Dajuan Gee aka Millennium C Snow death, drag queen from Richmond, VA passed away suddenly

Dajuan Gee aka Millennium C Snow
Dajuan Gee aka Millennium C Snow passed away


Richmond community is mourning the loss of Dajuan Gee aka Millennium C Snow, a famous Drag queen from Richmond County. Gee passed away suddenly leaving his friends and family in a deep sorrow. Read on to learn more about Gee’s death in detail.

Dajuan Gee aka Millennium C Snow passed away:

Richmond Drag queen, Dajuan Gee passed away suddenly on January 07, 2024. Gee was a star of Driveway Drag Show. He will be missed by his friends and relatives.

Millenium C Snow’s death news was announced by Cornelius Leonard in a following social media statement reads,

…… Spending those last few moments tonight was so gratifying… Spread your wings my friend… may God surround his arms and your family in this moment. Thank you Dajuan Gee for your mark in my life! I will be FOREVER grateful!

Love you my Sista, Brista, Ma Millie- My Friend!


Who was Millennium C. Snow?

Millennium C. Snow whose real name was Dajuan Gee. He was a drag queen, from Richmond, Georgia. Dajuan Gee performs as “Millennium C. Snow” during the alley party after the Carytown Pride Parade. He studied at Richard Bland College of William & Mary.

One of DaJuan Gee’s extravagant costumes is a pink rendition of the alien opera singer’s outfit from the science fiction film The Fifth Element from 1997. Sewing enthusiast Gee has also created a ten-foot-long snake costume and a version of Katy Perry’s extraterrestrial ensemble from the “E.T.” music video.

Gee, whose drag persona, Millenium C. Snow, performs weekly in Richmond and on occasion in DC, lived as a female from the age of 17 to 26. He chose not to change his sex after a blood clot led medical professionals to advise him to cease taking hormones.

Tributes to Millenium C. Snow:

Ease TheArchitect posted,

Millennium C. Snow, Dajuan Gee Drag and Community will never be the same without you. Honored to have been able to share space with you for many moons and play your performance music all these years. You will truly be missed. Legendary. Sending peace, love, and light to all in community as we are experiencing this heavy loss.

Carlos Ova-Dupree posted,

Sleep in Power….The Icon Dajuan Gee Millennium C. Snow . Another Angel gained her wings

Xtina Suzanne posted,

I’ve been gathering my feelings and fighting those feelings for the last few hours… but knowing my friend is gone has broken my Heart.and I can’t do much do help that situation. May Milli serve us forever in life.

Ted Brown Kmf wrote,

Rest easy sis no more suffering no more pain.

Laura Avery posted,

That’s horrible news, I’m sorry for your loss. She was so nice and a great performer.


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