Bishop Carlton Pearson dies aged 70 after a brief battle with Cancer

Bishop Carlton Pearson passed away at the age of 70 following a short struggle with cancer. (Source: Facebook)
Bishop Carlton Pearson passed away at the age of 70 following a short struggle with cancer. (Source: Facebook)


Bishop Carlton D’Metrius Pearson, a distinguished and highly influential preacher recognized both in the United States and globally, peacefully passed away on the night of November 19, 2023. At the age of 70, he concluded his life’s journey after bravely confronting a brief battle with cancer.

Bishop Pearson, acclaimed for his compelling message advocating the embrace of God’s unconditional love and acceptance, serves as a symbol of significant sacrifice in propagating a message that transcends boundaries.

His impact extends well beyond the pulpit, leaving an enduring impression on the hearts and minds of those touched by his teachings. Keep reading to know more about Bishop Carlton Pearson and his cause of death in detail.

Bishop Carlton Pearson has passed away

Bishop Carlton Pearson, aged 70, passed away peacefully on November 19, 2023, as conveyed through a solemn announcement on his official Facebook page. The announcement has resonated widely, signifying the conclusion of a significant era for this esteemed individual.

We are saddened to inform you that Bishop Carlton D’Metrius Pearson, one of the most popular and influential preachers in America and around the world, who sacrificed everything for a message of unconditional love and acceptance by God, died peacefully the night of November 19, 2023, at the age of 70, after a brief battle with cancer that had returned after first defeating it 20 years ago. He was surrounded by his family.

In the wake of this loss, his supporters and devotees are grappling with the reality, utilizing the online platform to express condolences, recollections, and contemplations on the enduring legacy left by Bishop Carlton Pearson.

Bishop Carlton Pearson cause of death

Bishop Carlton Pearson has passed away, demonstrating incredible courage throughout his battle against cancer. For those who held Carlton dear as a friend, teacher, mentor, pastor, and bishop, his departure is a heartfelt loss. In 2001, Carlton faced a cancer diagnosis and, following a determined fight, was pronounced cancer-free.

Regrettably, recent developments revealed the cancer’s return, presenting a significant hurdle, particularly in the last 120 days. Each of you has supported him with prayer and intentionality during this challenging journey, addressing the frailty of life. Unfortunately, he has left us, making the transition to be with the Lord.

Who was Carlton Pearson?

Carlton Pearson hails from San Diego, California, where he spent the initial 18 years of his life alongside his parents and five siblings. Following his studies at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with a major in Bible Literature English Bible, he dedicated 15 years to serving as an Associate Evangelist for the Oral Roberts Association and on the Board of Regents at ORU. Pearson holds several honorary doctoral degrees.

In 1977, he established Higher Dimensions Inc, and in 1981, he founded a church in Tulsa that grew to a membership of 5,000 meeting weekly. The church facilitated various initiatives, including a residence for single mothers, support for ex-offenders reintegrating into society, a licensed Counseling Center, outreach programs in prisons and nursing homes, and a national Purity With Purpose Discipleship Program for men and women.

The program boasts graduates nationally and internationally. Pearson also managed a 645-acre horse ranch for troubled youth and teens. His annual Azusa conference, hosted on the Oral Roberts University campus, drew attendance as high as 50,000 during the week-long event.

The conference played a pivotal role in giving exposure to numerous individuals who have since become well-known, highly successful leaders, musicians, singers, and public speakers with international recognition. Pearson, a Stellar Award-winning vocalist, has achieved millions in sales with recording contracts from Warner Brothers, Atlantic Records, and Tommy Boy, earning him a Dove Award nomination.

A Journey of Faith, Advocacy, and Global Harmony

Carlton Pearson has been involved in the leadership of multiple charitable and humanitarian organizations. These include the Interfaith Alliance, an organization dedicated to celebrating religious freedom, safeguarding individual rights, advocating for policies that uphold both religion and democracy, and uniting diverse voices against extremism.

He is also associated with the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) in Washington DC, which works towards advancing the civil rights of the GLBTQ community in America. Additionally, Pearson is part of The Fellowship of Affirming Churches and Ministries (TFCAC) and serves on the adjunct pastoral staff at All Souls Unitarian Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Beyond his organizational commitments, Pearson has authored various books and booklets, two of which were published by Simon and Schuster. He is driven by a commitment to fostering global peace through an inclusive approach to spirituality, actively encouraging interfaith dialogue and fellowship.

Pearson emphasizes the idea that unity doesn’t require uniformity and teaches that shared values can exist even without complete agreement on every aspect. His efforts toward racial reconciliation, bridging gaps between ethnic groups, nations, and denominations, have granted him audiences with leaders, presidents, government officials, and influential individuals both in the United States and internationally.

Pearson’s inclusivity extends to speaking engagements in diverse settings such as synagogues, Islamic groups, atheist and agnostic organizations, establishing connections with various spiritual communities.


ALCAM Community Action Motivators wrote: “We are saddened to hear that Carlton Pearson’s journey on earth has ended, but his legacy and the birth of Azusa will remain in the hearts of many.”


Eric Sir Bucket Solomon wrote: “Rest in love Aaron Spears and Carlton Pearson ….Two very amazing young men.Prayers up to all family, friends, and fans.. Thank you for everything.❤️


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