Brian Parquette, Drummer of The Zipper passed away after a brief illness

Brian Parquette has passed away. (Source: Facebook)
Brian Parquette has passed away. (Source: Facebook)


The music world is saddened by the recent loss of Brian Parquette, the skillful drummer of The Zippers band from Los Angeles, California. Recognized as the rhythmic core of the group, Parquette significantly influenced the distinctive sound that became synonymous with The Zippers’ musical style.

In this article, we reflect on his contributions to the music industry, the impact of his drumming on the band’s discography, and the legacy he leaves behind.

Brian Parquette passed away

In a heartbreaking announcement, The Zippers Band has shared the profoundly distressing news of the untimely passing of their cherished drummer and dear friend of 32 years, Brian Parquette. The band, undoubtedly grappling with this profound loss, broke the news to their fan base, expressing the heaviness of the moment.

Brian Parquette Cause of Death

Brian Parquette was recently admitted to Saint Jude Hospital in Fullerton, where, regrettably, he passed away. The details surrounding his admission and subsequent demise have not been disclosed either by the family or the band at this time. The circumstances leading to his hospitalization and the cause of his untimely death remain private, leaving fans and the public in suspense as they await any official statements from those close to him. The somber atmosphere surrounding this loss is intensified by the absence of specific information about the events leading to Brian Parquette’s final moments at Saint Jude Hospital.

Who was Brian Parquette?

Brian Parquette, a seasoned Independent Music Professional hailing from California, United States, dedicated an impressive 32 years of his musical journey as the esteemed drummer for the band, The Zippers. His commitment to the craft and enduring presence in the music scene exemplified his passion for contributing to the artistry and cultural fabric of the industry. Through decades of rhythmic mastery, Parquette’s significant role within The Zippers not only defined the band’s sound but also showcased his enduring commitment to the world of independent music.

The Zippers initially gained prominence as standout contestants on the popular national TV program Star Search. Following a series of victories on the show, they advanced to the finals, capturing the interest of numerous fans and professionals within the industry. Leveraging this significant exposure, the band has successfully elevated its status to become a premier act in corporate entertainment, solidifying its position as one of the most in-demand musical groups across the nation.


Charless Keenan wrote: “On a sad note. A dear friend of mine and many of yours has passed. Yesterday afternoon around 7:00 PM Brian Parquette passed away. Prayers for Brian Parquette and the loved ones he has left behind.”

Jonathen Launer wrote: “Today I got the devastating news my dear friend and fellow drummer Brian Parquette passed away at 5pm. There was never a time when we didn’t laugh out loud Or a phone call that didn’t last about 2 hours. My heart is just broken. No more pain. See you on the other side on the big tour, brother!”

His legacy as a skilled drummer and contributor to the Californian music landscape will undoubtedly endure in the hearts of fans and the wider musical community.


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