Brayan Sandoval Sanchez, 19 year-old died after crash in downtown Denver, CO

Brayan Sandoval Sanchez, who was killed in a car crash.
Brayan Sandoval Sanchez was killed in a car crash.


Denver country community is mourning the untimely loss of a vibrant young soul, Brayan Sandoval Sanchez, who was killed in a car crash.

In an effort to find solace and support one another during this incredibly challenging time, those close to Brayan Sandoval Sanchez have turned to social media, where they share their grief and unite through the collective power of prayers.

The shock and devastation caused by this tragic event have left Brayan’s family shattered. They now find themselves in a state of profound grief, compounded by the ongoing investigations to unravel the circumstances that led to this heartbreaking loss.

As they await answers, their community stands by them, offering strength and compassion to help them navigate the difficult journey ahead.

Brayan Sandoval Sanchez passed away:

Brayan Sandoval Sanchez, a 19-year-old teen was killed in a car crash on March 2, 2024.

Tragically, the gravity of the situation became even more apparent as Dever Police confirmed the loss of at least one precious life in the collision.

Denver Police reported that an arrest had been made following an early-morning crash on Saturday that claimed the life of another teenager.

Denver crash explained:

According to police, officers responded to the crash at the intersection of North Speer Boulevard and West Colfax Avenue around 12:53 a.m.

A 19-year-old passenger in the suspect’s car was pronounced dead on the scene. According to authorities, the 19-year-old driver of that car was taken into custody on suspicion of driving under the influence and vehicular homicide. The other driver in the collision was not injured.

The identity of the victim will be confirmed by the Denver Office of the Medical Examiner. However, according to his social media posts, the teenager who was killed in the crash was named Brayan Sandoval Sanchez.

Investigation going on:

The police department reports that the driver, a 19-year-old man, was later taken into custody for a vehicular homicide and DUI investigation.

According to police, the speed and cause of the crash have yet to be determined but will be determined following an investigation. The Denver District Attorney’s Office will make the final decision on whether to file any charges.

As investigators and authorities work diligently to piece together the details of this tragic event, the community, as well as those who regularly travel this stretch of road, are left to grapple with a heavy sense of grief and shock.

In times like these, it’s crucial for the community to come together, offering support and comfort to those who are directly affected by this heartbreaking incident.

More information will be provided as the story unfolds, offering answers and, hopefully, a measure of closure to those touched by this tragedy.

A heartfelt Facebook post shared by his friend serves as a poignant confirmation of his passing:

Atzarely Beltran posted a heartfelt tribute to him, saying,

rest easy Brayan Sandoval Sanchez
thank you for being apart of my life. from childhood till now thank you for being apart of some of the biggest moments in my life. my heart goes out to your family. you were one of the most genuine people i’ve ever met. one of the funniest too! thank you for always making me laugh. thank you for always caring about me and my whole family. my whole entire family is mourning your loss. may you rest easy

Condolences to Brayan Sandoval Sanchez:

Bri Santillan posted,

Rest easy Brayan Sandoval Sanchez
I appreciate you being part of my childhood and a good friend throughout school! Last time I saw you was a year ago at your job and you always greeted me with such joy and warmth. It’s never easy to hear when childhood friends pass bc it brings a rush of memories. You were one of the only few genuine people I got to go to school with. Never talked shit and was never in anyone’s business and would always say hi to everyone and would always have jokes. All those memories with Atzarely Beltran at the bus and her quince just always laughing will always be a core memory of my childhood . Que dios te bendiga bro

Monse Ortiz Noya wrote,

RIP Brayan Sandoval Sanchez

Mattie Gurule posted,

Dear Brayan, I want to thank you for being the protective big brother I never got to have. I want to thank the universe and god for our time shared on this earth together. For the days you took me out to lunch, or to breakfast, just me and you. The day you called me your sister and told me you’d always be there for me. For the times we sat on the couch, or in the car and you told me all the embarrassing fun stories of your life with your brothers. I am so grateful that I became apart of your family. RIP

Reckless Concetpz posted,

Today we lost a good friend and an amazing human being Brayan Sandoval Sanchez rip bro we will all miss you but you’ll always be with us in our hearts

Jose Portillo wrote,

Brayan I can’t believe you’re not with us anymore. It seems like it was just yesterday we were on and about our lives. I remember the funny moments at school and our group projects, the support you always showed me no matter what I was doing, and all the times we laughed and messed around. I knew you since Kinder and you were always a true and honest friend. Thank you for being part of my life. Love you bro


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