Carlton Thompson death, ‘Gamecock Jesus’ dies after battling cancer

Carlton Thompson

Carlton Thompson, fondly recognized as Gamecock Jesus, has sadly passed away: In a sorrowful turn of events, the Gamecock community mourns the loss of Carlton Thompson, fondly recognized as “Gamecock Jesus.” His passing has deeply affected those who cherished his presence, as his warm and beloved personality was a fixture within the Gamecock community.

As tributes pour in, the absence of Thompson’s spirited presence during games and around town leaves a palpable void, invoking heartfelt prayers for his family and all who were fortunate to have known him. Read ahead to learn more details about his passing and Carlton Thompson’s cause of death. 

“Carlton Thompson’s Passing Mourned by the Community”

Carlton Thompson, nicknamed “Gamecock Jesus” for his distinctive long hair and beard, passed away following a battle with prostate cancer at the age of 69. He is survived by his wife of 50 years, Judi, and their two sons. Judi Gatson, an Anchor at WIS-TV, shared the heartbreaking news on her official Facebook page, expressing both sorrow and gratitude, stating, 

“My heart is hurting & tears are falling… but I’m also grateful he’s no longer in pain & has claimed the ultimate victory.” Thompson, known for his vibrant presence, has departed to rest with the Lord. Gatson expressed the sentiment that although his absence will be deeply felt, Thompson will surely continue his spirited support for the Gamecocks in heaven. Further details about memorial services and ways to extend condolences to his family will be shared once confirmed. #ForeverToThee 🙏🏽❤️🖤🕊️

Carlton Thompson cause of death

Carlton Thompson, widely known as Gamecock Jesus, has sadly passed away following a courageous battle with cancer, as confirmed in official reports. 

Renowned for his fervent support for the Gamecocks, Thompson’s passion for the team endeared him to many. His valiant struggle against prostate cancer was shared with WIS News 10 in September, revealing his unwavering spirit amid adversity. His passing, announced by a family spokesperson on Wednesday, has deeply impacted the Gamecock community.

Funeral arrangements are currently being coordinated by Shives Funeral Home, marking a solemn moment as friends, admirers, and the Gamecock family prepare to bid farewell to this cherished figure. Thompson’s enduring dedication and uplifting spirit will forever resonate within the hearts of those who knew and admired him.

“Thompson Journey from Supporter to Cancer Battle”

Thompson, a fervent Gamecock supporter, had been a constant presence, energetically waving his flag and passionately cheering from the stands until unexpected news sidelined him late last year.

“Feeling weak and sick around Christmas, I thought I must have COVID or something,” Thompson revealed, recounting his initial health setback despite his dedication to attending basketball games.

After recovering from COVID-19, Thompson’s lingering weakness prompted further medical investigation. “It felt like I was drained,” he explained, leading to a series of tests that unveiled a grave diagnosis: prostate cancer that had already metastasized to his bones. As a retired nurse, Thompson comprehended the gravity of his situation all too well.

“The prostate cancer that I have is very aggressive but it’s very treatable if you catch prostate cancer in the early stages and it is so easy to be screened with the PSA lab test, but I never did that and I want to encourage all guys, all men, to do that screening to prevent cancer,” he told WIS’ Judi Gatson in an interview.

Who was Carlton Thompson?

Carlton Thompson, often affectionately referred to as “Gamecock Jesus,” was a devoted and well-known fan of the University of South Carolina’s sports teams, particularly the Gamecocks.

He gained recognition for his unwavering support, frequently seen waving a Gamecock flag and passionately cheering on the teams at various sporting events.

Thompson’s spirited presence and deep connection to the Gamecocks earned him widespread affection within the university’s community and among fans. He was recognized for his enthusiasm, dedication, and iconic appearances at games and events.

Fond Tributes to Carlton Thompson

Jason Vaughn:

Carolina fans: I wanted to give an update on our good friend Carlton Thompson (flag guy). He has passed away. I had a great talk with his wife this morning. Thanks to all the coaches and players (former) who have reached out and helped brighten his day!

Mike Uva:

“One of the most beloved individuals within the Gamecock community. The absence of Carlton Thompson, known as ‘Gamecock Jesus,’ at games and in town will be deeply felt. Sending prayers to his family and all who knew him.”

Chris Burnette:

“Devastated by the passing of Carlton Thompson, also known as Gamecock Jesus. His kindness and generosity extended to bringing individuals with disabilities to Gamecock sporting events. His fervent support and love for our Gamecocks were truly remarkable. A sad day for Gamecock Nation.”

Jeffrey Davis:

“Rest in Peace, Gamecock Jesus! Carlton Thompson, fondly known as ‘Gamecock Jesus,’ has passed away. He was known for bringing less fortunate kids to basketball games. His absence leaves a void. Farewell to the ultimate Gamecock fan.”


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