Cole Marcinek,Springfield father killed after shooting in Springfield, MO

 Cole Marcinek,Springfield father killed after shooting in Springfield, MO

Following a gunfight on a Friday morning in Springfield, a tragic incident has resulted in one man losing his life, while another is now hospitalized. Cole Marcinek, Springfield’s father killed after a shooting in Springfield, MO.

In the wake of this devastating event, Marcinek’s family, friends, and the local community have taken to social media to express their profound grief and to seek solace through prayers and support. Let’s look at the details of this case in more detail.

Cole Marcinek passed away: What happened to him?

In the aftermath of a gunfight that occurred on a Friday morning in Springfield, a tragic incident unfolded, leaving one man deceased and another hospitalized.

According to online reports, Cole Marcinek, a resident and father from Springfield, was identified as the unfortunate shooting victim in this distressing event.

As investigations into the circumstances surrounding the incident are ongoing, according to reports, the details remain under examination.

This tragedy has not only left the family in mourning but has also deeply affected the broader community, as they come to terms with the loss of someone who touched their lives.

During this trying time, the outpouring of support and prayers from those who cared for Cole Marcinek serves as a testament to the impact he had on so many.

Together, they join in remembrance of a cherished individual whose memory will live on in their hearts and in the shared stories and moments they hold dear.

Springfield shooting

The incident unfolded at 12:42 in the morning when authorities responded to a disturbance call in the 1600 block of West Berkeley Street, located near Kansas Motorway.

Upon arrival, they discovered a man who had been shot. Fortunately, his condition is reported as stable, and he is currently receiving medical attention.

Further investigations led the police to the intersection of South Grant and West Sunset shortly after 1 a.m., where they found another individual involved in the shootout, suffering from gunshot wounds.

Tragically, the injuries sustained by this individual proved fatal. It has not been disclosed whether the victim had attempted to seek medical assistance independently. Fortunately, no other individuals were harmed during this incident.

At this time, the police are actively engaged in questioning witnesses to gather more information about the events leading up to the gunfight. The identities of the individuals involved in the shootout have not been released to the public as investigations continue.

Who was Cole Marcinek?

Marcinek is a resident of Springfield, Missouri, where he resides while pursuing his education as a barber student at AOHD.

This reflects his dedication to advancing his skills and knowledge in the field of barbering, suggesting a potential career path in the local community or beyond.

He exemplified the qualities of a loving and responsible father in an exemplary manner, setting a high standard for parental care and devotion.

Cole Marcinek’s dedication to his child was truly admirable, as he consistently demonstrated his affection, guidance, and commitment to nurturing a loving and supportive parent-child relationship.

His role as a father not only left a lasting impression on his child but also served as an inspiration to others, showcasing the importance of being a caring and responsible parent.

Cole’s legacy as a loving father will undoubtedly endure as a testament to his unwavering love and dedication to his family. It’s truly heart-wrenching to think that his young daughter had to experience the loss of her father.

Such a young and innocent child should never have to endure the pain of losing a parent, and it’s a stark reminder of the profound impact these circumstances can have on families. 

Condolences posted on social media

Friends, family, and members of the community have come together to express their deep sorrow and offer their condolences during this difficult time. 

Kahlan Sullivan said,

You didn’t deserve this. Your little girl didn’t deserve to lose her father. We go way back and you were always such a sweet and goofy soul. Cole Marcinek.

Kody Wiertzema said,

Cole Marcinek was the nicest guy you’d ever meet. Things were finally starting to look good for him again til this happened. Was a damn good father to his little girl. Fly high man!

Milli Moe said,

If a man speaks highly of you outside your presence. Respect that man. My boy Bobby Hill Rest in peace.

Lori Santillan said,

My heart goes out to all his family and friends. This is just sad news to hear especially since all of you kids grew up together in elementary & middle school. Seem like you hung out a lot at our house Cole Marcinek or ride bikes down the street.

We should pray for her family and friends as they navigate this road to recovery together. Please feel free to drop condolences to Cole Marcinek by leaving a note in the comments section below.


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  1. You were an awesome guy and Kevin loved you bro. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of his friends and family. We have a piece of you still in Tank R.I.P


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