. His words reflected a soul grappling with the incomprehensible, leaving a legacy of love and a wish for freedom, peace, and true love for all beings.

“My dear friends, it is with sadness beyond words that I’m making this somewhat earnest post to let you know that after several months of investigations, tests and procedures, I have life-ending cancer, which has spread throughout my body.

I am devastated to be leaving behind friends and family who are so amazing that I find it impossible to fathom; and a world so beautiful and marvellous that it is incomprehensible. I cannot believe it is my time, and I’m praying for a miracle to intervene and make this not so.


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What was Dan Hillier’s cause of death?

Dan Hillier, a beloved figure, peacefully passed away in the early hours of February 8th, embraced by the warmth of his devoted family. Despite the suddenness of his diagnosis of incurable cancer just weeks prior, Dan faced his illness with courage and grace.

His passing has cast a profound shadow over all who knew him, evoking a sense of loss that reverberates throughout the community. While his physical presence may be gone, Dan’s memory will forever linger, cherished by those whose lives he touched with his kindness, creativity, and unwavering spirit. Our thoughts are with Dan’s family. 

About Dan Hillier’s Journey

Dan Hillier, a contemporary artist based in Stoke Newington, London, captivated audiences with his unique blend of Victorian aesthetics and nature-inspired elements, creating art for the modern age.

Artistic Style:

Hillier’s work epitomizes the ‘Steampunk’ aesthetic, seamlessly fusing Victorian imagery with nature, showcasing his talent in collaging found images with ink drawings and manipulating 19th-century wood and steel engravings.

Inspired by ancient mythological beings, dream imagery, and the intriguing world of Victorian freak shows, Hillier’s classically based images feature fantastical hybrids of humans and animals, blurring the lines between dream and reality.

Artistic Process:

Dan Hillier adds his line works to collages made from wood and steel engravings, turning them into screenprints and giclée prints. The influence of the psychedelic experience with ayahuasca is evident, as it opened his mind and heart, guiding him towards a profound expression in his art.

Hillier expresses a deep connection to the source material he works with, drawing inspiration from the natural world, ancient mystery traditions, and the mystical experience of being alive. His creations reflect a world that is simultaneously material, immaterial, and filled with archetypal expressions.

Notable Collaborations:

Dan Hillier’s artistic prowess extends beyond the canvas, collaborating with renowned organizations such as Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, The Folio Society publishers, and prominent bands like Architects and Royal Blood. He even contributed to the opening titles of BBC1’s major 6-part drama Requiem.

Hillier showcased his art in solo and group exhibitions, leaving an indelible mark at esteemed venues like the Saatchi Gallery in London, The Louvre in Paris, the Glastonbury Festival, and the Museum of Turin, Italy. He was also chosen to represent Great Britain at the Giant Creator Show in Beijing, China. Over his illustrious career, Dan Hillier garnered a celebrity following, with notable figures like renowned author Neil Gaiman appreciating and acknowledging his artistic brilliance.


Despite a valiant battle with cancer, Dan Hillier’s artistic legacy lives on, leaving an enduring impact on the contemporary art scene and the hearts of those who admired his imaginative creations.

Tributes Pour in for the Visionary Artist Dan Hillier

Rachel Master:

“Such shocking and devastating news. Dan was a rare individual whose creativity and spirit made a profound impact on the world, surpassing the contributions of many who lived twice his age. ❤️”

Mollie Marriott:

“One of the most incredible artists and a lovely guy! His blend of Victorian nostalgia and nature will always stand out. This news is so devastating.”

Keira McKeira:

“How very devastating! I’m deeply sorry for the loss of such a beautiful man. Dan, to me, was one of life’s ambassadors for divinity. He had an intimate and inspiring connection to the etheric world. I’m sorry he was taken from us prematurely and wish him peace and further awe-inspiring experiences on the other side. 🙏🙏😔”

Nicki Lister O’Shea:

“Beautiful words and truly amazing art. I’m deeply sorry to hear this. Dan was a visionary artist and an inspiration to all who admired his incredible talent. Heartfelt condolences to his family and friends. 💔”

Nicole Leahy:

“So broken-hearted to read this. 💔 Sending so much love to his family and friends during this sad time. Dan, a talented artist, will be cherished for the pieces I own. His kindness and generosity, from raising money for charity to offering art to those in need, always shone through. 🌟🌹🍂🌈🎨🖼”

These heartfelt tributes reflect the immense love and admiration people had for Dan Hillier and the impact he made on their lives.


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