What happened to Boopac Shakur? Pontiac hero shot and killed, Suspect Diazgamez Omero in custody

Boopac Shakur was murdered. (Source: Facebook)
Boopac Shakur was murdered. (Source: Facebook)


Robert Lee, aka Boopac Shakur, a well-known social media personality from Pontiac, Michigan, was killed in a shooting when he was confronting a child predator live. He rose to prominence on social media as a result of his unwavering determination to expose child predators in Pontiac, Michigan.

His dedication to this cause earned him a sizable social media following, where he disseminated information, communicated with concerned individuals, and coordinated with local law enforcement agencies to solve the problem of child predators in Pontiac. Keep reading to know more about the shooting incident in detail.

What happened to Boopac Shakur?

On September 29, 2023, the devastating news of Robert Lee, also known as “Boopac Shakur,” being brutally killed sent shockwaves across his online network.

A Pontiac man known as “Boopac Shakur” was shot and killed late on Friday night. He used social media to pretend to minor girls to catch sexual predators.

The Oakland County Sheriff’s office reports that Robert Wayne Lee, 40, confronted two males who were seated at a table Friday night at about 10:30 p.m. while he was in a Pontiac restaurant close to the intersection of North Perry and MLK Boulevard.

One of the men pulled out a knife after Lee attacked him after accusing him of being a pedophile. Lee was shot multiple times by the second man when he pulled out a gun.

Lee was transported to the hospital where he ultimately passed tragically from his injuries after the two guys fled the eatery. A K-9 search was unsuccessful in finding the men.

The Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard stated,

“While we certainly understand his desire to hold child predators accountable, many times well intentioned individuals who engaged in this don’t know the standard of evidence required for convictions and often underestimate the potential for violence confronting a suspected predator. They feel trapped and often lash out violently. When we have arrested predators in such circumstances, they have rammed police cars and exhibited other violent behavior in attempts to escape.”

Reward for Information: A reward of up to $2,000 is being offered by Crime Stoppers for information that results in an arrest in this case. Call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-SPEAK-UP if you have any information. Informants are kept anonymous.

Suspect in Custody

Omero Diazgamez, the person suspected of being engaged in Boopac’s murder, was arrested and subsequently imprisoned in the Oakland County Prison. According to Some reports, Omero was accused of maceing Boopac in an altercation the previous year.

Suspect Omero Diazgomez is in custody. (Source: Facebook)
Suspect Omero Diazgomez is in custody. (Source: Facebook)


The investigation into the death of Boopac Shakur was still underway, and law enforcement officials were working hard to uncover all of the facts surrounding the case. The community awaited more information with eagerness as they sought answers about the events that led to Boopac’s terrible demise.

About Boopac Shakur

Robert Lee, better known as Boopac Shakur, took a unique method to confronting the troubling issue of child predators. Boopac’s method included constructing a fake profile of a little girl on social media platforms.

He depicted a 15-year-old girl looking for pleasure and a way to earn money in this fictitious online identity. This lure was purposefully developed to attract individuals with potentially dangerous intents toward children.

Boopac engaged in chats with those who addressed the decoy profile with unwavering attention. He recorded these interactions on his smartphone, capturing the dialogues in real time. In other cases, he even streamed these live talks on the internet, making them reach a wider audience in order to throw light on the distressing exchanges that occurred.

Boopac’s dedication to exposing child abusers included his use of social media platforms such as Facebook and Rumble. He posted the recorded encounters there, frequently including the identities of those who fell into the trap he had laid. He wanted to draw attention to the issue and punish individuals with evil intent accountable for their acts by doing so.

Boopac Shakur was inspired to create the decoy account after watching films created by a group called Dads Against Predators and a man known as Skeeter Jean. Skeeter Jean describes himself as a professional Chris Hansen impersonator. Chris Hansen is a well-known television reporter from Detroit who became famous for his “To Catch a Predator” segments on Dateline NBC.

In 2022, Lee encountered a whopping 82 men who had allegedly appeared at several Pontiac places, assuming they were meeting the decoy female he had made. His activities were intended to expose these individuals and raise awareness about the critical issue of child predators operating in the internet age.

Warrior for Pontiac community

Boopac Shakur emerged as a true local hero, when he faced and held accountable individuals who constituted a significant threat to children in his town. His persistent commitment to protecting the defenseless even resulted in the arrest of an Oakland County Sheriff’s Department deputy who was participating in these horrific acts.

Boopac confronted and held accountable these profoundly unsettling men who targeted the children with “Big John,” the name he gave the huge knife he used to cut the tires of these predators’ cars.

Robert Lee, a resident of Pontiac, was featured on the front page of The Sunday Oakland Press for bravely confronting and holding accountable these child predators who preyed on the youngsters. (Source: Facebook)
Boopac Shakur, a resident of Pontiac, was featured on the front page of The Sunday Oakland Press for bravely confronting and holding accountable these child predators who preyed on the youngsters. (Source: Facebook)


Boopac Shakur’s determination to fighting those who endanger children has not been without costs and hardships. In one case, a man tried to physically attack him, another used pepper spray in another incident, indicating the lengths these people will go to avoid being held accountable for their conduct.

Boopac confronted a person inside a car in a particularly concerning incident. Lee immediately reported the individual’s attempt to flee by speeding away to the police, suspecting reckless driving. Despite presenting evidence from internet interactions linked to his assignment, the officer appears to have rejected it.

Despite these dangers and disappointments, Lee remains committed to protecting children. He frequently phones the cops during or after fights openly shares online chat records and videos as potential evidence.

Community Grieves the Tragic Loss of a Brave Hero

As the community came to terms with the untimely death of a true hero, the tremendous impact of loss reverberated throughout it. Robert Lee, also known as Boopac Shakur, was a symbol of bravery and steadfast determination in the fight against child predators. His death left a gaping hole far beyond the digital arena where he had made his mark.

The legacy of Boopac Shakur lives on in the hearts of people who were inspired by his work. In an increasingly digital age, he had served as a reminder of the significance of vigilance and action in protecting youngsters from harm. The community’s mourning was not just for the loss of a great hero, but also for a collective desire to fight child exploitation in his honor.


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