Chance Martin death, Alamo Jones The Voice in Black dies aged 77, cause of death explained

Chance Martin aka Alamo Jones has passed away. (Source: Facebook)
Chance Martin aka Alamo Jones has passed away. (Source: Facebook)


Chance Martin, better known as ‘Alamo Jones The Voice in Black’, has passed away on September 27, 2023, marking an end to an era in the music industry and leaving a great gap in the hearts of those who loved and admired him.

Chane Martin was a talented musician and a true icon in Nashville’s vibrant South Nashville music scene. He was a talented singer, songwriter, guitarist, lighting designer, stage manager, and radio program host with a magnetic personality.

Chance Martin passed away

On September 27, 2023, Chance Martin, aka Alamo Jones The Voice in Black, died at the age of 77.

The devastating news was announced by the SiriusXM Outlaw Country channel on their official Facebook page.

We’re heartbroken to report that Alamo Jones The Voice in Black passed away last night after a prolonged battle with multiple health issues.

Born Chance Martin, he was a native Nashvillian and beloved Music City character. Has was the cue card handler on all 58 episodes of “The Johnny Cash Show” on TV and later worked as lighting director and became a longtime friend of “The Man in Black.” He joined Sirius Satellite Radio in 2005 as sidekick on “The Cowboy Jack Clement Show,” which became “The Alamo Jones Show” on SiriusXM after Cowboy died in 2013. He was also a talented deep-voiced singer and songwriter, who recorded songs such as “We’re All Here (‘Cause We’re Not All There)” and a self-titled album in 2012. He previously recorded as “Chance” a/k/a “The Stoned Ranger” and released a bizarre 1981 countrydelic album “In Search,” which received the deluxe reissue treatment in 2013. RIP Alamo Jones and long live The Voice in Black.

Alamo Jones was more than just a performer; he was a mythologized person in South Nashville, a symbol of artistic integrity, and an embodiment of the music world’s revered spirit of rebellion and authenticity. His influence transcended generations, and his legacy will continue to inspire musicians and storytellers in the future.

Chance Martin cause of death

Chance Martin, a real legend known for his alter persona “Alamo Jones: The Voice in Black,” battled several health issues for a long time. He fell into a coma just a few days before his death and fought for his life in a Nashville hospital.

The precise nature of the health concerns that led to his death has not been made public in order to respect the privacy of the artist and his loved ones at this sad time. The mystery surrounding his death just adds to the sense of mystique that surrounds this fascinating person throughout his lifetime.

Chance Martin was surrounded by family and close friends in his final moments, who remained constant by his bedside, offering support, love, and comfort during this difficult period. Their presence during these vital moments highlighted Chance’s significant impact on the lives of those who knew and cared for him.

About Chance Martin

Chance Martin (also known as Chance, Alamo Jones, the Voice in Black, and the Stoned Ranger) was a singer-songwriter, guitarist, lighting designer, stage manager, host of a radio show, and many other things. He was one of the most legendary and mythologized figures in South Nashville.

The Voice in Black

As Johnny Cash’s television show’s cue card man, Martin started his career in 1969. As the artist’s lighting director on tour, he also started working with the artist. Over the course of the three years the TV show ran, the two grew close. The two grew close during the course of the three years the TV show ran. Chance was Cash’s trusted advisor and go-to person.

As a sign of friendship, Cash bought Chance his own D35 Martin guitar and gave him the name “the Voice in Black.” On that instrument, Chance created his debut song, “Loser Til You Win,” and he started writing seriously and worked for Cash’s House of Cash publishing house as a stage manager and lighting director.

He worked in various capacities for musicians he’d impressed with his streetwise wits, homespun wisdom, and cunning ability to take care of business under pressure when he was at home. He worked high-caliber rock and roll performances that came through town and occasionally took to the road.

Martin’s Melodic Journey

Martin continued to write songs secretly. He quit Cash’s company in 1977, and with the money he had saved, he outfitted a spare room above his parents’ garage as a rehearsal and recording studio, complete with soundproofing, top-notch recording equipment, a bar, and a bedroom.

Later that year, he and a team of seasoned Nashville sidemen started producing music in the area he dubbed “the Dead End.”

The Chance Band practiced and recorded demos for the iconic underground classic In Search album over the course of the following five years. It was professionally recorded during the late-night sessions at the Music Mill and Cowboy Jack Clement’s studio. The finished product’s unclassifiable sound, which combined everything from honky tonk and outlaw country to folk, hard rock, funk, and blues, led to its rejection by every major label.

In 1982, Martin self-released it and had a few hundred copies made. After it sold out, he kept the masters, turning it into a prized collectible. To sustain himself, Martin returned to the road and spent the rest of the 20th century performing with a variety of musicians, including David Lee Roth and Alice Cooper.

Behind the Mic

In 2010, he and Clement started co-hosting the Outlaw Radio Show for XM Sirius. He started recording again in 2011, and in 2012, he released the hard country album of the same name, Alamo Jones. Martin was persuaded to allow In Search to be remastered and reissued by Paradise of Bachelors Records. In July 2013, it was released as part of a premium package.

Tributes to Chance Martin

Following Chance Martin’s death, there has been an outpouring of sorrow and tributes from fellow musicians, friends, and devoted fans.

Musician Ward Davis wrote: “Sad to hear that Alamo Jones passed away last night. The Voice in Black- Alamo was the first person to ever give me any kind of break when my 15 Years album came out- he had me on his XM Radio show on Outlaw Country. Several times. Alamo had the best stories, and was a hell of a lot more than the “sidekick,” he claimed to be. I know that he and Cash and Cowboy Jack are together again, and Heaven has it’s hands full.Rest easy, sir. Well done on a good life lived.”

Shawn Camp wrote: “I will miss my friend Chance Martin Aka Alamo Jones (The Voice In Black). He was a wonderful fun-loving character who had a Heart of Solid Gold. If you ever met him, you loved him. He was always at The Cowboy Arms Hotel and Recording Spa, working with Cowboy Jack Clement on some kind of wild project they had going. Or taking pictures! He was great with a camera. He had a great voice for radio and was Cowboy Jack’s sidekick and co-host on SiriusXM’s Outlaw Channel. He was also a good singer and wrote quite a few songs too. He was the lighting director for the Johnny Cash television show back in the late 60’s and worked on the road with Cash for many years. They were pals. He did a great Johnny Cash impersonation. Many times I would be at Cowboy’s, hangin’ out upstairs in the studio with Ferg (David Ferguson) and the three of us would have long conversations in dueling Johnny Cash voices! “Whistlizing” Cash tracks and laughing all day long.We were all family, members of Cowboy’s chosen family.We’ve lost another one of our own.Rest In Peace, Chance Martin Aka Alamo Jones”

Chance Martin’s music will continue to be heard as the world remembers him, and his memory will live on through the countless lives he touched. His impact on the industry and the close relationship he developed with people attest to the long-lasting legacy of his exceptional career in music and radio.

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