Charles Gayle death, American Saxophonist passed away aged 84

American Saxophonist Charles Gayle passed away. (Source: Facebook)
American Saxophonist Charles Gayle passed away. (Source: Facebook)


American free jazz musician Charles Gayle passed away at the age of 84. He first gained recognition as a saxophonist in the 1990s after spending many years in obscurity.

Many of his followers were shocked by his passing and left wondering how he passed away. To learn more about Charles Gayle, including who he was, how he passed away, what caused his death, memorials to him, and much more, keep reading the article.

Who was Charles Gayle?

Charles Gayle was an American free jazz musician.Gayle is best recognized for his work as a saxophonist , although he also plays the piano, bass, percussion, and bass clarinet.

In Buffalo, New York, Charles Gayle was born.His unwillingness to discuss his life in interviews has left some of his past unclear. He briefly taught music at the University of Buffalo before relocating to New York City in the early 1970s.

Gayle played the saxophone on street corners and subway platforms in New York City while she was homeless for about twenty years. He has explained making the decision to become homeless on purpose:

 “I had to shed my history, my life, everything had to stop right there, and if you live through this, good, and if you don’t, you don’t. I can’t do the rent, the odd jobs, the little rooms, scratchin’, and all that, no!”

Gayle was able to spend the most of his time playing music as a result, despite the fact that he frequently made less than US$3 per day busking:

First of all, I played to play because I need to play. Second of all, the money, a dollar meant a lot to me at that time. Playing out there is obviously different than playing on a stage but that is so rich out there. It’s such a whole ‘nother world of playin’. I mean I used to walk from Times Square, for instance, all the way to Wall Street playin’. I could walk back and never stop playing. I didn’t think about it as anything other than what it was. These were people and I wasn’t overly concerned with what they thought. I was playing, I had to play. Also I had to eat some way and I’m not the type to put my hand out. I’d stand there playing with a coffee cup sometime and people would put money in my coffee [Laughs] and you don’t get that on the stage. That’s beautiful.

His albums

Gayle estimates that this period lasted closer to fifteen years than twenty, although he did not anticipate staying homeless for as long as he did when he first started living on the streets.

He rose to stardom in 1988 as a result of three albums that were recorded in one week and distributed by the Swedish company Silkheart Records. He has recorded for labels like Black Saint, Knitting Factory Records, FMP, and Clean Feed since then, emerging as a key character in free jazz. Additionally, he has taught music at Bennington College.

Spiritual in nature, most of Gayle’s music is influenced by the Old and New Testaments. His early years were impacted by religion, and black gospel music is where his musical roots are. He has collaborated on songs and recordings with Rashied Ali, William Parker, and Cecil Taylor. The album Touchin’ on Trane (FMP) featuring Parker and Ali, which won the “Crown” honor from the Penguin Guide to Jazz, is Gayle’s most well-known creation to date.

Despite having built his career mostly on the tenor saxophone, he has become more and more interested in playing other instruments, particularly the piano (which was actually his first instrument) and alto saxophone. Gayle recorded the Jazz Solo Piano album in 2001.

In reaction to those who claim that free jazz players cannot perform bebop, it largely comprised of basic jazz standards. Gayle followed up with a second solo piano album in 2006 named Time Zones, which this time featured original music.

Charles Gayle has made an appearance in the jazz documentary “Rising Tones Cross” by Ebba Jahn from 1985. In addition to being interviewed, he is shown playing with Rashied Ali, Marilyn Crispell, and many other people.

How did Charles Gayle die? What was his cause of death?

On September 7, 2023, the renowned saxophonist and American free jazz musician Charles Gayle sadly passed away.

Andrew Barker, a well-known drummer, confirmed Charles Gayle’s demise on social media and offered a heartfelt homage to the musician, saying:

Rest in peace Charles Gayle. A true and authentic innovator in music.

They have not officially confirmed the reason for his death, therefore it is still unclear what happened. However, more details concerning Charles Gayle’s passing and memorial service should shortly be made public.

Tributes to Charles Gayle

Online memorials and responses to Charles Gayle’s passing emerged as the news of his passing spread. Friends, family members, and musicians Charles Gayle and others with whom he worked gave touching condolences. Many people noticed that his kindness and generosity of spirit were his only traits that could equal his musical brilliance.

Bryan Ramirez wrote: “RIP Charles Gayle. He was my introduction to free jazz and was recommended to me by Olson. Really stretched my mind and loosened up my playing style. Reminds me of the daze when I’d be wrapping up a top dog shift, send the crew home and then sneak into the office and I’d blast Charles Gayle just to level my head. No boundaries, all freedom.”

Mike Pride wrote: “CHARLES GAYLE RIP THE MASTER OF HIS GAME, FOREVER .I have stories. Fascinating man. We almost made a record together that would have blown minds back 10-15 hrs ago. Ask me in person sometime.We had a few times together musically. But not enough for me. Gone now, but never forgotten by those who spent any time with him or his music.”

Charles Gayle’s passing has left a void in the music scene that will be difficult to fill. He was a gifted musician with a distinctive sound and a love for what he did. Fans and other musicians are remembering Charles Gayle for his talent, his enthusiasm, and his generosity as the music community mourns his passing. His music will continue to inspire and amuse listeners all over the world for many years to come, carrying on his legacy.

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